A defensive technique that neutralizes an incoming attack without the drawbacks of blocking, such as blockstun, chip damage and pushback. This high risk/high reward maneuver can allow a player with fast reflexes to completely reverse a round’s momentum.

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Taehyung and The Lamia Empress

A whopping 8,752 so be prepared! 

It should have been another vacation adventure of the Bangtan Boys. Just another day in a beautiful country surrounded by rivers, blue lakes and endless jungle to explore. Zoos, aquariums and other tourist attractions, outside of Korea. Another international experience where Jimin didn’t leave his bag on the bus and Namjoon didn’t lose his passport somewhere.

So far everything had been going fine, the managers weren’t so tense, the locals were more than friendly. Something though just wasn’t right, that deep breath before the plunge. The silence of the night before the rolling thunder.

“Something is wrong, I feel like someone is watching us.” Hoseok said for the fourth time that night to Namjoon.

Namjoon sighed. Sliding his hand down his face. “I heard you hyung.”

“But are you listening?” Hoseok inched closer to Namjoon, whispering in his ear as the other guys talked among themselves. “I feel like something might happen, we shouldn’t go to the jungle tomorrow. Someone may get hurt.”

Turning to face Hoseok, Namjoon took in the fellow rappers face. His eyes wide with worry, he chewed on his bottom lip as he looked around the boat tour they were currently on.

“This is what Tae wanted to do, we can’t ruin it for him. Everyone has got to do what they wanted and he finally picked something.” Namjoon countered, hopefully easing Hoseok to let go some of that fear.

Hoseok groaned. “Let’s just make sure we all stay together tomorrow. All of us.” Hoseok rubbed his arms up and down, goosebumps breaking out over his flesh even though the day was humid but balmy.

“We’re gonna be fine.” Namjoon put his arm around Hoseok’s shoulders, shaking him in a playful way. “Relax! What can go wrong? We’re on vacation.”

A hard rain fell that night, making the morning mist cool as a breeze kicked up through the villa. Taehyung had awoke with the usual smile on his face as he stretched in bed next to Yoongi.

“Wake up hyung! The sun is shining, and this is a-”

“Shut the hell up.” Yoongi murmured as he grabbed a pillow placing it over his head.

Still smiling, Taehyung moved the covers up the Grumpy’s shoulders. “Fine, sleep a bit more.”

“And tell the rest of them to keep it down, I can hear Hoseok do that dumb laugh from up here.” Grumbling to himself, Yoongi quickly settled into sleep once more.

“Yes, hyung.” Taehyung fairly bounced his way into the bathroom to freshen up. He could hear everyone else moving around, eating, playing or watching TV.

Today was his day for adventure, today was his activity and Taehyung was beyond excited for it.

“Today is jungle exploration day!” Taehyung announced as he jumped down the last few stairs and landed in the living room.

Jungkook gave him a big smile. “I will take the machete, that’s all I want to do, hack through the jungle with a machete.”

“No you won’t.” Jin currently commanding the television was turning some sex scene on a movie Namjoon was watching. “You don’t need to be wielding some weapon that could easily maim one of us.

“You mean your beautiful face?” Jimin offered.

Jin shrugged, finding acceptable programming, tossing the remote in Namjoon’s lap. “You said it, I was trying to make sure everyone felt included.”

Namjoon shrugged his head, leaning his head back on the couch. “Hyung still asleep? We can’t leave without him.”

“Yes. You sure he won’t mind?” Taehyung going over to the kitchen where Hoseok was watching something on his phone, still laughing. He wasn’t going to tell him to quiet down, the faster Yoongi got up the faster they could leave.

“He won’t say anything but his feelings will be hurt.” Jin walked over rubbing Taehyung’s shoulders. “I’ll get him up.”

Walking up the stairs, the guys continued to do what they were doing until they heard Yoongi plodding down the stairs. Clothes on, hair done, he was still rubbing his eyes.

“I can dress myself.” He said to Jin who was right behind him.

“You don’t act like it.” Walking past him, Jin stood with his arms out wide. “Well? Lets get going!”

Hoseok knew he wasn’t crazy. He kept hearing things, what “things” they were he didn’t know but he wasn’t curious enough to find out. Jungkook on the other hand was touching everything that the guide said was ok, and some thing’s that weren’t.

“You don’t want to touch that. The nectar of that plant can cause a rash.” The guide gently moved Jungkook’s hand away from a bright pink flower in the shape of a starburst.

Pinching the back of Jungkook’s neck, Jin sighed. “Like a child! Just look and listen!”

Already they had seen monkeys, small apes, different kinds of birds and small deer. It was all very exciting and the further they got into the jungle, the thicker the foliage became. The more clear it became that this was a foreign place.

“Are there any mythologies that came from here?” Namjoon asked as he followed behind the guard who just handed Jungkook a machete.

“Actually yes! Do any of you know what a Lamia is?” The guy smiled, his white teeth contrasting against the deep pink of his lips.

“No.” Namjoon answered after looking around at his group.

“Something that kills people I bet!” Hoseok offered, as he tried to get into the middle of the group.

“Actually, they can. They say that a Lamia Empress settled in this jungle, her home is here. Now Lamia are half women, half snake. Very strong, some are constrictors, some have poison. Highly intelligent, but they are a race of women. Some legends talk about men being kidnapped…for uh…procreation purposes.” The guide grinned sheepishly as he explained.

