More Feysand cause I want to improve my concept of both of them (plus I’ve wanted to draw this scene since the moment I read it); I’ll probably be doing a character portrait for each of them soon-ish too :D

  • feyre: take me to the art museums and make out with me.
  • rhys: they said not to touch the masterpieces.
  • rhys: …..but someone’s gotta pin the artwork to the wall.
  • cassian:
  • cassian: *sighs* *pulls out walkie talkie* azriel, these idiots are fucking in the west wing again.
BTS Reaction - You need help a lot with opening things, etc.

Anonymous said: could you make bts reactions to you (S/O) needing help often? such as trouble opening things etc.

Wow okay I am such a shitty person, this has been in my inbox for like 66 years and I am just getting to it. I am so sososososo sorry, here it is!


He’d laugh when he saw you struggling to pry open a jar of pickles, and would stand there until you turned around to call his name. You’d just pout as he popped the top of the lid open with no problem.

“It’s not that hard, see?”


Being his tall ass, he’d see you standing on your tip toes to try and reach some plates that were stacked on the top shelf. Namjoon would just walk over and reach above you to grab the plates easily with one hand. 

“Just ask me next time,” he’d laugh and you’d kiss his cheek in thanks.


Moving was a drag and you didn’t want to take more trips from the house to the car more than you had to. You stacked 3 boxes of kitchen plates and glasses on top of each other and hadn’t realized that the weight would pull you down. Seconds before the boxes crashed down onto the pavement, Taehyung swooped in and grabbed two of the three impending boxes of doom out of your arms.

“You need to be careful! Can’t have the love of my life breaking her back over dishes and plates.” He’d remind you with a boxy grin.


You pulled back in a hurry, quickly pinching your finger and whispering, “ow, ow, ow,” as red emerged from your nail bed. “Are you alright?” Hoseok would ask, coming over to inspect your injured finger. While you went to go tend to your wound, Hobi would take it upon himself to finish nailing the small hook into the wall for the picture frame.

“Be more careful next time, alright babe?” 


You could absolutely not get the damn dishwasher to open. There must have been a plate or something that was sticking out, preventing the washer to open up. Jimin came down as you were messing with it and nudged you to the side. With a quick flick of his hand, the dish rack moved backwards with a clink and slid out. He only smirked at you as he walked away.

“You’re welcome!” He said playfully from the living room.


Something about putting the crib together while he was at work didn’t feel right, and you knew you were correct when you couldn’t even figure out which parts went where. Seokjin came home and sat down next to you as you refused to let him help you, but when you decided you were too hungry for this, he took over and had it finished in 15 minutes.

“It’s okay, you’ll get it next time,” he’d joke.


“Can..you just..get this for me?” You’d ask, desperate for some help opening the plastic lining on a particularly annoying piece of Halloween candy. It was one of those sour things that for some reason you could never open without scissors, and even then you’d end up skimming the top of the candy and ruining it. Jungkook would look over, candy stuck in his own mouth as he took the piece and tore it open with ease.

He’d just wink at you as the two of you continued to cuddle and watch scary movies on the couch.

Blood, Sweat and Tears. (Yoongi)

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Summary: No one from the day classes associate with the night classes, that’s just how it was. Until one day where you screwed everything up and walked into the wrong room, there sat a tall young man playing a beautiful tune on the piano. Thats when truths started to unravel and maybe some blood to…

Paring: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fantasy (Vampire) , Maybe fluff?

Based off: Vampire Knight (I changed it up a little bit)

A/N: Send in feedback if you want to, it’s great help for writers to know that someone enjoys their piece of writing.

“50, again?” Mi Na sighed to herself, staring at the years marks displayed on the board in the hall way. You laughed to yourself again, “Y/n? Aren’t you worried?” she asked you.

“Mi Na, I get 40% for every test. My parents found out I was a disappointment when I turned 14″ You laughed staring at the number.

“Oh my god the night class scores are up again” You heard a girl squeal, “They’re all so good!” Another shrieked. Mi Na and you walked over to the other side of hall way and looked at the top mark. “Yoongi” Mi Na whispers “Of fucking course its him AGAIN.” You exclaim shouting down the corridor.

“Miss Y/L/N! Don’t forget to come to the music department tonight! You’re meant to be helping me” Mrs. Kang shouts while tying up her hair into a messy bun. 

You turn around to her, smiling as big as you possibly could “Sure thing” you say through gritted teeth. You walk around facing Mi Na, 

“Oh My God! You get to see the night class!”

