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I love how Steven Moffat’s justification for not having a female Doctor was that ‘female fans find him too attractive’, so he picked a 55-year-old man who looks scary.

I must say, I felt sorry for Clara when the Doctor turned from the odd-yet-amiable-looking Matt Smith into Peter Capaldi doing his scary eyes. She looked very freaked out and I would have been too.

I don’t know if that’s why Moffat picked Capaldi, but it is odd that he claims women only watch things because of hot men then he picks a 55-year-old as the new Doctor. By his own logic, surely he’s cutting off some of his fanbase, but he doesn’t seem to consider women to be Real Fans anyway so maybe he just doesn’t care.

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-Also thought this might interest you: warhammer40k wikia com/wiki/Rak%27Gol Games Workshop's undeveloped concept of alien-lizard half-cyborgs of mysterious origin, so inhuman that it's unknown if they have culture, language or sentience, and have the most basic technology yet can destroy or raid planets for incomprehensible purposes. Seems like your vein of work? Maybe they should hire you :p

Oh I wasn’t aware of that species! I’m all about that. I love all the nutty Warhammer40k stuff. 

I have painted some lizard men vs aliens and humans for War Haven, which will be a mobile cardgame ala Hearthstone when the digital version launches. 

I would like it if Games Workshop hired me someday!  c( *3* )b