“Sign me up.” Namjoon laughed as he good naturedly jabbed Yoongi.

The guide laughed. “Well not just one woman, the whole village. So, if you’ve got the stamina go ahead. Sometimes they let the men go, sometimes they kill them.”

“Death by beautiful snake women. It’s on my list.” Yoongi chuckled.

The guide continued. “Some people, many years ago. Built her a temple, asking her to keep their villages safe. From floods, invaders. All I know is the people still live here, they are content with what she does. So they say.”

“Do they give a man from the village or something?” Hoseok asked, his hand rubbing against his neck.

“I have heard that, but you would have to ask them, or rather I would have to translate.” Turning back around the guide continued to lead on, pointing out things he saw.

“Where is the temple?” Taehyung asked, as he fell into stride with the guide.

The man scratched his head, thinking. “Not too far from here. To the east of the river, but we aren’t going that way.”

“Can we? It would be a nice photo opportunity.” Looking around, some nodding their heads, others indifferent.

“It’s your call Tae, this is your adventure today.” Jin reminded him.

“Then let’s do it.” Looking at the guide, the man took his radio off his belt calling for those who were at the river.

“They’ll move the boats farther upstream, now we’ll get to the zip line a little in the evening but that’s fine.” He started to lead them east.

“This is a bad idea, what if it’s like sacred or something?” Hoseok asked.

The guide snorted. “If it was I wouldn’t even take you. We’re fine, just don’t touch the statue of the Empress and everything will be fine.”

“And if we do?!” Hoseok nearly yelled.

The guide laughed along with Jin and Namjoon. “Stop worrying, it’s just taboo is all.”

The guide was right, the temple in it’s slightly decayed state was still glorious. The vision that was the Lamia Empress had her hand on the hilt of a sword and the other around the neck of an enemy. Her long, thick tail was slamming against a man on the ground. Taehyung couldn’t stop staring, her breasts were…bigger than the ones he had mostly seen. Thick hips, smoothly delved into a snake’s tail, where her…private area was, was covered by a shroud. Taehyung blushed looking at it.

“She’s beautiful.” Jimin whispered, for one of the few times that day. “A warrior and a woman.”

“They can be both.” Yoongi pointed out.

Enough pictures had been taken and they needed to move on, they could hear the river from the other side of the trees, but it was something about this statue. Something that caught Taehyung’s eye. As the rest of the guys were moving towards the center of the temple, he moved farther away. Into the temple, where he saw a shaft of light on another stone figure.

“Alright fellas, by the time we get down this river we will be at our zip-line area, from there a bus ride back to the hotel. We should definitely see more wildlife. Have you been having a good time?” The guide asked as he watched the guys gather around and take a head count.

“We really have, I think even Yoongi here thought this was worth getting out of bed for, hm Yoongi?” Jin asked.

“Where’s Tae?” Hoseok asked, spinning around as he looked. “He’s not here.”

“Tae! Tae let’s go!” Jimin called, his hand cupped around his mouth.

“Taehyung!” Namjoon called.

“Tae! Taehyung!” Jungkook cried.

Hoseok covered his face with his hands. “I knew it, I just knew it.” Pointing at Namjoon. “I told you! I said-”

“Hush!” The guide cried. He was straining his ears listening.

“Guys! Guys! Jin! Namjoon! Kookie!!!!!!” It was Taehyung and he was getting farther and farther away. Then silence.

Jungkook was the first to take out running, machete in hand, he dashed deeper into the jungle. Faster than anticipated, Yoongi was right behind him. They both stopped, chests heaving as they looked down. The shaft of sunlight Tae had been standing in. He wasn’t there anymore, just his backpack and the bottle of water, slowly leaking onto the ground.

“Where did he go?” Jungkook ran his hand through his dark hair. “Tae!” “Tae scream if you can hear us!”

“Taehyung!” Jimin screamed as loud and high as he could.

Then to the left, the branches moved. The jungle shook, nothing came free from the foliage but just movement. Yoongi tried to dash forward, but the guide stopped him.

“What are you doing? That could be him!” Yoongi tried to push away.

“Think! Think!” The guide spoke harshly. “If that was him, why didn’t he make a sound? Why didn’t he come forth. I need to radio for help, and none of you moves, do you understand? No one moves!”

“No one is going anywhere.” Namjoon looked from a panicked Hoseok back to Jimin who was silently wiping his tears. “Listen, we came in together and we will leave together. Maybe he fell, maybe…let’s just remain calm and we will be fine.”

“Maybe the natives took him. You know Tae, he doesn’t think about things sometimes.” Jungkook answered.

“So we remain calm, because the guide speaks their language.” Jin replied calmly.

“Help is coming, we should stay here until it does.” The guide’s shaking hands was noticed by them all. “Help is coming.”

Just then a short man with a cloth around his around came from behind them. He spoke quickly to the guide, making a motion towards the temple.

“Impossible! That’s just a story.” The guide answered. “I will not. Help is coming. Did  your people see him?”

Namjoon grew worried and curious. “Did he see what happened? Tell us!”

The guide wiped the sweat on his brow. “He’s saying one of the Empress’s warriors took him.”

“Took Tae?” Hoseok said hoarsely.

The guide continued to speak with the man.

“Yes, he’s saying, Tae showed interest so they took him, but that can’t be right.”

