j2m photo op

One of my absolute favs <3 <3 <3

I wanted the typical “family photo” with them and was unsure if I should pose like Kathryn in the one she did with the guys. Jared decided for me though, which worked out so wonderfully :)  I walked up to them and they were all in such a fun mood and smiled at me and I just basked in the moment for tiny little second - there’s nothing better than to have these absolutely lovely guys beaming at you when they see you <3  I asked for us all to squeeze together and then turned my back on them to get into the pose and just a second later I felt Jared’s arm coming around my shoulders and he pulled me back against him quite strongly, I actually stumbled a little backwards and against his chest and instinctively grasped his arm. Then Jensen and Misha leaned in and I was the happiest person ever <3

When I picked up the photo later, my reaction was something like this, “Awwww look a their beautiful faces and their cute smiles and … OMFG LOOK AT JARED’S ARM!!!!”  … my hand looks so tiny around it lol


Usually i don’t post information about me, but i’ve had an operation today (still have been feeling like a piece of crap). In so far as it’s the end of the year i think it’s time to say what good thing has happened with me this year.

JIBCon. oh. Now I’m looking at this pictures and ain’t believing that was me. Oh that feelings when they hug, when they look at you… I’ll always keep it in my mind.  I’m not the person who goes out somewhere, even to a cafe. What about to go abroad. It’s incredible.
The 1st day blew my mind right away. There was as called cocktail party which was very odd. Actors crawled on their knees. Actually they could don’t do it, but Misha did. When he’s kneeling in front of you, looking in your eyes and you’re trying to look in his infinitely blue eyes, you are literally dead. Maybe i exaggerate but that is what i felt. And when he asked me, “Do you want to ask me something?” I said, “No”. I still blame myself for this “No”. I didn’t know how to breathe, not about to talk in foreign language! (My English has zero level, i suppose).
Anyway i was looking at him almost 2 minutes (maybe more) while he was talking with other girls. Looking at corners of his lips, at his grey hairs at the temples, at his short hairs on the arms … I think i have a kink about that. When our time was over i don’t know if i had so upset puppy eyes or something else, but Misha gave me a hug. I was so surprised about that, because other people asked to take a selfie, to hug him but i didn’t. 

Oh, my feelings at that moment and after.

Jensen photo op. One interesting thing (for me at least). After photo op when we were thanking each other i noticed, “He’s looking at my face longer than it’s necessary. What is he doing? Oh, he’s counting my freckles. Oh .. my..god .. ” as i thought but i don’t know what he was actually doing.

Jared photo op.
I was so exciting to meet him. He hugged me so hard that it seems my bones crunched. I will never forget his smile. He’s actual sunshine. Never forget his eyes when he was looking at my art (if you wonder my art signed by the guys, it’s here and here).
There is a thing i cry about: I wanted to photo op with Jared and Genevieve, but i had no many for this.

J2M photo op.
There was a music in photo op room. I don’t remember what kind, but it was. I had the idea about photo, something like “we are Misha’s big fans”, Op! It’s my time. And the music stopped. Jensen like, “No music. No photo ”. I’m confused. “What should i do?” Of course, i should have come to them but i didn’t. I’m totally confused. Misha corrected the situation. He said in Russian, “Давай, давай, иди”. It means "Come on, come, come”. That was the 3rd time when he really surprised me. Where? How? Why does he know that i’m Russian, i didn’t tell him, I just said “Hi” and “No”. 

I do love this photo. They all are looking so good. Fabulous Jensen (as he is), sunshine Jared and the cutest Misha.

How many words have i written? To sum up that was so unbelievable, incredible, terrific, exciting and many other words.
Thank God for this good thing that has happened with me.

J2M PO Atlanta 2016

I’m glad the guys are so good at improvising because this isn’t the pose I’d wanted. 😂 I went up to them and pointed at Jared: “I want to hug you…” then waved at Jensen and Misha “…and the two of you can glomp us.” So a giant group hug. But Misha either didn’t hear me or understand what I meant by “glomp,” so as Jared is squeezing me I hear him behind me going “What? What are we doing??” And right here I’m saying “Hug, Misha! Hug!” But I never felt him actually touch me, so I just thanked them afterwards and left a little disappointed.

But when the prints came out and I saw this, I. About. Died. Their faces. Honestly. I’ll have to thank Jensen for salvaging the moment. 😂😂😂😂😂


Nashcon jpegs!

This was an attempt at the family photo with J2M, plus myself and a friend as Jo and Ellen. I had wanted to get Chris (the photographer) to join as Bobby like the original but he was sick all weekend in Nashville, so I didn’t press. Overall, its not exact, and I didn’t expect it to be. All the little details actually make it perfect and fun on its own. Misha is the only one with an expression like the photo (as Cas), and we had no idea what Jared did until we got the print back. I love it either way <3 I went ahead and tried it in black and white like the original, and its great that way, too!

this was my first ever j2m, and it was the best. I was like so nervous, my tummy was literally spinning. I was like the 3rd in line and Jared looked at me and smiled and winked while he was taking a photo with someone else and it so cute. He looked like he was so happy to see me and let me tell you, it seriously feels so amazing. I got up to them and I said “I’m back” and Jared says “ I see that sweetie and smiles. And jensen said "hey sweetie” misha was just smiling at me. And then jared he says to Jensen and Misha “this girl is amazing.” “She was the one who talked at the panel last year about AKF and fighting with being bullied” And they all smiled at me and then I said let’s do the sandwich. So they both all hug me and then squeeze me together, it was like I was in heaven, The best part about this is that they werent rushing me to get out which was actually pretty amazing. I looked at them all and smiled and I was walking away and Jared said “come back here, I want a hug” so I went and hugged him. And then I said I love you and he said I love you to doll and I went hugged Jensen quick and I said your amazing and I love you and he said “no your amazing and I love you and I high-fived Misha and he winked at me. My heart is literally filled with love and happiness I am so happy. I love them so much. they keep me going everyday.

I went to VanCon with two photo op ideas that I really wanted to do, one was for J2 and the other was J2M (if they still had any at registration). The J2 didn’t happen because I was missing the prop BUT this one turned out awesome. This shirt makes me giggle and I decided to wear it for J2M because I ship a bit of everything and didn’t want it to pertain to just one specific ship. I was totally prepared to just get a big squishy hug if they didn’t look like they were down for it.

I went up to them and said “so I have this shirt here and I think it’d be funny if you guys would stand around me and either laugh at it or give a “seriously?” look while I try to look all innocent. Jensen you can totally do the face you did to the camera during ‘fanfiction’ if you’d like.“ They all read the shirt, laughed to each other, and said "sure, no problem” Honestly I thought it wasn’t gonna turn out cause Jared put his arm around me unexpectedly and I though he’d accidentally cover the words and Chris snapped it so quick I had no clue what my face was doing but I was wrong and it worked out awesomely!