The official team picture for the Foxes is a mess. Dan and Matt are leaning on each other and grinning(they probably have their faces pressed together what nerds). Allison is back to back with Renee and they’re making finger guns. Nicky has his arm flung across Aaron’s shoulders, who looks irritated (probably because Nicky has to bend down slightly to get his arm around him). Kevin is in the process of yelling at Neil. Andrew is off to the side throwing up a peace sign with an emotionless facial expression.

Meanwhile, the Ravens are all lined up and they’ve previously practiced their exact expressions and the precise angle that their heads are tilted.

One of the great problems as an INFP is that I feel inadequate a lot. I tend to compare myself to everyone, but mostly to those doing better than me, more successful than me. This is a habit I can’t seem to shake and it puts me into a state without any drive or will. I get a really bad mood and am grouchy all the time… It is also one of the reasons it is so hard for me to be glad for someone for advancing in an area that I myself am passionate about. I mainly just feel envious, wishing I could advance that far as well, even though I really, truly want to feel happy for them, and just getting more frustrated about myself in the end.
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