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1. nicknames: Hannah / Arry

2. gender: fem

3. star sign: Aries 

4. height: about 170 cm  (5′6 feet)

5. time: 00:12

6. birthday: march 31

7. favorite band(s): Panic! at the disco, fall out boy

8. favorite solo artist(s): Ummmm Brendon Urie???? Or dodie, yeah probably dodie

9. song stuck in my head: currently most of the christmas songs that I know

10. last movie I watched: Coco (It was so good!!! I love!!!)

11. last show I watched: Lucifer

12. when did I create my blog: Hm I first joined tumblr in 2013 but I created this blog 3 months ago

13. what do I post: art and sometimes memes

14. last thing I googled: convert 170cm to feet  

15. do I have any other blogs: yup @arryadneisbored I mainly reblog memes and other peoples art

16. do I get asks: uhh not often but sometimes

17. why I chose my url: So on a summer swordfighting/fencing camp I got the nickname “Arya/Arry” and I liked it so I just combined “Arry” with the “Ariadne” from greek mythology so I ended up with “arryadne”

18. following: 230

19. followers: 162

21. average hours of sleep: 5

22. lucky number: 8 

23. instruments: ukulele (but I’m not that good)

24. what am I wearing: A long sleeved shirt with a skull, jeans and a hoodie from teen wolf

Wait where is 25?? Okay I’ll just ignore it 

26. dream job: I want to either be a graphic designer, do animation for disney or be a movie director.

27. dream trip: Canada, Iceland, Japan 

28. favorite food: Pancackes!!! I just love!!! And I really like watermelons 

29. nationality: Polish

30. favorite season: of what??? Just kidding idk I guess I like summer

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