“Is he safe?!” Jimin rushed up to the man, speaking in his face. “Is Taehyung alright?”

The man looked back to the guide, exchanging words before the guide answered Jimin. “He says she hasn’t taken anyone in a long time. This means she hasn’t been interested, he says your friend is fine.”

The Native man spoke again, the guide shook his head.

“What did he say?” Yoongi asked.

“Nothing, help is coming and we will find out what happened. We all need to stay calm. There are no Lamia.” The guide paced back and forth.

“What did he say!” Yoongi stepped in the guards path. “Tell us.”

The guide swallowed hard. “We need to remember these are stories, your friend is fine and I will make it my duty to find him.”

“You aren’t answering him.” Jungkook stated, standing next to Yoongi. “What did he say?”

“I say.” The Native man spoke for himself. “She may want to keep him.”

At first, all Tae knew was that he touched the statues lips. They seemed so real, painted a dark purple and then he was snatched. His backpack stripped off of him, he nearly vomited from the force that snatched him into the jungle. He screamed then, screamed the only names that came to his mind, screamed for help. Then blackness. He knew he was laying on something soft now, something soft and that smelled pleasant. He kept his eyes closed though because he was scared. He didn’t know what happened, who was around him though he heard little voices. Some sweeter than others.

“He is awake. Get her majesty.” One voice said.

“We should inspect him first. Bathe him? He smells odd.” The other countered.

“No, she will want to see him as he is. Then we can return him or keep him.”

Keep?! Taehyung thought. He panicked, his heart beating fast.

“Calm down, small one.” The female said as she placed a hand on his back. “Your heart is like a little bird.”

“I’m scared. Please don’t kill me.” Taehyung didn’t realize he spoke out loud until he heard his voice echo in the chamber.

A loud laugh startled him. Made him open his eyes. Sitting up slowly, Taehyung came face to face with a beautiful woman. Her small eyes were like his, hair flowing down her back. As he looked around him, he snapped his eyes back up as her chest was bare.

“I, uhm…your body is showing.” He felt his cheeks redden. “I didn’t mean to look.”

“I would be offended if you did not. Do you find me attractive human?” Her high voice took on a sultry tone as she slid closer to him.

Looking down at the ground Taehyung noticed she actually slid. She was a Lamia! He didn’t mean to shrink away from her, but he did, still staring at where her tail met her womanhood covered in a sheer garment.

“Come now human, don’t tell me you find me distasteful, I can smell your arousal.” She followed him, moving effortlessly.

“The guide said you weren’t real.” Taehyung shivered as he answered. Goosebumps breaking out over his skin.

“I am as real as you.” A pale hand extended as she ran her fingers down his cheek. “It’s too bad they want to give you to the Empress. I’ve only had one egg and I would be dying to have another with you.”

She slithered up to Taehyung, her body pressed against him. Her arms draped on his chest, he felt her breath on his neck, her tail was wrapping him up. Squeezing him against her so much until his body was flush against hers.

“What are you doing?” Taehyung asked, as he tried to move his arms, pinned at his sides. He noticed a deep, spicy scent fill the room. It was making him feel funny.

“Playing with you, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, and we Lamia are used to sharing.” She kissed beneath his earlobe, her fingers pulling down the zipper of his pants.

“No, please don’t do that. I don’t know you. This isn’t right.” Tae wanted to fight the feeling of lust that was currently fogging his brain, he wanted to let her do she wanted. His shaft was hard now, pulsing as her fingers deftly moved over his skin.

He groaned low, leaning his head back as she licked up his throat. “You want me…don’t you human?”

She was pushing his tip against her slit, he could feel the wetness. Feel himself penetrate, just a little, god he was going to cum right against her and how embarrassing would that be? Taehyung heard her, call him human again. Felt her release one of his hands and place it on her breast.

“Fuck me.” She whispered into his ear, letting sharp teeth graze his earlobe.

“Lila.” A harsher voice called her. The smell disappeared and her coils unwrapped him, dropping him onto the floor.

“What?” The female answered, looking down at Taehyung’s hard member exposed to the air now.

“He does not belong to you, he is not yours first to have.” Taehyung tried to bend himself back into his pants, as the females argued. What did she do to have him that hard?

Laying back on the cool floor, he should be more shocked than what he was. He figured he should be more scared, wanting to flee; but something was at ease within him.

“Human.” The harsh female called. She looked different from Lila, her skin was a bronze color, her long and brown, the slight waves down her back. “Follow me, and take deep breaths so your cock won’t swell again.”

He blushed. Biting his lip as he stood up and looked at Lila. She smiled at him, waved with her fingers as he left the room and followed this new Lamia.

“I’m Kim Taehyung. Who are you?” He asked, as he adjusted his shirt. Outside the door, was a long hall, the floor made of polished stone, the walls decorated in a mossy green.

“Lola. The clutch mate of Lila and we are daughters are Layla. I must say you are doing far less screaming than the last male we saw.” She chuckled to herself.

“Why was he screaming?” Tae asked, looking at the various nature portraits and busts of statues in the hall.

“Fear. He didn’t stay.” Lola stopped at a door, her hand on the wood frame. “KIm Taehyung was it?”

“Yes.” Nodding his head, Tae looked around and noticed the hall went on further still.

“You are entering the throne room of our Empress. The greatest Lamia. You will show respect, you will be courteous.” She snapped her fingers when she noticed him looking around.

