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Something very scary happened to me and my close friend and I started thinking "what if this happened to the chocobros?" How do you think the bros would react to their S/O or friend being rohypnoled and the guy who spiked her drink confronting them as they're trying to get her home safely? (Please just say if you're uncomfortable with this, I get that it's a touchy subject)

I’m so sorry this has taken me so long, it was sitting in my inbox for a couple of days while I tried to figure out exactly how comfortable I was with it. It toys with consent issues, but ultimately nothing comes of it, so I should be okay with it for the most part. And I’d rather fail than never try.

Then there’s the whole ‘figuring out how words work’ thing that came after. It ended up a little longer than I’d intended, but ultimately, I’m actually a little proud of it ;;;;;;;

I hope it’s cool that I did this en masse as a friend rather than their individual S/Os.

Quick note: Drinking age here in the UK is 18. I’m pretty sure it’s 21 elsewhere (I’m not 100%), but let’s just pretend that it’s also 18 in Lucis. Don’t drink underage, and never leave your drink unattended! On the other side of this, if you see someone put something in a drink, either tell the person who’s drink it is, or tell the bartender. NEVER let someone drink something potentially dangerous!

CW: Rohypnol, sexual assault mention, the “s” slur.

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It was a rare occasion that you got to go out for a drink with Noctis and the others. They were all always so busy, and you understood, of course you did, but it was nice to hang out with them from time to time.

When you mentioned grabbing a few drinks, Ignis had made himself very clear. He didn’t mind you drinking, you were an adult, after all, but he didn’t want you to get drunk. He still vividly remembered the last time they had to carry you home and it was not an experience he cared to repeat.

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“I’m flirting with you. This is how flirting works, right?”

Jokes on you, I’d actually seen this prompt on a list and already had it planned out. Great minds think alike and all that.

Race couldn’t believe that Davey Jacobs was throwing a party. Well, it wasn’t a party. It was a get-together. Except, if it was a get-together then it looked a hell of a lot like a party.

He glanced around, seeing the alcohol in people’s hands and hearing the music playing overhead. It was a very small party but it was a party nonetheless. All-in-all, there were only six guests in Davey’s house, eight if you counted the Jacobs siblings themselves.

Scanning the room, Race located all seven people with little hassle. Jack and Crutchie were chatting on the sofa, Crutchie laughing and occasionally walking Jack’s shin with his crutch every so often. Katherine and Sarah were busy manning the drinks table, which had contained only orange juice until Jack and Race had appeared. Davey was hovering nervously in the middle of the room, obviously more than a little worried that something was going to go wrong, and Albert and Jojo were talking with Race by the snake tank.

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Alive (a Jason DiLaurentis one shot)

Author: imcgine // sp0na
Request: Could you do a Jason Dilaurentis post where you start workout at Jason’s office when your not in school and you two grow even closer whilst talking about everything! Your future, your past and about the present in your life! Every day when you walk into the office the feelings that you and Jason are developing for each other fly around in your stomachs like butterflies and in your heads making yourselves notice every amazing detail of one another. You could make a habit of working here often!
Word Count: 1240
Warnings: not really any

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#4 part 2 Newt high school AU: It's Mutual

Requested by: the-original-hi-there
Warnings: none
A/U: feedback would mean the world! :)


I’m all ready to leave in my car for Newts house. In case your wondering, I don’t just happen to know where he lives, he gave me his number and texted me in math class earlier. It was the only recent conversation I can recall without one of us being rude or mean to each other.

Because I’m not usually to bothered about my appearance (especially when it comes to Newt), I didn’t to change into anything nice as such. I just threw on a pair of skinny jeans and a hoodie with my nikes. It’s strange though, because now I feel slightly self conscious about what he will think of me. Why? I don’t know.

As I pull out the driveway to my house, I type his address into my car and head off. An unfamiliar bubble of nerves is floating around in my stomach just waiting to explode. Why I am nervous is just one of my many unsolved mysteries.

As I pull up on the side of the road, I look over at Newts house. It seems pretty big, with a modern look to it. Wouldn’t expect that from a boy with his attitude and ego up his ass.

