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Jack decided that Timmy needs to have the same brand on the face too and Tim needed some help to cope with the pain and the only ones who never fail to help him would be the DigiJacks

Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything. Tim knows he need to let it scar unless he want Jack to personally off him (or worse, brand him again). 

At least the DigiJacks would only need to be programmed to have the same scar, right? That comforted Timtams a bit.

hc tho: Besides being manually called, the DigiJacks automatically appears whenever Timtams is in terrible pain. But somehow the programming got messed up a bit and they’ll also appear whenever Timtam is in distress or if he’s emotionally hurt instead of just physically.


“Can we go pantless too? >:)”
”>:0 pantless protocol execute!
I like to think that the DigiJacks are programmed to be smart, super mischievous and kinda vain. Poor Timtams has to deal with not one, not two, BUT THREE ANNOYING JACKS!

At least the DigiJacks are a tiny bit more endearing than the real Jack-

(also hhaaaaaaha I think I prefer the traditional because it’s the sketch but eh)

“The Man From The Past” - Derek Luh Fanfic (PART 15)


Still in disbelief of what I’ve just witnessed, I ran to Bella’s. I needed her, my best friend, more than ever. I knew she was still kind of pissed at me and lately, we haven’t talked much and I’ll go crazy if something between us doesn’t change soon. She’s my other half and only she can understand me and help me right now. 

I stood at the door of her apartment and rang the doorbell. It was 11 p.m., but I couldn’t care less. It took her a few seconds to open and when she did, her eyes went wide. ‘Y/n..’ I quickly wrapped my arms around her and cried in her shoulder probably leaving a black stain from my mascara on her shirt. ‘Girl, what happened? Why are you crying?’ She asked rubbing my back. 

‘I’m sorry for acting like a bitch, like I didn’t care when I told you that I want’to move to San Francisco. I know you hate me and I’m so sorry, Bells. I can’t go anymore on without talking to you. I miss you and I need you so bad right now.’ I said. 

‘Y/n, it’s okay, I’m not mad. We’re sisters, how could I ever hate you?’ She said wiping my tears away. ‘And I miss you too so so much. I’m not used to not talk to you every single day. And I’m sorry, too. I’m sorry I overreact over some thing I’m sorry I criticized your relationship. If you’re happy, then I’m too.’ She said. I smiled through the tears and looked down when she mentioned my relationship with Kyle. 

‘Bella, you were right about Kyle..’ 

‘W-what?’ She was as confused as I was when all of that happened. 

‘He’s bad, he’s out of his mind and I’m so scared. All he wants is sex and he doesn’t give a shit about me.’ I said sobbing. 

‘What did he do?! Y/n, did he hurt you?’ She asked. 

‘No,’ not yet ‘but he’s threatening me. I’m so scared that he’ll find out about me and Derek and that-’ 

‘Whoa, wait what? You and Derek??’ Shit, I didn’t even tell her. What kind of a friend am I??

‘Oh my God..’ I said closing my eyes. ‘I didn’t tell you..’ 

‘No you did not??’ 


‘So did you..you know?’ She smirked. 

‘Bella..’ I blushed hiding my face in my hands. ‘Yeah..’ 

‘Oh my God!’ She screamed jumping on me. ‘I can’t believe! I’m so happy for you. I mean, I’m happy that you finally found someone who you trust that much that you let him get that much close to you considering of what happened to you if you know what I mean.’ She said. 

‘Yeah, I said that too. I’m so happy when I’m with him. We can’t keep our hands to each other when we’re together. I really love him, you know..’ I said smiling as I remembered what he said to me that night in San Francisco. 

‘I’m so happy for you, you don’t even know. Mabe the nightmare will go away now that you found someone who you feel safe with.’ 

‘I was hoping that that would happen, but honestly, I’m getting the nightmare now more often and I don’t know why.’ I said. ‘But it’s probably happening more often now because of Kyle..’ 

‘Y/n, I’m seriously asking you, did he hurt you in any way?’ 

‘He called me a bitch because I told him that I want to know what’s happening in his life and because I was mad at him for not calling me while he was in Montana and today, he pushed me so hard against the wall that I hit my head and then he threatened me.’ I was really embarrassed while I was talking about the incident. 

‘What?! Are you serious? Oh my God, you’ve got to tell that to Derek. What are you still doing with him in the first place? Why didn’t you break up with him the first time he called you a bitch?’ She asked. 

‘Bella, I can’t break up with him, he won’t let me do that. And if he finds out that I’m with Derek, he’ll do anything to ruin my life,’ I said. ‘I’m scared that he’ll do something to Derek..He said that he’s ready on everything..’ 

‘But what else are you going to do? You have to report it to the police.’ 

‘What?’ I said loudly. ‘Are you crazy? No way! He’d kill me, but literally. No, I’m just going to keep silent until I figure something out.’ 

‘Oh my God, y/n’ She sighs as she pulls me into a hug. ‘I’m so scared for you.’ She says. ‘I’ll fucking hurt him if he puts a finger on you.’ 

‘Thanks, Bells. I love you.’

‘I love you, too.’ 

It was around 1 a.m. when I left Bella’s place. She wanted me to stay for a sleepover, but I wanted to go and see Derek just since I was feeling really weird and I wanted to surprise him. 

