Capybaras and cats are actually fantastic friends. Although they are the world’s largest rodent, and we know that mice and cats frequently do not get along, these two creatures appear to coexist peacefully and happily.

Cat and dog siblings watch out for each other. After this cat’s husband went to war, her dog brother took the place of the father cat and watches out for both the mother and her kittens.

When in the presence of the opposite gender (or the same gender if they prefer), dogs behave very similarly to humans, emulating flirty behaviors like winking. 


Mina and I at Sebastian Masuda’s Time After Time Capsule event in NYC the other day! I literally had SUCH a blast and we were so happy that we decided to go last minute!! It was really cool being able to see Sebastian Masuda again and this time we even got to meet Yuka too! Ahh so much has ben happening lately and I’m so happy!!

I’m really looking forward to attending Waku Waku as my next event! It’s in NYC in August and there will be sooo many j-fashion guests! Im so hype!