jab step


Sunday gym all to myself and boy was it nice to be in that place alone! Pushed myself hard I think, focusing on cardio a lot at the moment! As you can see, I got a good total calorie burn hehe. For anyone interested this is what I did:

🌸 12km on the bike at resistance between 5-10 for 35 mins
🌸 30 star jumps
🌸 3x15 second stints of mountain climbers
🌸 3x 30 second stints of jabbing/punching
🌸 8 side step sprints up and down the gym
🌸 3x10 medicine ball slams with 4kg ball
🌸 3x10 calf raises
🌸 3x10 push-ups
🌸 3x30 second stints of jogging on the spot
🌸 3x10 seated knee raises
Stats: 1hr 20 mins // 1053 total calorie burn

Happy Sunday workout 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