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Miracle Upper WL
Miracle Upper WL

A duet featuring the artist May'n, and the opening theme to the televised anime “Ontama”.

I’ve never heard any of May'n’s stuff before this song, but she seems to have a really good voice. It works well with Makkun’s, their vocal styles play off one another to great effect in this one.  I really enjoy this track, it’s got some extremely strong instrumental backing, a memorable melody, strong vocal performances. I really, REALLY love the “Hey!” bits at the instrumental bridges, they make this song a little bit extra fun to bop around to when I’m all alone in my room.  Like every song on this album, the production and engineering are absolutely tops. A fantastic effort all around, and a really fun song.

And with that, we bring this amazing album to a close.  The word that best describes how I felt after hearing this album for the first time was “relieved”.  I was truly worried that the flaws from Akasha would be back … but they’re nowhere to be found, here.  Unfortunately, this was the last studio album Makkun was able to release under her ‘evolution’ record label. She still had one more release to put out, though, and we’ll have a look at that when we cover 'Self Satisfaction II’ in a few days time.  I hope to see you guys there, thanks for listening to me babble!

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フェアリーズのオンタマ 2012.01.06

Q: Between members; who think Itou-san (Momoka) works the hardest?
(Members raise their signs)
Q: So how do you think it turned out Itou-san?
I: Somehow I have a feeling there are lots of batsu (X) but…
Q: You don’t think there are any maru (O)?
I: I think Miki Miki would care about my feelings
F: It doesn’t look like we care does it?
I: That’s not how it is, it’s not!

Q: Between members; who think Fujita-san (Miria) is the cutest?
(Members raise their signs)
F: I think the ones who doesn’t think that are… Sora, Mahiro and Kawane.
Q: I see…that means?
(Everybody = same opinion)
F: Somehow.. I’m aware of that.

Q: Between members; who think Fujita-san is the most skillful at dancing?
(Members raise their signs)
F: This time I think the ones who doesn’t think that are… Kawane, Sora, Rikako, Momoka, Mahiro, Miki ー ah!
ALL: That’s everyone!! (Laughter)

LOL. I love how they tease each other xD So cute ♥
It seems like Kawane and Sora are on Miria’s #1 Bully List ;P haha!