Sighing, I check my appearance in my phone screen and get out the car. Another unknown wave of nerves stream through me as I approach his door. It’s so bizarre that it makes me stop in my tracks for a second. The sooner I get to the bottom of these flashes of imbalance, the better.

Before I can even knock on the door, Newts standing there, smirking. It takes me aback how, well, good he looks. Newt’s blonde hair is all messed up and cascading over his eyes slightly. He is wearing a light blue button down with brown jeans. The top two buttons of his shirt were undone, not that I noticed too much of course…

“Come on then, (y/n).” He says, deep brown eyes looking me up and down. Him doing that instantly makes me apprehensive and I have to look away, a smile tugging at my lips.

It only takes a second for me to snap out of it and I sarcastically grin back, following him into his house. He strolls ahead of me in the obnoxious manor that he always does and leads me into his kitchen and slumps into a chair at the table. Following closely behind, I sit down opposite Newt awkwardly, trying not to look at him.

It feels so weird to be inside the house of the guy that I despise, doing a project and having to try my hardest not to throw a sarcastic comment in Newts direction. In all fairness to him though, he’s being decent so far. But then I’ve only been here five minutes and the entirety of that time has been spent in utter silence. Not an awkward one though, not like you’d expect.

Finally deciding to look up from my hands in my lap, I observe my surroundings. Newts parents have decorated their home really nice. It’s super modern and fancy compared to my mouse. Well, my house isn’t small exactly. It’s pretty big. It’s just not decorated as nicely and it doesn’t have a real feeling of home. It’s freaky how Newt’s home has that in a bigger scale than my own home.

“So…we should get started!” I cough lightly and look at Newt for the first time since earlier. He looks up at me and smiles. Not smirks, smiles.

“Let’s get to it!” He grins, heading over to the fridge. “Drink?” He asks.

“Uh yeah, what’ve you got?” I reply, grabbing the sheet of topics from my bag.

“Um, coca cola, J2o,-”

“J2O! Yes! J2o…” I laugh lightly. Newt gives me a confused look as if questioning my excitement.

“I just really like j2o…” I mumble, smirking.

“Well that makes two of us.” He says, grabbing one for himself and bringing them over. It’s becoming awfully odd how nice Newt is being to me, considering we’re meant to hate each others guts.

I glance down at the topics sheet again and scan over the subjects that we have to cover. There’s a list of vital topics and then optional ones. My heart stops when I see number one on the ‘vital’ list.

“Oh shuck.” I growl, raking my hand through my hair.

“What?” Newt asks.

“It says we HAVE to cover 'sex education in our presentation…” I answer him, biting my inner cheeks out of awkwardness. This is going to be some presentation.

Instead of replying verbally, Newt responds with pure joy on his face, even though there is a slight hint of embarrassment on his face as his cheeks turn a rosy shade. To hide it, he opens up his laptop and moves to sit beside me. He leans into my ear, his lips brushing my skin ever so lightly. It’s my turn to blush.

“Well, we may as well get that out the way with first then…” He whispers against me seductively.

“Uh…o-okay…um…” I stammer, pretending to be extremely fascinated in what my j2o bottle has to say. Newt just chuckles and opens up a blank slide show.

Well, there’s no getting out of this anymore. It’s now or never I guess.


A/N: hehe :) so that was part 2 and I’m definitely thinking of doing a part 3, but as always it’s up to you guys. So feedback, request and message me so I can be certain of what to do next :) THANK YOU FOR READING MY LOVES


J2O have just released a limited edition christmas flavour drink called ‘Glitter Berry’. It tastes of mainly cherry with a hint of wintery spices; but what’s best is..IT HAS GOLD GLITTER IN THE DRINK!

Yes, it looks amazing having a glistening gold and deep red drink and it is really full of a lot of edible glitter! I instantly bought it and recommend it!

i hope one day another periodic element is found and it’s chemical element symbol is a J 
and when you get 2 of this elements atoms and put it with an oxygen atom it’s deadly poisonous
then watch as J2O worries whether to change it’s name