OK so y’all bitches KNEW I was gonna get the tea on that right? Here’s what happened:

Jucy fired shots at Kaser first. She doesn’t like her because she feels like she’s too about her looks so she said a bunch of shit about that and ho she wants to be an idol. Jucy’s more seriously and less petty reasons are that apparently Kasper stole a concert appearance from her. Also that Kasper uses connections to get places. The icing on top is that Jucy’s friend allegedly stole Kasper’s man. She also said that if she makes it to SMTM and see her there then pick her for the battle.

Kasper responded (and honestly kinda wrecked her) by calling her a failed idol who needs to worry about her future. Also says she didn’t even know it was Jucy’s and if she had she would have asked for more money. Also says that Jucy wants to be on UPRS so bad but can’t make the cut. Also said that Jucy’s trying to start some shit (because it’s comon to start shit up before you go on a show so that A) you can get on in the first place so they can milk the drama for all it’s worth B) You can get more camera time). Kasper claims she already left the guy he wasn’t really stolen. Then Kasper goes in on an outro where she just talks mad shit about Jucy and her english skills and shit.

Jucy responded but I’m still waiting for the translation on that one so I can know all the tea. What I do know is that she brought up Kisum, a close friend of Kasper, and said something about her too (I don’t know what, I’m not listening to this song until the translation is up)

So to be continued…

  • They have a channel together
  • Their channel is so random
  • Seriously what
  • They play games, they make vlogs, you name it
  • Lucy is a sarcastic meme child that is a literal ray of sunshine
  • Juvia is also a literal ray of sunshine who makes terrible puns
  • Juvia is so clumsy though
  • She literally trips and falls over everything no matter what they’re doing
  • Their most popular video is called ‘Juvia Tripping: A Compilation’
  •  One time Juvia made such a bad joke Lucy almost cried and spent the rest of the vlog just staring at the ground and wall while whispering to herself
  • Whenever Lucy wakes Juvia up in vlogs, it’s always with ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ or the John Cena theme
  • Always
  • Them playing horror games is rare but honestly the best thing
  • Lucy prays to Pepe and Doge and screams while Juvia screams and falls off the chair
  • One time she even knocked a drink on the monitor
  • Natsu once scared them while they were playing a scary game and Juvia got so scared she slapped him and poured water on him
  • Because of that, their subscribers call her ‘a water mage’
  • People are obsessed with their relationship
  • “they aRE SO CUTE H O W”
  • Lucy once feel down the stairs on camera
  • Juvia was vlogging something and talking and she was interrupted by a scream and Lucy falling
  • No matter what the video is about, there will always be one comment saying ‘Wow Lucy didn’t trip this time, impressive’
  • The have bloopers sometimes, and it’s literally Lucy screaming because she messed up her lines