After almost a thousand years I still do not understand teenagers.”

“Psssh! What do you mean by that?”

How can you guys sit so–awkwardly?

“You were a teenager once, you must’ve done this.”

Not a chance.”


I had this awesome dream where I was with Drake DuCaine, the problem was that we were sorta….in the future? But on Puckworld it was apparently during the time Dragaunus’ second rule so on Earth it was the past (1991-2??), but to Drake it was the future but to me it was the future too (Puckworld time: 3229)…well, all and all we were a couple of no-faces during this time of war, trying to find….something. No one was suspicious of Drake DuCaine because Drake was like ‘Bob’, really common, and I wore a scarf so the only weird glances we got were for being in a fucking mint conditioned 2009 Black Hummer H2 (which is a really outdated vehicle there apparently). Talk about a Cowboy Bebop phenomenon.

Did a step-by-step thing, so enjoy~ ( > 3 o )

What to do when frustrated? Draw some bad-ass OC’s! :D

Frustrated, didn’t know what to draw—and I found an old pic I had hiding among folders so I decided to finish this picture. :d

bornreb3l’s character Skyler Shot. (sorry Bornreb3l for being obsessed with your characters, they’re amazing tho > v < AND! Does the shirt look familiar?? o v o)  

“I might die all the damn time, but I always come back to kick some ass!”


So, I took a nap earlier: Drake and I were having problems with some stupid robots. At the time we were at a diner and I met this really nice guy named Erik there, well, I was soon freaked out when I witnessed him being shot by a robot–and then kicked repeatedly by some asshole to make sure he was dead–AND HE WAS DEAD BECAUSE I CHECKED HIS PULSE.

The bad ass came back to life, apparently he ‘always’ dies but seems to find a way to come back….upon looking at one of my old websites-account things, it seems that I’ve drawn him before a couple of years ago. Damn, talk about Deja Vu. o 3 o

I got a couple more pictures of him I did earlier but my laptop’s gonna die soon. xD;;

Enjoy~ o v o


Sis and I stayed up almost all night so we can finish some drawings for bornreb3l since it was her birthday on the 18th (depending on which time-zone, that’s yesterday xD ). I decided to draw her characters Sky Shot and Rebel Burnout chilling in a awesome car xD

So: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *blows whistles and makes balloons fall from ceiling* You’re amazing, we all love you–never stop doing what you do or else we’ll cry haha.

P.S- Hopefully Rebel didn’t eat all the cake, Sky tried to keep him off of it. > 3 <

I too, listened to ‘Lay me Down’- The Dirty Heads. It’s an awesome song~


I’ll be surprised if any of you guys remember him (if you followed me on Deviantart I mean). My lil ducky babu: Julio Rivera. Back when he was a lil patito he had a texting addiction and was very shy when it came to talking to others, now that he’s older…. He talks Spanglish, loves to fight, sing and cook. I think he still has his texting addiction, I should’ve drawn him with his new cell-phone he upgraded to.

I guess he love singing to Juanes songs too >w<

(The splatter music note in the last pic I found on Bing, just F.Y.I)


Once upon a time I read a story on TNT, it was a Kanrik story, apparently his sister was name Kanrika and when she got sick he ran away from home (he was 6) and changed his name to remember her.

Well I fell in love with the headcanon soooo this here is Kanrika, Arlen (or in this case, Kanrik) had two older siblings, his older brother however is out of the picture. Anyways, Kanrika was really popular due to her good nature and dancing/singing but she showed no interest in marrying though, as she only wanted to raise her baby bro. So when she declined her Fyora-knows-how-many proposal the dude thought ‘if I cant have her no one will’ so he poisoned Kanrika (then himself, he died tho). As she got sicker, Arlen got fed up of waiting for a 'miracle’ so set off to find the cure…he ended up getting kidnapped by thieves and the rest is history.

He came clean to Hannah about it, so when they went to visit his home town he saw his sister (surprisingly) alive and well. And cute family stuff ok? o v o Oh yeah, Kanrik came from a town that spoke English and Gaelic so he’s fluent in both.


