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Kun vahingossa sanot jotai puolhauskaa mut kaveri hajoaa ja tettää sulle sunttärilahjaks hupparin jossa lukee kysyinen lausahdus

When people realize how good of a person Justin actually is and start to like him but still feel the need to start every single sentence with ‘justin is an asshole but…’

ja-gaciak replied to your chat: me, a freak: I wish lin and phillipa had kissed…

I think it totals three. but two of them are in helpless and satisfied as like the same kiss just in the rewind part of satisfied. and then when hamilton is going back to meet up with washington and lead the command eliza and him kiss after she gives him her coat. I can’t remember from the broadway boots but they do it in chicago and the tour so I’m sure they do it on broadway too.

oh right yeah I forgot the same kiss is repeated

BUT STILL. like I look at lin kissing karen olivo and I’m like… I want a passionate lin/pippa kiss

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Needless to say, he hadn’t been expecting anyone to appear in the foyer of his father’s offices at a time like this. No one had scheduled an appointment with the man at the top, nor any of his colleagues - that was something Jasper checked obsessively. He liked to know what to expect from the day ahead, after all - at least as much as one could foresee in this industry, anyway.

Thankfully, this young woman wasn’t entirely unfamiliar; she was likely the daughter of one of his father’s associates, and her name wasn’t too far from his tongue, either. It only took a few seconds, and a quick once-over of the familiar face stood before him, for it to emerge from him.

          Miss Rosen,  Freya, in fact.  Jasper kept his tone even, the attention of his fingers shifting to straighten out his tie and suit jacket.   Is there anything I might be able to assist you with?

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can u draw undyne the undying from undertale?

am i doing this right

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ARE WE JUST GOING TO SKIM OVER THE FACT THAT ARIEL IGNORED JAS AGAIN?! Like, yeah, the fight with Aladdin was bad (don't do it bb) but I am so angry at Ariel tbh. She is probably one of my least favorite people in the comic because she seems so oblivious to the people around her and the people that are taking care of her. My heart is shattering for Jas. AND OMG THE PREVIEW THE FREAKING PREVIEW IM NOT READY


And I agree on the disagreement with Aladdin vs. Jas. Don’t get me wrong, Al and Jas’s fight was bad. But a riff between Ariel and Jasmine has subtlety been growing for months now and it’s kind of coming to a head now. 

Ariel is such a tough one. She’s young and she’s lost in a very big way right now. And so she’s caught in her own head and her own frustrations (which everyone does do at some point). 

But Jasmine is young. And Jasmine is lost. 

They both need to be able to rely on one another….and Jas can’t do that. and again, it sucks. 

I just want Ariel to challenge herself in spite of her emotions for a friend. but alasssss. 



made another yandere sim animation for entoanthepack! c:

sometimes i like to pretend I’m not as big a weeb as I am but then i hear a naruto opening song ten years later and i start singing it under my breath at work and i still know every fucking word just end my existence