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Probability of seeing heartbroken/crying Ja'far is actually thing that I am afraid of. I mean he tried to stop Sin, he has been his friend for such a long time. He deserve to be happy but yeah, Ohtaka's story. Oh, and I don't think Sin died that cheaply.

That’s actually something I was looking forward to seeing— I want to see the reactions. It will be very sad, though. Ja’far has always been there for Sinbad and he’s tried so much to help him, but in the end his input was meaningless and Sinbad went through with his plan anyways. It’s really sad to think that right after Ja’far gave him advice, Sinbad went through with his plan and it resulted in his demise.

And I agree, I don’t think Sinbad would die that easily. But if he really isn’t dead, I want there to be something to show that it happened. Amnesia, lack of his metal vessels, missing limbs; I want there to be at least a little bit of proof of what happened to him, and I want for it to cause some kind of impact on his character and the story.

Important headcanon

That Ja’far somehow always ends up having all the firm’s extra blankets and pillows in his room and when he asks why Sinbad and Rurumu always give him cryptic answers like “To soften your heart” or “To melt the ice in your soul.” To mask the fact that they didn’t have anywhere else to put them.



One happy Sindrian family!! All my feels!!! (You all should go back to Sindria like now!!)

Translator note: In the original there’s a wordplay with “sachi” (happiness in Japanese) and “Sadi” (apparently happiness in Persian/happy child in Arabic).

Scans provided by dranzy, typesetting by naoscifra and translation by yours truly. As always, English is not our mother language, sorry for any mistakes.

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