sooooooo mortior and i and some other awesome people miiiiight be working on a little big something something. aaaaaaand it’s going to be fucking amazing and awesome. and that’s all i’m telling you. expect more teasers down the road.

disclaimer no we are not doing all 24 trolls dear lord. this is most likely it. we considered bringing equiusbot back but couldn’t really work it out to make much sense. 

rip in pieces


how self-indulgent can i be, let’s find out. oh wow, good job, an alternate draconian form, how creative.

kinda going off the theory that sans is actually bleeding raw determination, not blood or ketchup. idk this isn’t supposed to make much sense in canon, i was fucking around with the gasterblasters and came up with this weird thing and yeah. there you go.

his fight would probably go along the lines of this

ugh wtf tumblr why did you blur this so much why are we using this site to upload art

okay here’s the full version

i finally finished this thing and i forgot tumblr hates images

so if you want to see it you’ll have to go to deviantart i’m sorry

ANYWAYS this really is just an unorganized mess of headcanons and speculation of noiz’s good ending because i love seeing what other characters do when you don’t pick their route

and also domestic noiao because duh

click to view the full thing!

i’m sure my structural drawing and creative writing professors sensed this awful disturbance…

the last art i posted on this blog was in july. ugh. here’s something stupid to make myself feel better

just screwing around with some different things i’ve seen other people do with the tron!hal thing. who even came up with that originally? but yeah, i don’t even remember where i’ve seen some of these, just that they’ve been in my head for a while.

and of course no hal set is complete anymore without mortior’s AR from endangered (who i realized in the middle of this would make more sense for stealth with an all dark exterior)


okay i was looking back through my old stuff and…yeah i think a few things do hold up. some of these got a few notes at best but i think they’re the ones i’m happiest with. it was weird, i was looking through stuff as chronologically as i could and i noticed, even though my anatomy was always improving my commitment to bigger and more complex pieces has diminished so much. i don’t have the same sense of overall color design and composition that i did when i first started reading homestuck, my senior year of art college. my more recent stuff is mostly just character sheets and expression practice, nothing as large or as illustrative as some of these.

i am glad i did this though, if nothing else than to remind myself that just because the characters don’t look perfect the overall piece can make up for it. i was banking on the ending to give me a burst of creativity, which it didn’t, so. i’m not sure what i’m gonna do from here. i’ve been trying to draw something almost every night for the past week but i’ve just literally spent the entire time staring at a blank document/piece of paper with my pencil/pen hovering over the surface, having no idea what to do. or how to start or go about what few ideas i do have.

ah fuck i didn’t mean for this to become such a downer, i’ll shut up now. here’s some old shit.