“I will of course. ” Rubbing his hands together, Taehyung faltered. “She-she won’t kill me will she?”

Lola shrugged. “Don’t give her a reason to.”

Opening the door, she grabbed his arm. It was then that Taehyung noticed how much taller these women were to him. They all had strong arms, and could probably lift him off the floor. There were several Lamia in the room. A lot of Lamia in the room, laying on couches or eating, drinking, laughing. It all seemed to pause when he was escorted in.

Man, if Namjoon could see me now. Taehyung thought as he looked around at the topless women.

Was it rude to not look? Should he look? He didn’t know breasts came in so many different colors, shapes and sizes. He liked them all. From the big bosoms that were circular and sat high, to the smaller teardrop shaped breasts that were low. Each woman was different. So many different ranges in skin tone. Lila was pale compared to Lola, but there were women darker and lighter than those two.

Wide hips, thin waists, thick waists and slim hips. Wide noses, thin lips, thick, curly hair and straight, thin strands. Some chose to be bald! Oh yes, Namjoon would be jealous. Yoongi would be as well.

“Your majesty, this is Kim Taehyung. We found him in the temple as you know. Enthralled by your statue.” Lola placed a hand on the back of his neck and as she bowed, she made him bow.

As Taehyung stood up, he saw the face of the woman that was Empress. Her skin the color of bark, her hair was a small halo around her head. Long limbs and did she have a hood? Like a cobra? It was fanned out around her neck now, she was intimidating. She was graceful as she slid off her throne. The gentle tinkle of her waist cloth was now loud in the quiet room. Her eyes dark, had slit pupils, in fact they all had that.

“Kim Taehyung. Am I pleasing to you?” She stopped in front of him, her hands clasped in front of her. Her breasts were oval shaped, not so large but not small either. Conveniently in front of his face.

Tae looked up into her eyes, watching her mouth smirk as she knew where he had been looking prior to that. “You are beautiful. The most beautiful woman I’ve seen.”

“Lamia. We are not human.” Lola said to him.

The Empress raised her hand. “It’s fine Lola, he doesn’t know.”

“You’re the queen?” Taehyung asked as he tried to keep his eyes on her face.

“I am.” She slithered around him, taking in his form. How he stood, the way his back curved, the thickness of his calves. The way his sun kissed skin glowed against the salmon of his shirt. He was a fine specimen.

“Then, maybe, I can ask you your majesty if I can go back to my friends. I know they are worried about me. I know they are looking for me and I don’t want to cause a disruption or anything because we are on vacation. Hoseok was already worried.” Taehyung turned to face her, her hood around her neck was down. Barely noticeable now, her lit eyes darted to his face.

“You want to leave so soon? I barely know you.” Her hand reached out to touch his face, her nails running gently down his skin.

“I understand, and I am sorry for that. I am in a kpop group-”

The Empress raised an eyebrow. “Kpop? What is this? A group of warriors?”

At the mention of fighting, some women moved forward, spears and swords in their hands. Taehyung threw his hands up. “No! No! We sing, and rap and dance.”

“Sing?” The Empress asked. Her voice was wistful. Whispers started up around the throne room.

Tae swallowed hard, their hard eyes on him, he cleared his throat. “Yes, I sing.”

“Interesting. Lamia do not have the ability to sing.” Slitthering back to her throne, Taehyung watched as she sat down. Waving her hands about, she spoke a language unknown to him.

“Wait…I just realized, I can understand you. You were speaking Korean.” There was a lot of things he didn’t notice, like how he wasn’t breaking into a full blown panic over the fact that he had been kidnapped by Lamia and was currently in possession of their fabled Empress.

The Empress laughed. “You just noticed this and you aren’t screaming or fighting like most who come here. You are a rare specimen indeed Kim Taehyung.”

“Or a fool.” The one called Lola offered.

Tae shrugged. “Jin says I’m a fool. An honest fool, but still one.”

“This Jin makes a wrong assumption of you.” The Empress grinned. “To answer your question, our race is much older than yours. We know of many things, have been to many places. Your language has been known to us for centuries. Tourists in this country speaking Korean in my home, caught my attention. Now back to this singing.”

“Oh.” Taehyung shook his head knowingly. He didn’t really understand all that she was saying, but he chalked it up to the fact that she was intelligent and probably learned fast. Like Namjoon. “I sing in our group, and I dance. I’m one the best. At least better than Yoongi, Jin and Namjoon.” He smiled not having to say hyung in their presence.

“Clear the room.” Another female announced, she was slimmer than the Empress. Her curly hair fell in ringlets down her back. “My Empress wishes to her this male sing.”

Smiling at the female, the Empress indicated the female on her right. “This is my clutch-mate, sister if you will Lucia. My..” She tapped a finger against her chin. “Principal lady in waiting. She will attend to you, when you are not with me.”

Lucia inclined her head at him. “And he is a handsome one, my Empress. However, if we are introducing me, then we have another.” She indicated a hand at the Lamia behind the Empress throne. “She is Lea, our clutch-mate as well and Captain of the guard. Nothing gets by her. Not even you.”

The female looked at Tae with stern eyes, then away and back to the few people in the room.

Now as the room was cleared, only a few remained. Looking around Tae wondered who they were, what part the this society they took part in. Maybe they were important, or related to the Empress?

“Sing, Kim Taehyung.” Lucia spoke as she waved her hand. “We wish to hear you.”

