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Its Sunday!!!!! New episode of Just 3 Guys With Beards, Go Check It Out!!!! :)


New video from “Just 3 Guys With Beards" Go Check it out :)

BurningRing Media News (24-2-14)

We released a Vlog today (it’s the second we’ve done) after we had a very much-needed meeting. We discussed various things, including the future of the shows, the farewell final J3GWB video with Chris, merchandise, the charity calendar and an array of films now in production.

The charity calendar is the first piece of news we can share. It has evolved slightly and now our models will be recreating famous scenes or posters from films. The “Calendar Girls” element will still be a major factor but we thought this would be more fun for you all. So if you want to get involved, contact opposite or on the usual social networks.

The merchandise is available at: