Marauders at a group detention
  • James: *Hushed tone* Moony!
  • Remus: What?
  • James: How much do you think we can stick on Peter's back before he notices?
  • Remus: Be quiet! I heard that mcgonagall has cast amplidust charm in her room!
  • James: What's that?
  • Remus: Its dust that is enchanted to amplify all sound in that one room to the caster of the spell
  • James: Yea, right, she probably started that one herself.
  • Remus: Fair point, she did it last time.
  • James: Okay i have a chocolate frog wrapper. Should i put it in the hood of his cloak?
  • Remus: No way he's not going to notice that.
  • Jaames: Lets see then
  • McGonagall: I would dvise against doing that, Mr potter, seeing as you have Quidditch practice tomorrow, is that right?
  • James: Yes, the night before the Slytherin vs Gryffindor match.
  • McGonagall: Ah, well then, unless you feel like missing that practice because you are spending another night in here, i would suggest that you refrain yourself from pinning any objects on your friends back.
  • James: *grumbling* how did she even hear that?
  • Peter: Well Sirius, lucky that minnie stopped them, or you back would be full by now, wouldn't it pads?
  • Remus: What? Oh, yea, sure.