Tae cleared his throat again, he looked around from Lucia, to the Empress. Lola and Lila who were still in the room. “I dont think…I’ll try.”

He was never afraid of singing alone, but here in this moment. In front of royalty and alone. He missed his members. He missed the others who would stand near him. Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook. He’d have to sing all their parts.

또 위태로워 또 위험해
So bad (why) 우린 yeah
더 버티기도 지탱하기도
So hard (hard) 안 돼

이미 알고 있어도
멈출 수가 없었어
No way, no way, no way 쓰러져

시간이 지나갈수록
더 망가져가기만 해
No way, no way 또 무너지는 걸  

카드로 만든 집 그 속에서 우린
끝이 보인대도 곧 쓰러진대도
카드로 만든 집 바보같이 우린
헛된 꿈이래도 이대로 조금 더 stay  

Finishing, he waited for someone to say something. To move. Instead their enraptured faces, made him smile. Had they liked it?

The Empress was the first to clap as the Lucia spoke. “Bravo, such a deep timbre.”

“A rich, bellowing, octave that I could feel within my scales! Kim Taehyung, you are indeed worthy of such an honor.” Lola commended him.

Saying nothing the Empress descended from her throne. Tae smiled wide as the Lamia continued clapping for him, praising him for the deepness of his voice. For the reverberant sound that poured from his mouth. It made him feel good, it made him feel like a star. Sure, he sang in front of his fans all the time. He sang and people clapped for him. He sang and danced and the fans went wild; but such a small, intimate gathering like this one. The way they made him feel, like he was a god, just for singing.

He smiled at the Empress, her hand on his, she grasped it slowly leading him from the throne room. “Follow me, Kim Taehyung.”

Slowly, she slithered through the halls, her waist moving in an S motion, back and forth as she made her way to a large bedchamber.

Only Lea followed them, quietly Lamia’s black scales gave off a slight green hue as they hit the light. In a corner she curled her tail around herself, and waited, watching.

The crown the Empress wore was something like thin metal strands woven together. Taking it off she set it on a wooden dresser and turned to face him. “You have been chosen, firstly by Lucia but I think I would also like you as well.”

He had grown somewhat used to breasts near him, and as she slithered past and into a pit bed on the floor, she smiled at him. “I need to make an egg. Not just any egg, the egg I will make will contain the next Empress.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Taehyung asked before realizing what she meant. “Oh.., I mean. I know what to do but I don’t. I’ve only done that once and-”

She held up a hand, purple painted lips smiling. “Not now, and I will not take from you what I need. Unlike my forebears, I prefer you come to me willingly, Kim Taehyung.”

So she wanted his help in forming the next queen. Tae looked at her long and hard. She was the most beautiful Lamia he’d ever seen. The most beautiful female. He had stared hard at her statue, touching her lips wondering how could someone have such a perfect mouth shape. Now she lay in her bed, leaning back on soft looking pillows. Her waist shroud covering her womanhood from him, The brown-black mottled appearance of her snake scales glittering in the light. Up her waist, his eyes roved over her taut stomach, her full breasts. Up her neck, to a mouth that was smiling, full lips that he had wondered about in the temple. The same temple that the others probably were still looking for him in.

“My members. My brothers, they are wondering where I am. I should really go back.” He looked down at his fingers, wringing his hands as he didn’t want to face her.

“I ask you to help me with this golden opportunity and, you worry that your clutch-mates are worrying for you?” She wriggled across the bed, on her belly now as she propped her head under her chin.

Taehyung shrugged. “They aren’t really my brothers, but we are that close. I don’t want to be rude. You are beautiful, but…”

Holding up a hand she stopped him. “I understand. How about this. I’ll send word that you are fine, you’ll be fine. I’ll give you a week to decide.” Rising out of the bed, he watched her hover above his head, half of her tail holding him up. “You can help me if you wish and I’ll let you go back, or you can refuse and still you can return unharmed. How does that sound?”

Clenching his teeth Taehyung wondered. “A week for us to get to know each other?”

“Yes.” Lowering herself, she was at her regular height, only an inch taller than he was. She draped her arms around his neck. “If that helps you, would help you. You are special Kim Taehyung, whether you realize it or not. I would have the next Empress, be of your line.”

Slowly, she pressed her mouth against his. Let her lips melt into his, slowly his arms raised and found themselves on her waist. He felt her smile beneath the kiss, felt her mouth open and her tongue poke against his lips. He knew this dance, he knew what to do. His mouth opening he groaned as her tongue slipped into his mouth, felt her body press against his. Her tail coming up behind them, curling around his body. This again, that deep, spicy scent that made him feel lightheaded, His tongue darted out against hers, touching fangs as he sucked on her tongue. What was so special about him? He didn’t have broad shoulders like Jin, he wasn’t as smart as Namjoon. He wasn’t a great dancer like Hoseok, or a high singer like Jimin, he wasn’t multi-talented like Jungkook, he wasn’t even as great of a rapper like Yoongi. Why him?

“You’re overthinking it.” The Empress spoke, kissing his lips gently. “I do not force you Kim Taehyung.”

She still held his hand, looking into his eyes. “Why me?” Taehyung asked.

Her hand cupped his cheek. “You have more to offer than you know.”

Kissing him gently once more, Tae smiled at her. “Just call me Taehyung, or Tae.”

“When we are alone, you may call me Lux.”

