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$15 3D Character Busts!


I’ll make a proper post if need be with previous work, but I’m going to take some quick, super cheap commissions for 3D character busts!

I’m thinking $15 USD for a 3D ZBrush bust sculpt of your OC or a character you enjoy! Likely will NOT be painted, unless otherwise specified as this will incur an additional fee (probably another $5-7 depending on how complicated). If you have access to a 3D printer, you are welcome to print them! However, PLEASE don’t use for commercial use! If you need more professional work done, I’d be happy to speak with you directly over email :)

Paypal only please! At least 1 reference picture/sketch required, 2-3 references HIGHLY suggested!

I’m sure you love Benedict Cumblebumble and Jensen Ackles as much as the next tumblerite, but I’d really prefer NON-REAL-PEOPLE for this set of commissions! More interested in OCs, Personal D&D characters, and the like :)

Only 3 slots for now! If there’s interest, I will open again when the initial round is completed. If interested, just sent me a message! Thanks everybody!!