“Tell me again why you hate Yoongi so much?” She says, plopping down on her bed in your shared room. “You’ve never met him, how could you hate him?” There was a strong silence before you could thing of an answer “Mothers tuition?” She laughs and falls back onto her silky sheets.

“Boarding at a school is so cliché isn’t it? Especially with the mystical night classes” she huffs out. “It is what it is Mi Na.”

 You grab your toiletries bag and head out towards the bathroom, ‘You’re going to see the night class!’ Mi Na’s voice rang through your head as you were walking down the steps. ‘Maybe I might meet him? Maybe he’ll like me?’  as you were thinking, while walking you tripped on your own foot and missed three steps.

Before you could face plant on to the marble steps someone caught you. You looked up to see his silver hair, “Watch out for yourself Y/n” Jimin talked letting you straighten up.

You smiled. A “Thanks” got muttered out from your pink plump lips, “Anytime” he smiled. “Why are you here? it’s not time for night classes yet” You add staring up at him.

You hated that the night class thought that they owned the school, just because they pay more money to be night students doesn’t mean they can push you around.

“I want to get to class early, plus it’s sunset in a few minutes so classes should start pretty soon” he chuckled. He walked up the steps and turned a sharp left.

“Watch out for yourself Y/n” You replayed what happened in your head through out your shower. “How did he know my name?” you mumbled.

Getting out of the tiled cubicle, you dried yourself and put on black jeans and a white top. Releasing your hair you thought that you did a pretty good job in looking casual.

Looking at the clock on your your phone you noticed you took longer in the shower then you were supposed to. 

Walking down the corridors at night, clutching the clear bag to your heart you felt all eyes were on you. Irritating might be the right word to describe it, you were praying that everybody would go into their designated classes and begin learning.

One more step until you reached the door you were supposed to enter to help out your science professor. Opening the door you stumble in, you look around “This isn’t the right room” you whisper to yourself shaking your head.

You look up and spot a tall boy sitting at the grand black piano, “Damn right it isn’t the right room” he whispered, stopping the tune he was playing he turned around to you.

Only then you were able to stare and admire his features, “I-Uh i’m sorry I didn’t me-” you began to look for words that would make a great apology but his stare through you off guard.

“It’s okay sweetie” His deep voice rang through out your ears, “I forgive you” he stood up and started to move closer towards you. 

“Yoongi?” you whispered “Hm?” he responded not caring that he was intruding your personal space. 

“Do you talk to all girls like they are your girlfriend?” you ask, afraid of his answer you step back. 

He chuckled in response and stopped in his foot steps, turning back around he takes a seat at his piano and starts playing.

“You have to be careful when walking down steps” he stops his sentence and chuckles “If I hadn’t sent Jimin to keep an eye on you then you would’ve been in the nurses office as we speak” 

His words startled you, “Why would you send Jimin to look after me?” you asked. You may be pushing the boundaries with your questions but you wanted to know why he was talking to you like you were something special to him.

“Well…” he trailed off “that’s for me to know and for you to find out” he whispered just for you to hear, knowing that someone was listening in on your conversation.

“I must get going. I have to help out Mrs. Kang” You whispered not wanting to be in this room any longer, you never thought you would come face to face with Min Yoongi.

“I’ll take care of that, you just go back to the day students dorms” He got up and walked towards you, faster this time. 

Opening the door he whispers “Please be careful. I don’t trust them” 

Opening the door, you find a sleeping Mi Na. You lay down onto your cotton sheets and start to think. “Why did he treat me like that?” those questions floated around your head until you fell into a deep slumber.

Yoongi walked into his class, all eyes were on him.

“How is she?” Jimin spoke, popping another blood tablet into his mouth. “How many of those have you had today Jimin?” Jisoo speaks up, referring to the white tablet keeping Jimin from ripping an innocent souls neck open and draining them of their blood.

“Not enough” he mumbled, “I repeat, how is she?” he asked again. “She’s fine, beautiful then ever if you want me to go into detail…” he chuckled. 

“Gross, no..I’m fine. I don’t want to hear about a humans body like that” Lili exclaims, leaning her head onto her boyfriend Taehyung’s shoulder, his hand resting on her thigh.

“Why do you even like her? You could have any vampire beauty and you choose a puny human” Jungkook sighs sitting in his chair.

“Jungkook!” Namjoon shouts, showing dominance “He likes her. That is all.” Namjoon speaks again, coming over to the most dominant one in the room…Yoongi.

