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hi!!! i just hit 500 followers within 2 months of starting this blog which is fUCKIN AMAZING WOW!!!! and since i unfollowed a thousand blogs (not exaggerating, sadly) a few nights ago, i decided a follow forever was doable!!

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thank you to all these wonderful people!!

ily all!! even tho 500 seems small to a lot of u, when u really look at it in perspective; 500 whole people; thats a lot; thats like a whole school if u live in a small town; minus the porn and spam blogs maybe; chose to follow u bc they liked u and ur content. that seems dumb but w0w it just seems amazing to me!!! if u werent in it i either forgot u (i probably did this a lot) or ily, but my dash might get too clogged up at a time. 

thank u for 500 followers!!

Kaelen had been in the training center working non-stop since Jac died. He couldn’t remember how long he’d been flinging knives at the target, but it had more holes in it now than it did untouched space. Without checking his surroundings, without caring who was there, he continued to pelt the knives into the target as hard as he could until they sank up to their handles and even a little deeper sometimes from momentum. Faces flashed on the target. Sponsor after sponsor after sponsor. And for a split second he saw Jac on the target, with the expression he’d had as he killed Khalisse. And then Kaelen saw his own face, and heard himself giving Jac advice. It’d been enough to kill, but not enough to survive.

When he’d run out of knives, Kaelen made his way toward the target and gripped the handles until his knuckles were white as he pulled them out. Turning to walk back to the line, he saw someone else nearby and automatically assumed they wanted to use the targets. “Spot’s taken,” he stated, still as quiet as ever but with a much, much harder edge than normal.