Oh my god, did you see this? Dean tries to wave the door open, but it doesn’t work and he’s so exasperated. Stupid door, why won’t you open? Damn it, now I have to pull it open myself. 

Stupid broken automatic door, can’t you see your own sign that says be cautious of my automatic opening grumble grumble I’ll just do it myself. Stupid, useless door… {13.05}


Dean Winchester and Selective Mutism in 13.21

I just wanted to point out that in between Dean screaming No! when Cas said Sam was gone, and telling Mary he needed to go get Sam’s body–ie, once he had a purpose again in taking care of Sam, which is the key here–Dean didn’t speak once. In fact, they made a point of showing us his silence. It was even juxtaposed with Dean hearing Sam screaming his name as he walked, blankly onward, in silence. 

He pointedly, and silently, ignored the attempt at platitudes, and he didn’t even say anything to Mary either when he saw her. He couldn’t even tell her Sam was dead. This was a great parallel to Mary’s death, the death that altered his life and ultimately formed who he would become. Just like Sam’s death would for Dean now. He was running on autopilot, out of touch with everything outside himself. 

Dean told us in 1.03 that after Mary died, he didn’t talk after her death.

The choice to bring Dean back to silence after Sam’s death was well done. It told us everything we needed to know about Dean and how Sam’s death would destroy him. 


I was going to amuse myself by adding a Parenting 101 with Dean Winchester caption, but then I started thinking about the early eighties when Sam would have been a baby. It was fairly routine advice given to new mothers: rub a little whiskey on the gums for teething. Hell, the FDA didn’t ban the use of alcohol in teething remedies until more than ten years later. And now I’m wondering if Dean did this for Sam when he was teething, after Mary died, and that’s how he knows it works (there was probably a lot of whiskey around after that, honestly). And so I went from amused about Dean giving Bobby John whiskey to being sad about the beginnings of Dean’s lost childhood. {6.02}