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New timestamp for my fic Wake Me Up When September Ends

Summary:  Jared and Jensen go to Texas to visit Jensen’s parents for the first time, and not everything goes as planned.

Jared’s head hurts like a bitch, and he gathers the only strength he has left to collect his breath and scream the only thing in his mind right now: “JENSEN!”

Okay this is the official presentation for my fic (even though I’ve linked it like 5000 times already), but it’s finally finished and I’m shamelessly posting it again because it is 55 THOUSAND WORDS, OKAY? I thought it was gonna be maybe 20k. I’m dead. The next longest fic I’ve ever published is only 7k okay bye.

(Sorry in advance for the ridiculously long summary ahead; I’m not even gonna pretend that I’m not using everything in my arsenal to convince you guys to go read it.)

title: When the Levee Breaks
rating: explicit
word count: 55k
summary: Season 14 is the last season of Supernatural. The show is ending at 300 episodes, and Jared and Jensen have big plans for their future…plans that don’t involve wives or bearding or lying to everyone… But even the best-laid plans go awry…It all comes to a head at the series wrap party, and Jensen has to figure out a way to help Jared pick up the pieces, making sure he himself doesn’t fall apart in the process.
notes: I had this core idea for a j2 story and it just exploded into something way bigger and slightly different (and much better, in my opinion) than what I was imagining. But I’m really happy with it, especially because I feel like the fandom is always a little sparse with my always favorites: j2 non-au fics (sparse compared to au and other pairings), so I’m really happy to be able to add to that.

excerpt 1: Jensen waited a few minutes. He didn’t mind waiting until Jared was ready, now that he knew Jared was going to talk. One hand was tangled in Jared’s hair, scratching softly at his scalp. The other was gripping Jared’s hand, fingers laced together like he never wanted to let go. When he heard Jared take a deep breath, he knew it was time.

“It feels like I’m on this edge, and I could fall backwards or forwards. If I go back, I’ll feel better; if I fall forwards, I’m—I’ll break. But I can’t move, it’s like I’m stuck in limbo, and it’s getting to the point that I think even falling forwards, even if I have to break apart to do it, would still be easier than staying on this edge indefinitely. I feel like—like I’m slowly going crazy, like everything is boiling right at the surface but I can’t do anything. I’m stuck. I just want to come down.”

Jared poured his thoughts out and Jensen collected them quietly, rolling them around in his head, trying to sort through and organize and make sense of what Jared was saying. He didn’t get it completely, but he was finally able to understand something. He could work with that.

excerpt 2: Jensen was pacing nervously at the foot of the extra- large California king hotel bed. Jared was sprawled lazily across it, his eyes following Jensen. His expression was one of almost boredom but Jensen knew Jared was just putting up a front to hide his concern; whether the concern was over the convention or Jensen’s behavior, he wasn’t too sure. Maybe a bit of both?

“How are you so calm?” Jensen snapped, not bothering to look at Jared. He could feel Jared raise his eyebrows in minor irritation. “Sorry,” he apologized after a minute, then sagged onto the edge of the bed. Jared was behind him immediately, pulling Jensen back against his shirtless chest.

(“It’s fucking hot!” Jared had explained when he’d discarded the shirt earlier. “Babe, we’re staying at a four-star hotel with four-star AC,” Jensen had pointed out. “Fine. Maybe I just know you’re gonna get nervous and start to freak out and I’m using my body to try and distract you!” Jensen hadn’t replied, as he’d been too distracted staring at Jared’s half-naked body.)

And I just want to throw out a quick but heartfelt thanks to @kynthosmojo, @salamancialilypad, and @seraphyde666 <3

one-soul-two-brothers’ ultimate fic recs: j2 au edition (part II)

Sooo…I’ve been reading more au fics. I just…this fandom has so many talented writers, and some of the stories I’ve read are so fucking inventive and unique, it blows my mind. So yeah…I still like non-au more, but it’s no longer exclusively what I’ll read.

