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1) nearly witches - panic! at the disco

2) love on top - beyonce

3) take me home tonight - eddie money

4) message man - twenty one pilots

5) oh, love - green day

6) bad medicine - bon jovi

7) bang bang - ariana grande, nicki minaj, jessie j

8) the jetset life is going to kill you - my chemical romance

9) touch my body - mariah carey

10) get low - lil jon

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Q Branch headcanon

For Fluff Table Prompt - Trust


MI6 thinks Q is omnipotent. Overlord of his branch of minions. Going toe-to-toe with the worst of the double oh′s. However, Q is human - shocking, but yes - he does have the brightest mind nestled behind his two eyes, but he only has ten fingers. And one bladder (as is normal for humans).

Q needs a few seconds to sip his tea. A minute to stretch, yawn, and rub at his tired eyes. A few minutes to run to the gents - after holding in seven cups of tea for the past 15 hours.

Q trusts his minions to hold fort. And the double oh′s grow to trust Q’s minions. That MI6 has every 00-moniker in unit filled with active, living, agents. Shows not only their competence, but the faith in Q branch and a confidence in their double oh’s.

Once, QB-J8 saved 004’s life, because of course shit decided to happened the moment Q stepped into the gents.

Twice, QB-A1 overrode the manoeuvring of drones equipped with darts. Away from 006, then towards the men pursuing 008.

Thrice, QB-M3 remotely created cover for agents 003, 002, 0011. Overheating lighting, malfunctioning sprinklers, faulty smoke vents.

Not to mention - all the doors they’ve locked and unlocked. Secure blueprints they’ve hacked. Surveillance systems they’ve overridden. Efficiently and timely executed, putting their double oh’s out of danger or in aid of the mission.

Many a time. It was a minion shouting out a double oh’s name - heart in their throat - before collapsing in relief as the agent reports back after a minute of gunfire. It was a minion on the other side of the comms, with a harried but grateful agent and their gruff thanks.

Oftentimes. It was a double oh, ordering food and ensuring the minions ate, and driving them home when they were quite likely to fall through the gap at the tube. 

The two teams may bicker and have snark wars. But in each other they trust their lives, for Queen and country. And so they say - To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.


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