Underwear is the part of our wardrobe that always gets ignored but should really have as much thought into the purchase than a pair of pants, or shirt.

Their the first thing you put on, the last thing you take off, so why not buy the right ones?!

We don’t like to have to think about underwear, cos it’s gross. And expensive!

But nothing is worse than having crappy, unstructured grundies that ride or give you a wedgie that lasts the entire day.

Oh wait, I know what’s worse, having a female see you in said grundies.

SO - take a look at Jac5!

Started by a stylish chap called James A Christopher, Jac5 was born to put quality, style and comfort back into men’s underwear.

Jac5 is a brand with a sense of humour - the brand’s identity is driven by Jim’s much loved and incredibly spoilt Jack Russel terriers. All 5 of them!

Jac5 has three product collections:

LOYAL - stylish, casual, comfortable everyday underwear

SUPERSMART - designed for suiting up and dressing for success

BARKING MAD - their fashion collection. Colourful, stylish and just a little bit quirky!

They are contemporary and present a fresh understanding of modern luxury, while at the same time not taking life too seriously!

The fabrics and cuts are awesome, and so are the prices.

So what are you waiting for? Check them out here

P.S: Girls, these make GREAT xmas prezzies!