“You keep coming back to the scene of the crime
But the dead can’t speak and there’s nothing left to say anyway
All you left behind
Is a chalk outline”


Ever since the song ‘Chalk Outline’ by Three Days Grace came out like—what was it? Last year? My sis and I totally fangirled because we were thinking how much of a brilliant theme song it’d be for The White Rabbit from 'Alice is Dead’.

Also, the song was the motivation for my 'Alice is Alive’ fanfic.

Enjoy o v o

It’s just another war,
Just another family torn;
My voice will be heard today!
It’s just another kill,
The countdown begins to destroy ourselves.


((Son of a bitch why didn’t my wall of text pop up??? Well let me condense everything then…….))

1. I wasn’t on all day today because parents unexpectedly took me and T3f3r out to buy our dresses for graduation.

2. Im sorry for crying over spilled milk–water—whatever the fuck that ruined my Drake DuCaine pics.

3. Done digitally because I lost half of my sharpies.

4. Yes, done to the song ‘Hero’ by Skillet….and the song still makes me cry.


So this week has been really–weird. And due to those complications I went in a fit of rage and so drew Drake DuCaine during my classes with pens and 2 red sharpies (one thin and one reg.) and one thin blue sharpie. The bottom two look like they could be a front and back cover for some CD xD;;

Oh, and if you can’t tell, I really really really really LOVE to draw blood. Like–A LOT of blood.

“Side by side, we stand like brothers
One for all and all together!
We will stay united, through darker days…
And we’ll be unbeatable forever~!”

Finished the Long Patrol picture I was working on, :D Ok, so from the left and to the right: Basil Stag Hare (our friendly neighborhood ‘Foot N Fur Border Patrol’ member), Orin Thornshield (the General), Peter McGregor (the smallest and newest addition in the group, he’s training under Orin) and we got Bristle O'Down and Maxwell (Maddy) Wilkson. These two are inseparable, Bristle is as good with throwing knives as Maddy is good with his boxing skills…when he’s not sleepy that is haha.

So, there you have it. Some hares in Mossflower Woods, good day and enjoy~

o v o

Oh take me home
Home to the people
I left behind
Home to the love
I know I’ll find
Oooh take me home~!”



*sniff* anyways, another preview, yes, I went back to working on that Long Patrol picture, I just got done coloring the fur on everyone and I’m starting on the clothes, I just adore how Basil is coming out like omg. *steals his boots*

Carry on everyone! o v o

Feeling down? Recipe for happiness:

You’ll need: 

  • 2 slices of bread.
  • peanut butter *2 table spoons*
  • Ice (1/3 cup)
  • soda (replace with juice, tea, coffee, liquor or other preferred beverage)  
  • 1 copy of ‘The Karate Kid’ (1984 ver.)
  • I playlist or tape belonging to headbangin’ music(…I’m talking ACDC, Offspring, Metallica, Nickleback, Evanescence, the works.)

What you need to do:

  • Lightly toast the two slices of bread, so that each side is a nice golden-brown color. If your toaster is ghetto then one side of it golden brown/brown is alright too.
  • Use this time to get the said beverage and pour half of it into a cup, if cup is on the short side then fill that fucker up.
  • Take the done and perfectly toasted toast and spread said peanut butter on it (TIP: Nutella is a worthy replacement but we ran out).
  • DO NOT PUT SLICES TOGETHER, we don’t want the happiness to waste quickly, we want it to last. Keep the two slices separately.
  • Find a comfortable place to eat said happiness, it could be your room or the living room–break house rules for this if there’s a 'no eating in your bedroom’ sort of thing.
  • Play tape and copy of Karate Kid and blast music loud enough to make neighbors deaf.
  • Eat happiness and drink, don’t forget to sing outloud to the songs you know.
  • Be happy. :)

Sorry apparently something happened to my mom at work, she’s fine and everything but I really needed this recipe right now.

It works, hope it’ll help someone else too.

  • Me: *flipping through channels* Hey, I'm actually up early enough to watch kid shows.
  • Sis: Uh-huh
  • Me: *stops immediately after hearing 'Crikey'* Ohmygod....ITS THE CROCODILE HUNTER
  • Sis: They always show him around this tim--
  • Me: OHMYGOD IT'S MY FAVORITE EPISODE TOO--SPITTING COBRAS askdjnjasbdl *grossly sobbing*
  • Sis: My god Jess.