The next day, Lucia showed him to the bathing pools, the one thing he had to get used to was the fact that someone else bathed him. Two other females, scrubbed him clean and took his clothing for washing. Instead they gave him cloth pants, no shirt. He explored the palace. The fishing area, the sparring grounds. He made his way back to the throne room were Lux was talking to some Lamia he had never seen before.

One Lamia turned towards him, her scales were horn like protruding instead of laying flat. Her light colored eyes looked over Tae, and then back to what was going on.

“So this is the human male?” She asked Lucia, the tip of her tail twitching slowly.

“Yes, this is our precious Taehyung. He who will surely make the Empress proud.” Lucia alithered over to Taehyung, patting his cheeks. “How are you today? I heard that you thought we only ate meat.”

Taehyung blushed. “I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“None taken, easy to think that.” She winked at him, before turning back to the Empress. “Perhaps my lady would like a walk in the garden with Taehyung?”

“Oh no, if you’re busy I can entertain myself.” Taehyung offered, as he backed up slowly.

“It’s fine, I could use a break.” Lux smiled as she made her way over to Taehyung. “Lucia, please see to some of these affairs and send the important things to my chamber.”

“Of course.” The cheery female, inclined her head as she turned back to the horned tail female.

“She wishes to clutch with him? He seems small, what does he have to offer the future Empress?” The horned female asked.

“He is kind, sweet, caring, he sings. A very soothing voice. Most of all.” Lucia glared down the female. “Our Empress favors him, why else would you ask?”

“He doesn’t seem like the males we usually  capture.” She licked her tongue out, tasting the air after Taehyung.

Lucia sighed. “Perhaps that is where his virtue lies. Now onto this business about the trade deals with the nymphs.”

“I’ve made sure that your friends know you are safe.” Lux started as she led the way into the gardens.

“How? I am worried they will be upset with me when I return and don’t have a real explanation.” Taehyung mused.

“They will know. As for that, we have ways of making it seem like you got lost, delirious in the jungle and if you wish…forget this whole experience.” She looked away wistfully, her bosy moving slower as they came to a gate.

“I wouldn’t want to forget.” Taehyung answered. “It’s just my company, they will have spent time and money.”

“Surely your safe return to them is worth more than anything they could have spent.” She mused, as the gate was opened.

“Yes, maybe.” Tae shrugged. “Our fans though.”

He didn’t want to think of what the fans would do. If any information was released about this, he wondered if some of them would take plane rides and scour this jungle for him themselves. They probably would, ARMY’s could be vicious when it came to them. Sometimes with the best intentions but still, he didn’t want anyone getting falsely blamed.

She seemed to sense his worry and Tae felt himself relax when she placed a hand on his shoulder. “Everything will be fine, don’t worry. Think of this as a small vacation, within your vacation.”

Nodding, Tae stopped at some anemone flowers, touching their delicate petals. “These remind me of the flowers on my family’s farm.”

“Anemones range in many colors and are native to many parts of the world. They are probably the same type. You are a farmers son?” She asked.

“Yes, my family was poor.” Standing up, Taehyung put his hands in the pocket of the pants. “My family didn’t have much money, but I loved to sing and so I wanted to become an idol. I was hoping I would make more money and be able to support my family properly. I still remember the day I was leaving for the city.” Taehyung wiped one corner of his eye. “My mother had saved up so much money, she bought me an expensive jacket, just so "the city boys” wouldn’t make fun of me.“

Lux watched as he smiled at her. His genuine grin as he shrugged his shoulders. "Now I wear Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada like it’s nothing. Clothes I couldn’t dream of before.”

Lux nodded. More of who he truly was showing. “You miss your family?”

Tae sniffed. “Sometimes.” He chuckled. “Yea I do, but I know I left for a reason and I’m doing what I always dreamed about. What I loved.”

“So you are happy, but you wonder at what expense?” She asked, picking some of the anemones, she was slowly fashioning a crown.

“That’s basically it. I send money always, but sometimes I miss my mother’s cooking. I miss the smell of my room. Things like that.” He looked outward, and saw rows of fields. “Are those your fields out there?”

Looking up, Lux nodded her head. “Yes, some of the Lamia farm. Others are warriors, artisans, things you have among your people I suppose.”

“What about your mother? Where is she?” Tae suddenly asked her.

Lux stammered, she had not thought of that. “There was…civil war among my people. Many years ago. Many did not like my mother’s choice of a mate.” She took a deep breath. “I was hatched, during that time my father decided to stay among our people. There was war.”

“How long ago was this? You lost them when you were young?” They had walked to a low swing, Taehyung sat down, and patted the seat next to him.

Lux closed her eyes, she could smell the smoke if she tried hard enough. “Young is a different concept to you than it is to me, I think.” This happened 300 years ago.“ She set the flower crown on his head, adjusting his red colored around it.

"300 years?!” Tae gasped.

Lux chuckled. “We have a different concept of time. My people are ageless, not immortal.” She saw a look of confusion spread over his face. “That’s a discussion for another time.”

“So there was a war.” Tae continued. “Your parents were killed? I’m so sorry, Lux.”

She held up a hand to stop him. “Much before your time. It’s a pain I have learned to get through. However, yes I was old enough to lead the charge, my mother’s clutch-mate, uhm aunt at my side. I took up the throne and put down the rebellion.”

