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I'd love some J2 ficrecs!! =) Thank you!

advance apologies if these aren’t the droids you were looking for. if you’d like a more specific rec list, feel free to let me know, but these are some of my very, very favorites and so utterly cherished. most of them have a dark, gritty sort of edge as that’s my most favorite flavor.

i haven’t listed the warnings, but please do make note of them when reading. 

Yes (1.8k, R – a deftly worded love story that tells of jensen not being an autistic man, but of being a man who has autism. jared is his live-in nurse. very, very carefully told, with such grace and so many little details that make this whole thing thoroughly moving. and burning hot.)

Evolution (3.5k, NC-17 – it’s the end of the world and jared knocks on jensen’s door. zombie fic. charming, harrowing, and aggressively arousing. this one’s a toughie to push past once you near the halfway mark, but it’s worth it to keep going. the dirty happens after the heartbreak.)

A Delicate Balance (3.2k NC-17 – jensen is a psychiatric hospital patient who’s in love with his imaginary friend. unbelievably gorgeous and so uniquely written. it’s also told from jared’s POV. 50% horror, 50% porn, 100% beautiful.)

Sad Song (400 words, R – jared’s a coma patient and jensen’s the guy who adores him, physically. jared doesn’t say no, but he can’t say yes either. ultimate creep factor, and a very skewed ‘love’. an instant all-time favorite for me. jared POV again.)

Changing Life (4.6k, NC-17 – there’s a very prominent theme here and it took making this list for me to realize it. like the previous two, it’s also jared POV, he’s also again at jensen’s mercy, and there’s no way to summarize this one without ruining the magic of it. true horror-romance at its best. this one is best read without knowledge of the warnings, if you’re comfortable doing so.)

Cemetery Dreams (2.4k, NC-17 – ghoul!jared and cheerleader!jensen. a glorious take on a high school AU. so cutely creepy, from beginning to end. the language, the plot, everything about this one.)

All Your Love and Your Longing Behind (19k, NC-17 – A/B/O world. teen!alpha!jared is in love with his omega stepdad, jensen. pining, porny, infidelity, mpreg, and so fast paced and witty and every tiny little beautiful thing.)

Keep It Professional (1k, NC-17 – jenny is mr. padalecki’s new assistant and this is some solid fucking office porn, with bonus genderplay and crossdressing kink. when jared makes the discovery of what’s what, that’s it. that’s the moment.)

i do hope this is helpful! let me know if i can assist you further ♥ ♥ ♥

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I can't believe Jensen sold his house for Jared so he could be neighbors with him. Isn't seeing him almost every single day enough?Aww, Jensen probably wants to see Jared in the mornings and go to meetings and cons together and just be around him all day! That's so adorable!!

it’s a family decision, which really is great. if this is true and it does happen, then JJ and Jared’s boys will see a lot of each other too! J2 used to live together and they go on vacations together and all that. and they’re starting the wine company, why are we even surprised by this??!?


There has been alot of spn ship hate going around

so if you ship destiel, and see a wincest hate account


If you ship Wincest, and see and Destiel hate account 


same goes to all the other ships + irl ships

It doesnt matter if you dont care about the ship that is getting hate

I ship sabriel but saw a deanxgabe hate account, with rude as hell stuff on there. This needs to stop, people can ship what ever the hell they want to ship.

Ship johnxdean? I dont, but im not going to hate on you.

Ship BobbyxImpalaxSam? I dont, but im not going to hate on you.

hell if you ship MaryxLeviathan!CastielxDeanxChuck Im not going to hate on you.

You know why? because shipping is your own opinion. So pair up whoever you want, make it as kinky as you can imagine, no one should stop you.

So please, if you see a hate account/post for any ship, block/flag/report it. Thank you, you may carry on with your day/night.

I really want a reverse age fic, or whatever the fuck it’s called, where Jared is Jensen’s sugar daddy and spends shit tons of money on him, and buys him presents and shit, but all Jensen really wants is just someone to take care of him. Angst and fluff and sex would be awesome. I need this like I need air, guys. Does such a fic exist?

I just woke up from the most amazing dream ever!!

I dreamed that I went to a con (which is a dream come true in and of itself) and got to meet Jared and Jensen! I even got to ask Jared a question. I was so surprised to get picked that I forgot what I was going to ask. I went to get a picture with Jensen and my phone wasn’t cooperating, so he was just like “I got you” and whips out his phone to take our picture. He’s all chill like he does this everyday, and he asks me where he should send it. The easiest way of course would be to text it to me, but while I have no problem with him having my number I want to respect HIS privacy and don’t think it’s a good idea to have his number on my phone. (Crazy dream logic) So of course I’m super nervous and trying to think of a way to get my picture, so I write down my Tumblr name (I don’t know what good that’s going to do, but dream logic so whatever) but I can’t spell and the pen’s not working. Sadly that’s when I woke up. I’ll apparently never get my dream pictures (I got one of Jared & me on my phone no problem), but it was still the best dream I’ve had in my entire life!!!!

I want a J2 au where Jensen’s abused at home, and Jared’s a rock star and Jensen’s favorite singer, and he sneaks out to a concert and Jared smuggles him back stage and they hit it off and Jensen runs away with Jared as soon as he’s eighteen