“She got to her room safe” he whispered, “Good..” Yoongi whispers back

“I can’t afford to lose her again”

audinolol  asked:

companions react to a sole who's.... really not good at taking care of themselves but takes good care of their companion and is kinda self destructive and covers it up with jokes.

Cait: “Hey.” She catches their arm one day and turns them around to look at her. “I know you don’t give a fuck, right, but I do. If you go off and fuck yourself up, who’ve I got to keep me in line, hm? Take things a little more seriously. I… I know I’m not a good example of taking care of yourself, but think of it this way - whatever I’d do, don’t.”

Codsworth: “Mx. Sole, I don’t know why you’d joke about such things.” He almost takes it as a capital offense, especially since its his job to look after them. “Missing meals is not amusing! You’ll lose weight, and in the Commonwealth you must understand that…” It’d be cute, if his genuine worry didn’t make Sole feel so damn guilty.

Curie: “Perhaps you could use a nurse, yes?” She’s tentative. She’s a doctor - she might not be able to diagnose the sickness, but she can see the symptoms. But she doesn’t want to make any rash judgments. Instead, she smiles at Sole’s jokes and gently suggests that perhaps they have something to eat, and relax a little? If Sole takes care of her, it’s only fair that she takes care of them.

Danse: “There’s something I was taught, in the military,” the paladin says sternly. “It’s all well and good to try and help your comrades. But you come first. You can’t be a war medic with a broken leg.” He plants his hands firmly on the table and looks them dead in the eye. “If you have a problem, we will deal with that problem. But I won’t see you sacrificing yourself for my sake.”

Deacon: It almost makes him uncomfortable. It’s too close to who he is. To what he is. Right down to his distrust of intimacy and two-handed finger guns. It’s a coin flip, to be honest. Heads, it’s too much for him to bear, and he leaves, with a wooden excuse neither of them believe. Tails, and Sole becomes the best friend he’s ever had, because they’re the one person who understands him.

Dogmeat: He might be a smart dog, but even he can’t fully understand what Sole’s dealing with - or rather, what they’re not dealing with. But he can always sense unhappiness, and he does his best to comfort Sole when they’re in a bad place, or just need a little friendship.

Hancock: Sole reminds him too much of how he was as a kid. All sass and ass and no thought for what people would do when he was gone. He’s never one to patronize or try to “teach” Sole anything, but he takes them under his wing. Passes on a few tips and tricks for when you fuck up a relationship or forget to bathe for a few weeks. He comes to think of them as part of his family.

Nick Valentine: He’s not the best at all that “human” stuff, either, though he at least has an excuse. He takes on the role of a father figure, trying to keep them on a schedule, or think of themselves as much as they think of their friends. “You think you’re helping me,” he says one day, frustrated. “But every day I see you destroy yourself - in whatever way - it hurts me just as bad.”

MacCready: At first, he doesn’t notice, mistaking their destruction for deprecation. But, over time, he gets worried. “H-Hey, uh. I don’t- I don’t know if you really want to hear this from me, but… When I see you, uh, not giving a shi- crap, about yourself, it looks bad on me, you know? Because I like you, but if you don’t like you… it feels like you’re putting me down for being your friend.”

Piper: Considering how much she looks up to Sole, it pains her to see their lackluster attempt at taking care of themselves. “Don’t you care?” she shouts, half-angry, half-sad. “You’re- You’re you! God, without you- where would I be? Where would everyone be?” She reaches and clasps Sole by the shoulders. “You matter. Now, start… acting like it, damn it.”

Preston: It’s hard to have high hopes about saving the Commonwealth with someone who gets anxiety whenever expectations are levied on them. “Sole, I…” He sighs, presses his lips together, and starts again. “As a soldier, I don’t think you’re ready to have others rely on you. But as your friend, it doesn’t matter where you are - in your head - or not. You can rely on me.”

Strong: There’s not much one can do or say to Strong to upset him. Recklessness in battle translates to fun, in Super Mutant. He doesn’t understand eating habits or relationship trouble. He’s just happy to stick by Sole’s side, blissful in his ignorance.

X6-88: “Sole.” He catches their hand, just as they’re about to do something stupid. “Being a bodyguard is made rather difficult when your charge  insists on finding danger where there is none.” He releases their hand. “You’re not saving yourself by giving into your fear, by becoming the person you think you are. You’re better than that. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t be here.”