He watched as she slowly rocked on the swing, her fingers twisting in a dark coil on her neck. “Do you look like your father?”

“I favor him in many ways.”

“He must have been a handsome man.” Realizing how silly that might have sounded, he cursed under his breath.

Lux laughed. “I would think so, my mother was a stickler for outward appearances.”

They sat in quiet for awhile, Tae looking at Lux when she wasn’t looking at him. Lux wondering what he was thinking about.

“Tell me more about Lamia’s.” He suddenly asked, taking her hand as he stood up. “I want to know everything.”

It was something between a mutual affection and admiration that Taehyung found himself drifting towards Lux. He never thought he was the one to fall in love easily, but there was something about the life here. Something about how things went on. He found himself in the field some days, toiling alongside the Lamia’s who were cultivating. He stopped into artisan shops and watched them work, bought things with the coin that Lucia pressed into his hand. Everything seemed so familiar and although he loved he idol life, at least some aspects of it. Although he missed his members, if he could bring them here once, just once maybe they would enjoy it to.

The feeling of fresh soil under your fingers, the smell of leather being worked. The meals he had eaten here, the awkward baths were the Lamia females washed him. He had gotten used to it, and now he sat here in Lux’s room as she finished a letter.

“You leave soon.” She said suddenly in the silence of the room.

“Yes.” Tae answered her. “To tell the truth, I find myself wondering if I should.”

She said nothing, closing the letter, handing it to the waiting Lamia with the bright green scales. She turned in her seat and looked at him, saying nothing. She wondered what he meant, if he truly wished to stay. She had listened to him speak about his life as an idol, the sound of his voice when he mentioned his antics with Jungkook and Jimin. They seemed close, and the reports back were that they missed him too. They still came out and called for him, hadn’t left the country yet. He would say that he wished to stay, but she knew where his heart would lie. Her own heart wished for him to stay, he was getting along so well here, the Lamia loved him.

“You should do what your heart wants. We have three days.” It was a ludicrous idea to think that you could fall in love in three days. Why had she given him a week? Because he couldn’t stay longer and she knew that.

She had hoped that this would be over quickly, they’d spend the week in a mating ball and at the end he’d leave and leave her with an egg. She didn’t know how deeply he’d infect her.

Three days. We only have three days. Taehyung thought as he gave her a small smile. Her slit eyes watching his face, she wasn’t smiling back and he knew she was thinking then. He wondered if she was wondering the same thing he was; was it possible to fall in love so quickly? Was it possible to know someone for such a short amount of time and wonder how would it feel if you were without her? 

Standing up, Tae didn’t know what he was doing, just that there was a thought in his head and he had to do it. 

He startled her, enough that her hood flared out briefly. His hands on her cheeks, he stared into her eyes, before pressing his mouth down on hers. Every feeling over the past few days flowed out of him. The fear, the confusion, sadness and anxiety, he let it flow out of him and into this moment. Pulling her to stand he kicked his pants came off, straddling over her tail. 

“The bed.” Lux whispered, fairly dragging him off as they dropped into it. 

The lights faded in the room, waist shroud off. Tae found himself positioned over Lux, his hands on either side of her head. She gently ran her fangs along the inside of his wrist. 

Leaning his head down, Taehyung let his lips drag over her collarbone, feeling her shiver. Her tail wrapped around his body, Taehyung found his body was on the bed now, hers over his. Breasts near his face, he suckled gently at her nipples, remembering the things Yoongi had told him to do. 

“Tae!” She cried out, head leaning back as she shoved herself into his face. “More." 

Again he licked out, suckling hard when she groaned. As she pulled away he whispered, his voice deeper than she remembered hearing it before. 

"Why move? Let me taste them again.” The timbre of his voice shook inside her core. 

That was something that got her, she could swear he  knew how it affected her. That deep vibration that all Lamia’s loved. Smiling at him, Lux licked her lips. 

“Wrapped in my tail like this, we’ll make love all night. My body will clench you, and keep milking you until you beg for mercy.” She let him go enough that he could slide his leg between a coil; pulling her closer. 

Taehyung wrapped an arm around her waist. Another arm on her shoulder. He could feel his thick shaft poking at the entrance he desperately wanted to enter. Warm and moist, there was a sucking motion and as soon as his tip pressed into her slit, he couldn’t help but take the plunge. 

Deep and soft. Tae’s head fell back as an intense moan escaped from his mouth. He knew she could feel it, the way her body shivered and her tail pulled him closer. There was no way he could get within her more. No way he could stop his hips from pulling back and slamming into her hips again. How could he stop himself from tasting her mouth, kneading her breasts and rocking his body against hers. Feeling her body arch every time he hit a soft place within in. Her nails glide down his back.

 "Tae please.“ She begged, her hood speading out as she bit her lip, a white light visible behind her eyes. 

"Tell me what you want.” He whispered, his teeth in her shoulder. Then she released him, her tail let him go. 

Straddling his legs on either side of her, Taehyung held onto her waist and went as fast and hard as he wanted to. Not stopping until he felt his orgasm shoot through his body like a rocket, coating her insides. 

It was sometime later in the darkness that he rolled over and rubbed at her stomach. “It doesn’t take one time to make the egg does it?” Nibbling on her shoulder in the darkness. Lux chuckled softly, her voice still laced with sleep. 

“Several times to make sure it takes. Are you wanting to do it again?” Slipping his arms under her own, Taehyung straddled her body once more.

