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Hey guys! Long time no post :). I’ve been busy with graduation (which I’ll have photos of up and such soon) from MICA, but in the mean time, I wanted to get this lot of adventurers from the Omniverse posted up here on Tumblr. A few of them are familiar to you all, I am sure, but this is the lot of six together. I present to you the example player characters made for my thesis work on Lucid. Each of these characters has a sort of basis on a party ‘class’ or 'troupe’ though Lucid is an effectively classless system.

Starting from the top left:

Arosath - The roguish wanderer Arosath is an Eos (half Human newblood, half Sydthe) whose seductive charms have led out of trouble on many occasions, and into trouble in even more. A skilled thief with remarkably sticky fingers, and a quick wit, Aros’s impulsiveness can sometimes outweigh his long term judgement. That being said, the other adventurers have found his skills useful, and a good humored ally over prolonged time, and Aros has found (a bit) more self control.

Arlatte - The party diplomat Arlatte comes from a regal background. Born of a family within the House Scandris of the Sapienastic Order, Arlatte grew up steeped in the training to interact with the world and its varying styles of etiquette. She always knew there was more to the world than what she had been shown in her childhood years, and swore to herself that she would find what that was. On her 19th birthday, Arlatte met an Eos pickpocket with a devil may care attitude…and talked him out of a bind with her parents. The rest is history.

Leena - Leena is full on Duskfayn Sydthe, and every bit as eccentric as the reputation of the Unseelis court implies, but she isn’t aligned with them. She is driven by her own whims, and tags along with the group for the excitement they bring to her life (and the undeniable fun that she has annoying Ryoclio). Still…there is something else, a hole that is filled by those in her band of adventurers, and maybe in her violent guise as a battlescribe there is a dormant protective caring for her traveling mates.

Ryoclio - The half Inca, half Japanese samurai Ryoclio takes her life very seriously. As a young girl she traveled around Eevys with her father and mother. When she was older, they were slain, and now she seeks revenge. Ryoclio has taken up her own unique Samurai code, and anyone that questions or doubts her ability be damned. It seems fitting then, that the five people she sticks with are the five that get her to occasionally crack a smile, or in the case of Arlatte, even more than that.

Ryvaut - Ryvaut was a shining star at the Esanguine College in Exis. at the age of 17 (very young for a Jovys, equivalent to 14 for a human) she had graduated with top marks and honors. Ryvaut has a kind soul, almost to a fault. In her traveling days alone, her naivete has led her to frequent brushes with death and doom. Now she travels with a band of people whom she would not normally have trusted, because they have thickened her skin ever so slightly, but they’ve also opened her eyes up to things that she never could have seen in the text within her books and studies. She stays with them with the hopes that this will continue.

Zhruun - Zhruun is an Orvasan mercenary. A sharpshooter since he was young, he and his bird, an Irivic blue longtail named Ariadne, have made a good living from their travels. Still, Zhruun in his spare time enjoys charting his travels through means of cartography, and his next step is the various layers of the omniverse. How fortuitous then, that he would meet someone as intrepid as Leena, to act as an Omniversal guide. The unexpected friendships are a wonderful bonus in the equation.

“On Eevys’ soil, we’ve been given by our cosmic kin the opportunity to make of humanity what it should have been on Earth. Follow my path and the roads that will unspool from it will be many”

The first Grand Face of the Sapiet Order, her Majesty Hu Pahal of House Inchassi. Portrait C. 1979.

It is her that we have to thank for the basis of the matriarchal structure that is the bedrock of the order; no man may hold status above that of a Lord of one of the four Sapiet houses. The move was controversial of course, with many men and families leaving the order who held or would have held high status on Earth, and many women exiting with the feeling that the decree hadn’t gone far enough, but Empress Hu’s decision most certainly signaled and reflected a new era in a new world.

The Grand Face (also Grand Mask, her Majesty or Empress) of the Sapiet order resides in the Capitol City, Miansheerah which is found in the middle of the Order Territory of Iriva though it is rarely seen by most outside of the elite. Her rule is supported by two high queens; the High Face of Coin, who resides in the territory of Helledria found to the west of Iriva and the High Face of Commune, who resides southeast of Iriva in the territory of Pryvel. 

Though it was originally thought that all three of the Noble Faces should be passed on by right of blood, the system was changed to one of election between the two standing high masks, as well as queens of the major cities within the Sapiet Empire by decree of the second Grand Mask of Iriva, Hu Panchi. The high masks, on the other hand, still operate on a system of royalty to the most eligible heir to dawn a high mask, whether that heir be a sister or daughter by means of blood or bond.

When elected and inducted into royal office, a Grand Face makes or has made by artisans a Royal Visage; that being a mask and crown which encapsulate the persona of the current ruler. It is common practice for this mask to be dawned in public appearances by the Empress, but it has been suspected that this is in part to facilitate anonymity for the Grand Face during travel without her Visage. 

One pulp album and one track of a second, as well as goddamn blue screen of death later, and I present to you my (thoroughly set back) Jarvis Cocker for tonight’s portrait. 

Tonight’s Album(s): 

Different Class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0DRch3YLh0&list=PL0527D4FFCB2330DA

The Fear (from This is Hardcore, the second album I planned to embark on before my pc capsized :/): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaeQmrMgw7M&list=PL93C3997139BB944A

Night everyone!