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I don't know if this will qualify in your realm of ask and you can ignore if it doesn't. So here goes my ask. Some were saying that Jensen's tbt IG posting of him and Danneel (the November 2nd one) was actually done by her on his IG. What are you thoughts on the subject? Especially since she responded so quickly after he posted the picture.

Dear Anon,

Thank you for your question. I indeed wanted to talk about this subject, as I don’t think most people understood what Jensen and D did with that post and comment. See, in order to understand the reason behind what they did, I will have to go back a week before that. Please, bear with me.

Wed, Oct 26th  — Supernatural Episode 2

The episode causes a major rift in Fandom. And by Fandom I mean The Only Fandom that exists: Sam & Dean fans. Never in all my 12 years of being a SPN fan have I ever seen such uproar; so many people screaming their dissatisfaction with storyline, character erasure, character being dumbed down to jumpstart the spin-off.  However, instead of uniting for a common complain, what we saw were BiBros, SamStans, DeanStans fighting each other. Nobody was happy. That was the episode that broke fandom.

Sat, Oct 28th, NOLA Con — D at the Vendor’s Area

D sets up a Family Business Beer Co stand and sells merch at the vendor’s area. Fans line up to talk to her. Some TinHats are attacked for wanting to meet her, and Hets and Hellers team up to bully them. Here’s something you need to understand about Hellers: they love the wives because in their twisted logic, the wives invalidate TinHats/J2 and anything that could upset us is game for them. Raise your hand you whose TinHat tweet/post was never bashed by a minion.

Eventually, things evolve to an attempt to start a witch hunt.

Sun, Oct 29th, NOLA Con — J2 Panels

During the J2 Gold Panel, a question about pick up lines prompts a joke that the entire fandom had heard from J2 before and no one had ever batted an eye (timestamp: 20:21).

In the Afternoon Panel, J2 are asked what lead roles in SPN, other than Sam & Dean, they’d choose to play.

What follows is the longest M*sha/C*stiel shade ever thrown by Jared and Jensen, individually or combined—see for yourself those 3 full minutes (timestamp: 10:12 to 13:02):

Once again, I’ve never seen J2 throw such enormous shade, I guess it speaks volumes about how fed up they are with M*isha. You can see in the video the immediate reaction from Hellers booing Jared, who started the shade.

Now think with me: who’s the one Hellers most want out of the way because of their nonexistent ship? Jared. The two situations have one thing in common: Jared. He was the one to mention the chloroform joke, and he was the one to initiate and continue the M*sha/C*stiel shade. Now tell me who Hellers were most pissed at? Jared.

You think I’m exaggerating?  Here’s some food for thought.

Mon, Oct 31st — pseudo-article trashing J2

A wannabe author from a blog where literally anyone could be a part of, makes an unabashedly Heller post, accusing J2 of making a rapist joke. To back up their allegations that “fandom was dragging J2” they unsurprisingly add caps of D*estiel accounts. No agenda at all, as you can see.

[Let’s go back to the Sunday events for a minute. J2 bashed M*sha, Jared was the one starting the shade, Jared is the one they hate, Jared was the who told the chloroform joke this time around. Now tell me if that wasn’t the reason behind that “article”?]

J2 fans lash on the blog’s account for tweeting the “article” and the tweet get deleted, but not the article.

Side note: Jared attends 1 or 2 Halloween parties in Vancouver and takes pictures with half the town’s population. Curiously enough, he was alone, no costume and dressed as if he had been dining out and decided to drop by. Oh, wait…

Tue, Nov 1st — T*een V*gue reposts article

What could have well been stopped by CW/J2’s reps on Monday, gets the unexpected and undeserved traction: a bigger, more accredited, teen-oriented website reposts the pseudo-article. No facts were checked, no one approached J2 for a statement and guess what? The same H*ellers’ caps were present; it was a mere copy of the previous article.

The damage is done and more websites publish the same story with slight variations but none of them favors or approaches J2 for a statement. The articles get reposted outside of the US.

The slander shocks J2 Shippers, TinHats and Hets who, unexpectedly, unite in at least three hashtags to show their love and support for Jared & Jensen:




J2 Fans flood the websites that posted the slander with comments pointing out all the good things the Js have done for fans, Mental Health Awareness, charities, etc. During these 48h of slander, I didn’t see one single website or accredited institution show their support for J2, except for Attitudes in Reverse.

Not a single peep from J2 co-stars, production, nothing except for the one you’d least expect: Mart Pellegrino posts a simple and honest tweet praising J2:

J2 Fans retweet and thank him for being the only cast member/peer who dared support J2. It seems that the only ones mature enough to be honest and recognize that Supernatural only is what it is because of J2, are Mark Pellegrino and Mark Sheppard.

Nov 2nd — J2 issue a statement

Reps for both Jared and Jensen issue combined statements affirming they do not condone rape and the subject apparently dies down.

J2 Fans speculate whether this incident will cause Jared and Jensen to share less on Con panels. Some even fear the possibility the boys might eventually cut down the number of Cons.

Jensen post a picture of him and D

Contrary to what Jensen had been doing until now, he posts two different caps, one for his IG Account and another slightly different one on Twitter with an added “❤ u”:

The picture is apparently cozy, once they’re sorta hugging. However, some point out how weird the picture is with her half smile and peace sign, and his closed off face. Does that scream couple to you?  …

As you well pointed out, Anon, D quickly replies with more information about the #tbt picture: they were at Cabo, they were meeting the parents and they’ve been together for 11 years and going strong. 

Eleven years?? Come again? Oh, wait, she’s just doing her job, I mean, Jensen was the one who started that 11 years story, precisely in Oct 26th 2007, at an interview he gave for TV Guide titled Up Close with Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles: Part 2:

So, one year before that 2007 interview, when they filmed Ten Inch Hero. How convenient.

Check out the whole story at Anna’s blog.

How interesting that he managed to “hide” his one-year relationship from anyone, right?

The funny thing is that apart from that statement he rarely, if ever, mentioned the amount of years they've been together. The only time that comes to mind was at Kelly & Ryan.

Well, Anon, all this ridiculously long post to conclude that Jensen and D were only using social media to take the focus off of the events from the previous days. Did you see how many RTs/Likes both his posts had?

  • Twitter: 4.5K RTs/ 36K Likes
  • IG: 632K Likes/ 3,905 comments
    (as of today)

Did you see the hets and Hellers swooning over their love?

Jensen did what had to be done to change the focus and give Fandom something else to talk about. BUT much like his mentor Kim Manners would say, ‘give them what they want in a way they don’t expect.’ Jensen did post something for PR purposes but on his owns terms. Just look at his face on the picture he chose to represent how much he loves D.

Bonus: Jensen low key liked Mark’s tweet.