 "As many as you’ll let me.“

It was a tense morning, or rather it wasn’t before but now it was. Lux laid naked in the bed, Taehyung beside her limp and sweaty.

 "I will go with you, when you are escorted back to the beginning of the forest.” The sun was starting to light the sky as she spoke. 

Frowning, Taehyung turned over on his side. “I was wondering, if you’d be ok if I stayed with you." 

Closing her eyes, Lux wondered if he would truly understand. "I think it would be best if you saw your friends again, and then thought about it Taehyung." 

He reached out for her, his hand only skidding across her belly as she moved from the bed. "Don’t do that.” She heard the annoyance in his voice. “You’re trying to push me away and be mean and rude but that isn’t you." 

Lux quickly wiped a tear. "I am doing what is best for you. Trust me, you need to see your friends and remember you real life. I will not have you regretting anything." 

She slid into her pool in an adjacent chamber, Taehyung quickly on her tail. "Or are you hoping I will go back, forget you and you can pretend whatever it is that you’re feeling was wrong and you can go back to your life before." 

He stood there, sun kissed skin naked in the pink light of dawn. How she wished to drag him in the water and let him make love to her in the heated pool. Feel his cock twitch inside of her as he finished. Watch as he take the crown of the king, and be present when she presented the egg. The hatching of the young, she wished for all of that but it was not his place here. She knew that. 

"Tae, I won’t discuss it anymore. We will leave before noon. Your people always come before noon.” She turned her back on him. 

“Did it work?” She heard him ask quietly. 


"Is that why you’re sending me away? You don’t want to try again?" 

"Perhaps my calendar is off and it will be another 10 years.” Looking back at him she smiled. “Perhaps, I’ll send for you again then." 

Tae shook his head, dipping his leg into the water, it was warmer than what he liked but he got in with her. "What will you do in the mean time?" 

Arms wrapped around his neck, maybe she would get what she desired. "I have no qualms with touching myself, thinking of you." 

"Let me touch you now, so you’ll remember better." 

It was a heart breaking experience, trekking through the jungle with Lamia’s all around you as you went back to where you came from. The closer they got to the temple, Taehyung could hear people calling for him. He felt the excitement in his chest about telling his members everything that went on, about seeing them again. The taste of Korean food made his mouth water. Remembering the thrill of the stage. He heard Jin call out for him, then Namjoon, then Yoongi. Jimin sounded the closest. 

The Lamia had already roughed up his clothes a bit to make it look like he had been wandering. Some dirt smeared here and there. Lucia stood behind her sister. 

"Should I bite him? Make him delirious Or do you want Lea to make him forget?" 

Silencing her clutch-mate so he didn’t hear, Lux pulled Taehyung close to her. "Just follow this path and you’ll be with them. You’ll walk straight into them." 

"What about you?” Tae asked, as he adjusted his tattered shirt. 

Lux felt her lips quiver. She watched as Lucia got into position near him. “I’ll be watching. I won’t stop until you’re with them and out of the jungle." 

Taehyung clasped his hand in her own. "And when I want to communicate with you? See you again?" 

She kissed him then, something deep and fierce. She forced her tongue against his lips, happy when he accepted her kiss. Love was something she wasn’t accustomed to. "I’ll find you, you’ll know." 

Nodding her head, Lucia sank her fangs into his neck. Her poison could work several ways depending on what she needed. Lamia were special that way. As soon as she bit Taehyung, his mind warped like he was on a psychedelic drug. It would make him a little dehydrated, but that was nothing to worry about, he’d be safe soon. Shaking his head, he stared at them blinking slowly. A sweat breaking out on his brow as he smacked his lips, his mouth would be dry. 

"I love you.” Lux whispered. Lea lead him to the path, and followed until it was Jungkook who screamed he found him and let Taehyung fall into his arms. 

Taehyung had woke up in the hospital and remembered Lucia standing behind him, touching his neck he knew what happened. Why did she do that though? Otherwise who would have believed you? Lost in the jungle? Perfectly healthy and just with tattered clothes? How? 

They thought you got bit by something and fainted, and the rest was history. Now he sat in the dorms and stared out the window. The only ones who knew the truth were his members.

 "You got a letter, no return address and direct to the dorm.“ Namjoon said, as he dropped the parchment into Taehyung’s lap. "Smile Tae, we miss your smile." 

Not even looking down, he began to open the envelope.  "I am smiling, I’m just…”

“Missing her, we know. It was for the best.” Walking away, Namjoon caught up to Jin who was currently cooking something. 

Looking down at the paper, Tae felt his heart race. Bile rose in his throat as he quickly raced to his room and closed the door. 

My dearest Taehyung, 

Forgive me for writing you months later, it was a bit more difficult to find a personal address than I thought. 

I didn’t want to send you away, I didn’t want you to leave and I hope you forgive me for Lucia’s bite.

I love you. 

I said that while you were under the influence. I’ll say it here. I will keep this short and sweet, know that I think of you often. We have a tradition to name every Lamia child with an L name, but I think in my own fashion, I will start with T’s.

 I’ll let you know how to write me back in my next letter. Until then, know that I have laid our egg, she grows strong. Hopefully, she will take after her father. 

All the best. 



Magic Series
A series of normal attacks which can chain into one another by progressing from light to heavy in order (such as light punch, medium punch, heavy punch). A feature commonly found in crossover titles.

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