j2m photo op


so I went to the dark light con in Paris and wow it was such an amazing experience. All the actors were so nice and happy. The atmosphere was so good, people were so respectful towards the guests and we could see that they had a good time. Honestly the supernatural cast is amazing and they were so close to the fans, I really felt like I was with my friends. I wish to every spn fan to experience a convention. I already can’t wait for next year’s con.
A huge thank you to Rob, Rich, Matt, Mark P and Mark S for this great weekend.

you’re too cute jared

Well, guys, I think I’ve officially got one of the best photo ops ever out of these guys. A little background…

I am a ballroom dancer and I wrote a Destiel fic about ballroom. So I thought it would be great to do a ballroom style pose. When I told them I wanted to combine my favorite things, ballroom and Supernatural, Jared smiled and said that sounds great. As soon as I said I would pose with Jared, Jensen immediately grabbed Misha and said they would do the same. 

They were all so sweet and enthusiastic about my request and Misha even remembered me from my Cas naked covered in bees cosplay from Saturday. 

I just love everything about how the picture came out. Jared is smoking hot as usual. My Rowena cosplay dress ended up making this look like some kind of romance novel cover. Jensen is taking this pose very seriously. And Misha just looks a little shocked by the whole thing. 

So, Tumblr, this is my gift to you… you’re welcome.


Usually i don’t post information about me, but i’ve had an operation today (still have been feeling like a piece of crap). In so far as it’s the end of the year i think it’s time to say what good thing has happened with me this year.

JIBCon. oh. Now I’m looking at this pictures and ain’t believing that was me. Oh that feelings when they hug, when they look at you… I’ll always keep it in my mind.  I’m not the person who goes out somewhere, even to a cafe. What about to go abroad. It’s incredible.
The 1st day blew my mind right away. There was as called cocktail party which was very odd. Actors crawled on their knees. Actually they could don’t do it, but Misha did. When he’s kneeling in front of you, looking in your eyes and you’re trying to look in his infinitely blue eyes, you are literally dead. Maybe i exaggerate but that is what i felt. And when he asked me, “Do you want to ask me something?” I said, “No”. I still blame myself for this “No”. I didn’t know how to breathe, not about to talk in foreign language! (My English has zero level, i suppose).
Anyway i was looking at him almost 2 minutes (maybe more) while he was talking with other girls. Looking at corners of his lips, at his grey hairs at the temples, at his short hairs on the arms … I think i have a kink about that. When our time was over i don’t know if i had so upset puppy eyes or something else, but Misha gave me a hug. I was so surprised about that, because other people asked to take a selfie, to hug him but i didn’t. 

Oh, my feelings at that moment and after.

Jensen photo op. One interesting thing (for me at least). After photo op when we were thanking each other i noticed, “He’s looking at my face longer than it’s necessary. What is he doing? Oh, he’s counting my freckles. Oh .. my..god .. ” as i thought but i don’t know what he was actually doing.

Jared photo op.
I was so exciting to meet him. He hugged me so hard that it seems my bones crunched. I will never forget his smile. He’s actual sunshine. Never forget his eyes when he was looking at my art (if you wonder my art signed by the guys, it’s here and here).
There is a thing i cry about: I wanted to photo op with Jared and Genevieve, but i had no many for this.

J2M photo op.
There was a music in photo op room. I don’t remember what kind, but it was. I had the idea about photo, something like “we are Misha’s big fans”, Op! It’s my time. And the music stopped. Jensen like, “No music. No photo ”. I’m confused. “What should i do?” Of course, i should have come to them but i didn’t. I’m totally confused. Misha corrected the situation. He said in Russian, “Давай, давай, иди”. It means "Come on, come, come”. That was the 3rd time when he really surprised me. Where? How? Why does he know that i’m Russian, i didn’t tell him, I just said “Hi” and “No”. 

I do love this photo. They all are looking so good. Fabulous Jensen (as he is), sunshine Jared and the cutest Misha.

How many words have i written? To sum up that was so unbelievable, incredible, terrific, exciting and many other words.
Thank God for this good thing that has happened with me.