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Apple Pies and Butterflies Ch. 1

I’ve lowkey been trying to finish this all night and I finally did rip. This is gonna be a drabble series for Ninette!

Summary: Marinette confronts Nino about his pie-eating problem, and offers an alternative activity for the day.

AO3 | Ch 1, 2, 3

“Nino, this has to stop,” Marinette finally told him, glaring at the empty pie tins that filled his study space.

“An’ juf how-” he swallowed a bite- “are you planning on stopping me?” He smiled and went to take another bite, but stopepd when Marinette grabbed his wrist. Looking at her face made his smile falter. “Uh, M-Mari? What’re you doing?”

“Stopping you,” she said, pinning his hand to the table. With her other hand, she grabbed his shirt collar and smashed their lips together.

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Little Letters 10 : Double Date

This was a request from @martinthedragon :) Hope you like this.

You can read all parts of Letters from War and Little Letters here

I have a NEW Letters fic coming soon! I’m gonna call it Letters: In Another Life. Right now it’s just one chapter, I may make it a dabble series too, not sure yet!

“Why are we doing this again?” Natsu grumbled, he was glaring at himself in the bathroom mirror while zipping up his jeans.

“Because Mavis wants to,” Zeref was fastening his tie when he walked into the bathroom. No matter how many times he saw his little brother shirtless, Zeref couldn’t help but stare at the scars covering his once smooth skin.

“So what?” Natsu limped as he walked, he was finally getting the hang of his new leg. He shoved shoulders with Zeref as he passed.

“She’s about to be your sister-in-law,” Zeref sighed, following him back to the guest room that had become Natsu’s since the accident almost a year before, “don’t you want to hang out with her more?”

“I hang out with her plenty,” Natsu pulled on the tight black dragon shirt Lucy had given him for Christmas, before she had even met him, “I wanted to go to Lucy's…”

“Lucy will be there too, you know.”

“It’s a double date!” Natsu whined, “That’s so lame!”

“They are not lame, it’s just two couples going to dinner together,” Zeref raised an eyebrow at Natsu’s wardrobe choice before laughing and walking away.

“But you’re so boring!” Natsu fell back on his bed, dreading this night already.

“I’m so glad we’re doing this! With the wedding only a few weeks away I was afraid we’d have no time!” Mavis cheered.

“I am too!” Lucy lifted her wine glass to clink with the fellow blondes, “I don’t know why we waited so long.”

“I do,” Mavis giggled as she gestured to the men quietly watching their dates.

“Don’t look at me,” Zeref raised his Brandy to his lips, “it’s all him.”

Scowling, Natsu twirled the beer in his hands.

“It’s OK,” Lucy whispered, lacing her hand together with his under the table. When her boyfriend looked at her, she winked. She would rather it be just the two of them too.

Natsu squeezed her hand, giving her a half smile with a softness in his eyes that he reserved for her.

“Aww, you two are so cute!” Mavis gushed.

Natsu blushed furiously, taking a big gulp of his beer. Lucy just giggled and laid her head on his shoulder.

Zeref moved his arm to drape it over Mavis’ small frame, “What is everyone getting?”

They discussed their choices in food, and the brothers argued what was better for you: Steak or Grilled Chicken.

“Anyway,” Natsu huffed, he had lost interest in the argument when Zeref pulled his doctor card, “what are we doing after this?” He stared at his brother, daring him to say something stupid. Zeref was the never the best planner, Mavis had left him out of most of the wedding planning for a reason. And leave it to his stupid brother to plan a date outside in the middle of January.

“Any good movies out that you would like to see?” Zeref smiled kindly towards the two women.

“Not really,” Mavis shyly began to play with her long curls.

“I don’t even know what’s playing,” Lucy shrugged, she wasn’t a big movie goer.

“Oh, OK…” Zeref’s mind went blank for a second, “we could always go for a walk in the park?”

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I made a child unit for Ira!! He’s name is Malum and he is a piece of crap. :D 

I’m not kidding

Ira is so done with having all these violent family members (Still loves him though)

His information is under the cut! 

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Title: something nice
Summary: He wanted to surprise her, but she kinda ruined that for him.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: The Smell of Fresh Paint
Rating: K
Warning(s): none.
Comments: First day of the ssmonth2014. :)

“You can’t go near that room.”

“Oh? And why not?”

“I turned it into a workshop just last week. It’s where I sharpen my weapons and handle the rest of their up-keeping. There’s toxic fumes all over the place.” Pause. “Bad for the baby.”

Smile. “You’ve been doing your readings.”

Snort. “Of course I have. I can’t take care of you both and help keep you healthy if I don’t know what’s bad for you.”

Laugh. “Alright, Sasuke-kun. I’ll steer clear from it.”


The soft curse that fell from her husband’s lips didn’t quite register in her mind as she stood there, doe-eyed, mouth parted open slightly as her gaze flickered around the room in surprise and ever-growing awe. One of her hands raised to cover her open mouth as she shifted to look at the other end of the room, a wave of emotion washing over her and bringing tears to her eyes as she took notice of Sasuke’s beloved dino-chan plushie, and a neatly conserved Uchiha baby bedding that she never knew the existence of. Her free hand went to her very pregnant belly on instinct.

I didn’t think there was anything left, she thought to herself, thumb stroking her skin through the clothes in a loving, motherly manner. Everything’s been destroyed since Akatsuki attacked Konoha and blew up most of the village. The Uchiha grounds were in smithereens. How did Sasuke find these things? Had he hidden them somewhere else? Had he kept them with him in his travels? She nearly gasped as she wondered, Was this bedding Sasuke’s when he was a child? Is this what his parents tucked him into? Did he keep it because—

Tentatively, a hand touched the small of her back. She tilted her head to the side a little to look at her husband, a tiny smile creeping to her lips when she noticed the look of blatant disappointment on his face. He looked a tiny bit angry at himself, too, and she couldn’t help her smile from growing because it was all too obvious why he felt this way.

And all this time, she thought this room had been his workshop—at least, that’s what he’d had her believing since she’d been five months pregnant—but she never thought Sasuke had actually been building a… a nursery.

Putting a hand on her tummy, Sasuke looked at her and mumbled, “You weren’t supposed to see that.”

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anonymous asked:

Speaking of Gibson's relationships, what do you think of his bonds in the Hyperforce team? Do you have an particular favorite dynamics involving Gibson with his teammates?

Hmmm, I think I enjoy his relationships with Otto and Sparx the most. They’re all foils, but in different ways. In both cases, Gibson has to begrudgingly realize he’s not really that above it all, no matter how hard he tries! I also like what little we get with him and Nova, especially her dork jab, haha.

anonymous asked:

I'm gonna ask for scenario with Jimin~ You two are in bed, you're sleeping and he's not, and you started moaning his name because you're having sex dream. And you're his gf of course... Hope ur having a wonderful day! <3

Jimin glances over at you as you stir in your sleep, eyelids fluttering as you wrap your arms around a section of the blanket and pull it inclose to your chest, exhaling softly through your mouth. He smiles, his eyeslingering on you for a few seconds before he goes back to scrolling through something on his phone. He was never really the type to sleep in a lot, but he never minded staying in bed until you woke up.

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Tonight on STOP BEING ADORABLE DORKS We have Poofless + Choco And then we have Lachlan taking jabs at Rob because he’s probably jealous and salty ( logdotuniverse THREE WAY CUDDLES, DORKS IN A POOL, AND SALTY JEALOUS LACHLAN IN ONE NIGHT?!?!? )