This is probably the best opening to a video AH has ever done.


i haven’t seen anyone post this classic on Vine Eulogy Day, so


Little Mix - You Gotta Not 


Chris with Conan talking about a childhood play and singing Yellow in a bad Cockney accent


B.A.P 2nd full album [NOIR] Highlight Medley


HTGAWM 3x07 Promo “Call It Mother’s Intuition”


Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
Song: lollipop
Editor: pockysarah


#tbt Hillary Clinton sings The Telephone Hour from Bye Bye Birdie with Rosie O'Donnell


i haven’t seen anyone post the vine yet that invented all forms of comedy and screenplays so here it is

guacameowle  asked:

Just because I have to know for uh... personal reasons. What flavor gum is BaseballPlayer!Yoosung always chewing & blowing bubbles with? xx

!!! You know, I took this question way more seriously than I thought I would lmao

But yes, BaseballPlayer!Yoosung really likes Japanese chewing gums! But his favorite is this one brand called “Black Black” It’s called that because of it’s charcoal-like color (he likes to imitate when baseball players chew tobacco, but he’d rather stick to gum for healthier reasons haha). But it’s got this really intense minty flavor that really wakes you up and helps you focus, and it also has traces of oolong tea extract, gingko extract, and caffeine to give this gum that extra punch! (lmao I cut that off from the amazon description.)

It basically looks like this, and come on, besides the flavor, Yoosung was really drawn to the packaging as well. He’s not called “Shooting Star” for no reason haha.

But besides that, he also really likes soda flavored bubblegum! Preferably sour, despite the funny faces he makes when it’s too sour. TT v TT


Postwine chat after a screening of Fox’s new show, The Mick, starring @kaitlinolson ♡ Not LOL territory, I actually laughed aloud. Loved the show. And with her off-cam vibe…you just want her to win. Please check it out.