asdfghjkl;’ omg.. I am sorry that I am publishing this, but this made me so happy. I just need to have this on my blog forever.

How do I even reply to this? I mean.. look at it. You see Priyanka’s face in that gif? That was exactly my expression when I was reading your beautiful message. :)

First of all, you are very welcome. How could I not follow you? Your edits are BEAUTIFUL and you seemed like a nice girl (and now I am sure you are!). And my blog flawless? WHAT, omg I don’t know what to say. Thank you very much <333 That is such a big compliment!
Haha I can’t believe you actually listened to my accent challenge. Thanks for calling my accent cool :D.

I didn’t know people really read my “about me” page, hahaha. Wait what, did I read that correctly: you ship both Akshay&Katrina and John&Bipasha *takes a few minutes of silence to process this*. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Come here and let me hug you! I thought I was the only person on this planet who LOVED this combination of people. I love you already ok? That’s it you are perfect, haha. You’re not the only one who got excited. I cannot control my feelings at the moment. hahaha! I am so happy you shared this with me, because I feel like we can be great friends :D

Thank you very much for sending me this beautiful message. I honestly was about to log off, because I was kinda bored and tired. But then BAM I got this message and now I am all happy and hyper haha. Thank you very much, really. For the sweet compliments, for sharing this with me, for following, for everything <3
And keep it up with the amazing edits! :D