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thoughts on tonight’s Holby (S19 E31) (also I watched in the wrong order again so sorry if this isn’t in order):

so the whole thing about Matteo’s son made me really feel for him, plus I really liked his wife!!! I hope she sticks around. Also, there was more chemistry between the two of them in one ep than there has been with him and Jac in months… Lowkey really want him to get back with his wife and I feel like Jac would support that too (plus she deserves better lol)

Mo and Jac’s friendship made me die once again, I love them so much??? They’re honestly so in sync, they always know what the other is about to say and I love how their banter is so seamless. Nobody can ever tell me theyre not best friends, sorry not sorry

Jac was actually so lovely with Matteo and his wife, its always great to see her more empathetic and compassionate side. I feel like since everything that happened with Emma its only natural that things like that affect her more, and I’m glad shes not afraid to show she cares sometimes. although her saying to Matteo’s wife ‘I’m not his colleague, I’m his boss’ was my fave part hahaha, the sass is always real. Her scenes with Zosia were great too ofc

Jas was such a sweetheart this ep (she always is but still), the way she went out of her way to encourage Cam to go after Morven despite Morven having basically abandoned her. and the last scene with Jas and Morven made me so emotional, the way her little face lit up and she kept kissing Morven’s head was the cutest! I’m so happy theyre back friends again, I missed them (and it means I don’t have to worry about where Jas is living hahaha)

also shoutout to Jas trying to blag her way through the conservation talks, she made me laugh so much and she’s about as useless as me at making up believable bullshit

Morven and Cam were adorable, especially the roof scene (too soon) and I’m so glad they’re back together! also Ollie/Jas/Morven/Cam/Bernie/Ric on AAU is such a squad and I’m so here for it

Keller lowkey bored me tbh so I wont go into that, soz

oh and Hanssen’s effortless comedy made me die as ever

AND y’all better prepare yourselves because next week is Fran’s return/Jac and Jas working together on Darwin again and I’ve honestly been waiting for this since the moment the spring trailer dropped!!!!!!!!!!!!! 110% sure it’s gonna kill me and I’m SO READY FOR THE FEELS

holby city thoughts

loving having dom back on screen! I’m interested to see what they do with the body dysmorphia, and it will be really interesting to watch as David Ames suffers from this himself

cam and morven just made my heart melt, always wanted them to get together and now Bernie is a bit happier (also sassy bmam <3, bummed she’s not in next week’s episode)

Not really getting into the whole rossini story line :/ but jac pulling people through emotional trauma during surgery is literally my favourite thing, she never tells people they can’t do it, just gets them to focus and they always get results, 

i swear jac and bernie own my ass


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