jabba desilijic tiure

so, i know everyone likes to talk about how luke, after showing up in his new black jedi outfit and fresh lightsaber, levels up and suddenly is capable of killing everyone on jabba’s sail barge but like

think about this. luke grew up on tatooine. he might have lived out in the desert equivalent of the sticks on a farm his whole life, but tatooine was his home, and the inhabited region is relatively small. luke knew about slavery and he knew about the hutts, he had to know his history. he knew about jabba, everyone did. maybe he heard uncle owen and aunt beru at night when he was supposed to be asleep, dejectedly discussing how they were going to pay the tax imposed by the hutts during a drought. maybe his uncle took little luke into anchorhead for errands and he saw a child, just like him, only not, because she was not free. maybe he went to school with a boy who didn’t return the next year because his parents were killed by jabba’s cronies for failure to pay tribute to him. 

luke grew up on tatooine, and to grow up on tatooine is to grow up in the shadow of slave traders and crime lords, chief among them jabba desilijic tiure. and luke, who wanted to save everyone, never could do a damn thing about it.

so when he finally does have a chance to rid tatooine, to rid his home, of that monster, he doesn’t hold back. “i used to live here,” he tells han, and it’s not an ironically sentimental remark. it’s a resolve. and when he fights, it’s for his friends, yes, but it’s also for his planet.

and isn’t it fitting? tatooine, after all, remembers anakin skywalker not as the chosen one, but as a slave who made it out. tatooine, after all, has the biggest claim to the legacy of shmi and anakin skywalker. after all these years, all these trips around the galaxy, the children who despite everything are formed of the dust of tatooine return to deliver this desert world and its people from the evil that is the hutt clan.

and i like to think that, after the empire is defeated, they return. it’s partially for personal reasons, leia needing some sort of explanation and luke needing some sort of closure, but when they have found all the answers that can be given, there’s still something else. luke sees to it that the last of the slaves are freed, and leia uses the resources of the new republic to organize a resettlement initiative. they destroyed the old order in anger, in defiance, in desperation. now there is a void to fill, and this time, when luke looks out at the setting suns from the spot that was once his home, it is with compassion and hope.