hi guys!!! guess who learned how to photoshop  so anyways, i wanted to thank you guys for 300 because !!!! that’s radical dudess ( + dudets ) SO i decided to do a birthday page and shower you all with all this locked up love from me <3 P L S don’t let this flop ill have to go cut onions and watch romeo and juliet and cry like a two year old 

rules i swear it’s not like the ones you get at school 

  • follow this jily trash 
  • maybe follow my three favorite criminals ( rae ; ava ; julia
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask with your name + your birthday 

what you’ll get

  • a spot on my birthday page
  • spot on my updates page during your birthday month
  • a promo ; url edit ; name edit
  • birthday wishes + puppies <3 

so be a cute hotea and join my hitlist birthday page!! 

anonymous asked:

could you post a tutorial on how to make ur edits with the snow on them? they're gorgeous <3 ps excuse my english its not my first language

you’re so lucky that my friend actually asked me to do this yesterday. I suck at explaining things so I decided to do a screen recording of how i do it using other tutorials? so here’s the link to that video


and here is the gif i used:

it’s 500xsomething so you can adjust it however you need to 

idk how useful it’ll be but if you do make something out of it T A G M E (#jillys or #userjac) so i can like fangirl about how something i did actually worked lmao 

OH PS- make sure when you save for web that on the bottom right corner YOU CLICK LOOP FOREVER or youll be crying like i did the first time i did and it just fkcing froze

Don’t think about:

- Morven going home to an empty flat full of ghosts for the second time in as many years.

-Jac trying to act her normal harsh self when the only family she has other than Emma has just died.

- Bernie breaking down as she breaks the news of Jasmine’s death to Serena, trying to stop Serena from feeling guilty for wishing Jasmine dead in Elinor’s place.

Just don’t, don’t think about it…

YOu know what I’m tired of holding it in


We gotta fix this we gotta make a special edition DVD

It can’t end like this

An extended cut please

An alternate timeline something

We gotta fix this


Holby City + Nicknames