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Hey Ollie, I found this in my fridge and I think it's yours *gives you James*

*Stares at James like the world just imploded* J…

JAMES *Flips out in some sort of happy song falling over snuggling the bird to death*

James: Oh… Glad to be back.

((YEAH JAMES IS BACK WOO! All those James asks in my ask box can now be answered!!!))

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Aankhein Daikhe To Mein Daikhta Reh Gaya/Jaam Do Aur Donon He Do Aatisha/Aankhein Ya Maikade Ke Yeh Do Baab Hein/Aankhein Inko Kahoon Ya Kahoon Khuwaab Hein/Aankhein Neechi Huwi To Haya Bun Gayi/Aankhein Unchi Howi To Dua Bun Gayi/Aankhein Uth Ker Jhuki To Ada Bun Gayi/Aankhein Jhuk Ker Uthi To Qaza Bun Gayi/Aankhein Jin Mein Qaid Aasman O Zameen/Nargisi Nargisi, Surmayi Surmayi

Upon seeing her eyes, I was left mesmerized

Two glasses of wine, and both set ablaze

Are those eyes, or the doors to a tavern?

Should I call them eyes or a manifestation of my dreams?

As the gaze lowers, they become a symbol of piety

As they (eyes) look up, they become a prayer

When eyes glance down after looking up, it’s panache

When eyes glance up after looking down, its divine decree

These eyes which capture/withhold the skies and the earth

Elusive, elusive (like the eglantine flower)

dusky, dusky….

Javid Akhtar had fun with metaphors in this one eh :D