jabba's slave

Why Carrie Fisher is such an awesome Star Wars cast member

  • Endured the double bun hairstyle even though she hated it because she thought she’d lose her job if she complained
  • Made Mark Hamill put her Leia clothes on all the time (she prob even tried to get him to wear the golden bikini)
  • Immediately said “I’m in!” when George Lucas asked her and Mark if they were interested in doing more movies
  • Once referred to herself as Jewish Space Princess
  • Multiple BTS pics of her in the 80s kissing droids, Chewbacca, and touching them inappropriately
  • Tried Harrison’s pot while filming and it made her give up on pot completely
  • Partied with the Rolling Stones & Harrison before filming on Cloud City
  • Was still drunk while filming said scenes
  • Remembers Leia’s complicated lines from the first film
  • Warned Daisy Ridley and John Boyega that they would have stalkers after doing SW movies
  • When filming the scenes as Jabba’s slave, she said “So just because I’m wearing a bikini I can’t speak anymore?”
  • Has called herself Mrs. Han Solo on more than one occasion
  • Filmed the scenes as Boushh even though she was sick and couldn’t breathe under that mask
  • Admits she’s Princess Leia’s protector
  • Has a big slave Leia doll in her house
  • Called Jabba an ‘ignorant slug’ on a Return of the Jedi blooper
  • Harrison once pranked her and pretended he was hanging himself in her dressing room and he was naked and she told the world this story, thank you Carrie
  • Agreed to do commentary for the original trilogy first DVD release in the 2000s when George Lucas gave her a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special filmed in 1978
  • Shows said Holiday Special when she wants guests to leave her parties
  • Refers to Han Solo and Princess Leia as space dates
  • Once called Kylo Ren “my little Hitler”
Luke telling Han what happened when he was blinded by carbonite
  • luke: and then jabba put leia in a bikini with a chain around her neck, but later she killed him, so...
  • han (excited): really?
  • luke: yeah.
  • han: what did it look like?
  • luke: erm, the bikini was red and gold and-
  • han: no. when she killed jabba. what was it like?
  • luke: she strangled him with the chain.
  • han: how did her biceps look? i bet she was really flexed.
  • han: *sighs* *stares off into the distance* i bet she got that really gorgeous look of murderous rage when she's about to do something heroic for democracy and freedom...
I just realized something..

We all know how Sebastian Stan and Mark Hamill look alike, but no one ever realized that both Bucky Barnes and Luke Skywalker both have fake limbs.


We [Twi’lek] females are virtually bred to be frivolous – good only as slaves, playthings, or pampered princesses!

Twi’lek females aren’t treat well in [star wars] universe - since birth they are   emotionally, physically and socially oppressed.

because I keep thinking about it after writing that fic

I just think it’s really important that Anakin kills Palpatine without using the Force.

It’s not this elegant, choreographed lightsaber battle. It’s not Jedi vs. Sith. It’s not anything like what the old Jedi must have thought of, when they imagined the Chosen One destroying the Sith and bringing balance to the Force. It’s not a battle at all.

The closest parallel is to the way Leia kills Jabba. With plain human strength, brute force used in desperation. A slave seizing the moment and killing their master.

Balance is not the victory of Jedi over Sith. Balance is human liberation.