I wasn’t a fan of walking the streets at night all by myself  at all, but as I already said, I was feeling really weird and I thought if I see Derek, I’ll feel better. 

I saw that the lights were on in his apartment so I quickened my pace up the stairs. I reached his door and knocked 2 times, but he wasn’t opening. Weird. 

I opened the door and walked into the apartmentm My eyes went wide when I saw the picture in front of me. 

Chairs and pillows that were on the couch were scattered, almost all of the plates were broken, there was glass everywhere, things were thrown all around. 





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Same thing just different people~Jack Johnson Fake Text (Requested)

Anonymous said:Hey, could you do a fake text with Johnson. He gets mad because he sees pictures of you with guys he doesn’t know, you can take it from there

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sorry It’s a short text .


Date Night - Jack Johnson Imagine

This isn’t smutty because honestly I have more cutesy feels for Johnson than sexual because I would so much rather be in a relationship with him than a one night stand like with the other boys so shout out the anon who requested this secretly knowing it would tear me apart as well and all my Johnson girls come holler at me so we can be best friends 😭💕 hope y'all like this
I leaned against the counter picking at my nails while I waited for the microwave to finish. The instant I heard the ding I felt a rush of relief. My macaroni was finally done. I took it to the couch and continued watching Say Yes To The Dress. Before I could even get halfway through my food the door to my apartment opened. “Hey baby,” I said when I noticed my boyfriend walk through the door.
Jack leaned down and gave me a kiss. “Get up and get dressed,” he said with a smile once he pulled away. I have him a confused look and stayed seated. “Come on, we’re going out.”
“Like on a date?” I asked half surprised. Jack was always sweet and goofy but it had felt like forever since we actually went out on a real date.
“Yes a date now get your cute ass up and go put on some clothes before I drag you out of here in your Mickey Mouse pajamas.” I knew he wasn’t kidding so I rushed to my bedroom to throw on some clothes, stuffing my face with the remainder of my macaroni as I did so.
Half an hour later we pulled up to a pier parking lot and I felt my stomach do a flip. Jack had brought me to Santa Monica, where we had first met. We walked down the bridge hand in hand to the pier, lit up with colorful lights due to the absence of day. “Let’s go ride the roller coaster,” Jack said as he pulled me in the direction. I couldn’t help but smile at how childish he was when it came to having fun; I adored that about him. We were seated in the front row, with the entire cart to ourselves. The instant we pushed off Jack started with his ‘hurrays’ and 'wees’. I laughed and he pulled out his phone, recording a snapchat video. “Give me a kiss,” he yelled over the rush of air as he pursed his lips. I happily obliged and cupped his face with my hands. “Now put your arms back up, the best part is coming up.” We went for another go round on the roller coaster like every group did when there wasn’t a line.
“Will you win me the giant Pooh?” I asked Jack as we walked around looking for something else to do.
“These games are rigged, you know that.”
I gave him my puppy dog eyes and he laughed. “I’ll give you a kiss if you win it.”
He sighed in defeat and I giggled at how easily he could be won over with the promise of a kiss. “Make it two kisses and you’ve got a deal.” We shook on it and he coughed up a few dollars to play bottle toss. His first two rings didn’t make it but his third did. He pulled out more cash. That time he got two of the three on a bottle. “Third time is a charm,” he spoke confidently, but it wasn’t. He didn’t get a single ring around the bottle. “You know what here’s thirty bucks give me the giant Pooh bear.” The guy laughed but gave in and sold Jack the bear. He turned around confidently. “And my kiss?”
I shook my head. “You cheated, I said you had to win me the bear.” Jack looked at me with no amusement so I stuck my tongue out and ran off.
“Hey!” He yelled after me. “This bear isn’t light. Get back here!”
I ran down the boardwalk and turned the corner, hiding behind the bumper cars. I heard Jack curse the bear as he neared closer and I jumped out to scare him. Jack didn’t look as amused as me. “Have you chased an unnaturally fast paced girl down a boardwalk with one of these before?” He breathed heavily as he sat it down next to me. “You should try it sometime because it isn’t easy.”
“Oh shut up.” I pulled Jack in for his winning kiss. As I went to pull away he leaned back in, this one lasting longer.
“You promised two,” Jack reminded me once we finally were appart. I smiled at him. “What?”
I draped my arms around his neck and played with the strands of blonde hair at the nape of his neck. “Nothing.” I looked at him. I noticed the sparkle in his blue eyes that resembled the ocean, the way his eyebrows furrowed together made him look like a grumpy toddler. Jack smiled as he looked at me, that contagious smile I could never get enough of no matter what my mood.
He was perfect, not only for me but in every piece of him. “I love you.”
That was the first time I had ever told him that. After six months I had finally said it to him and he didn’t run away, he didn’t look scared.
Instead, “I love you too.” He stayed there with his arms around my waist and his forehead leaning against mine.
“Why did you decide to take me out tonight?”
“Honestly?” I nodded my head and waited for his response. He sighed but then laughed, “To finally say that. To tell you I love you and I have for months I just didn’t know when or how to tell you and I didn’t know if it would scare you off even though we’ve been together for a while now I just thought if I did something unexpected then-”
I shut him up with a kiss. “You tend to talk a lot, you know that?”