Also, all these fics have happy endings. Obviously. Always and forever. I will never recommend a fic on my ultimate recs lists if it doesn’t have a happy ending.



title: The Gloaming
rating: explicit
word count: 67k
relationship: first time
summary: Jared always knew he would one day experience a gloaming and find his soulmate. No one told him, and in fact, no one else in his family that he knew of had ever glommed; but he just knew, and he was willing to wait, despite all the offers thrown his way and all the well-meaning advice by friends and family; Jared waited. After all the tragedy Jensen had endured recently, he was now content to live a simple life taking care of his family and working a job that he loved. He sure never thought he’d ever find love again, let alone a true love; if one were to believe in Gloamings, which Jensen never really did until it happened to him. Jared and Jensen - strangers from seemingly different worlds decide to give love a chance. But will outside forces and unforeseen enemies drive them apart or bring them together forever? They only have 60 days to consummate or the Gloaming will Fade… and they will both lose out on what could possibly be a love for the ages.
anna’s notes: I actually made a post here about how angry in love I was with this fic after reading it for the first time. So yeah. Go read it. Now.

title: The Padapanda’s Courtship
rating: explicit
word count: 5400
relationship: first time
summary: As a werepanda, Jared has been in the dating system forever. His species is practically extinct, and he’s given up on finding the one only to run into him in the supermarket.
anna’s notes: I can’t fucking get enough of this story! It’s just…ah. Jared’s so adorable and awkward when they first meet. And Jensen seems cool and collected but you find out that he totally was not. Gah. It’s just SO FUCKING CUTE. And it has three sequels!

title: Three Long Mountains and a Wood
rating: explicit
word count: 105k
relationship: first time
summary: Alpha Jensen was satisfied with his life. He ran a business with his fellow Navy buddy and lived in a part of the country that offered him almost everything he needed to be content. Almost. And then, one day, an unmated omega and his daughter walked into Jensen’s pub.
anna’s notes: Yes, it’s an a/b/o, but go read it regardless. It’s fucking fantastic. Also, just fyi, there’s only implied mpreg in this (when Jared is talking about his past). So yeah. Go on, git!

title: Baby Steps
rating: explicit
word count: 48k
relationship: first time
summary: Jared’s a cop in a small Texas town. He comes from a well known and wealthy family but wants to make it on his own when he can. He knows if he has a weakness it’s his soft heart…a soft heart that takes a hit when he finally meets his new neighbors. Jensen came from money but when he refused his family’s demands to give up his child he was kicked out and disowned. Now on his own with a six-month old baby he struggles to survive in a new town with very little money, no help and he just lost his job.When the two men meet one night the attraction is plain but Jared can see that Jensen’s past has left him scared and also wary so it’s with baby steps he begins to help this young father to heal & also to learn that he isn’t like those who’d hurt him…until a piece of his past returns to possibly cost them everything.
anna’s notes: Okay so this is just implied mpreg, not like active mpreg (Jensen already had the baby at the start of this story), in case you don’t really like that, then you can definitely still read this story. AND YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD. 

best MPREG

title: Precipice
rating: explicit
word count: 95k
relationship: first time
summary: Jensen Ackles had a lot of things: a crappy job, a stutter that came with its fair share of ridicule, a hurtful past. So it wasn’t surprising when what he didn’t have was someone who loved and valued him and a relationship that went along with it. Aside from his best friend Chris, he is alone in trying to figure out his place in the world. When he meets Jared, Jensen wants so badly to believe that life’s finally giving him a break. But one curveball after another is thrown at him. An unplanned pregnancy turns his life upside down. So much so that Jensen finds himself at the precipice of a decision to take matters in his own hands.
anna’s notes: Fuck I love this SO MUCH. I would have put it in the “I love this so much I want to scream” section, but the mpreg is a huge part of the story. So yeah, I think I’ve read it like 3 times in the last two weeks lol. I need a life. Or…I just need more to this verse, please? Thank you.

title: World Goes ‘Round by Misunderstanding
rating: explicit
word count: 17k
relationship: first time
summary: Jensen and Jared love each other, but neither of them knows that. Jensen goes into heat and seeks out Jared, who gives in to what’s he’s ashamed of wanting. Jared calls Jensen’s parents who make a deal with Jared that they don’t see fit to inform Jensen of, and matters only get worse when Jensen finds out he’s pregnant and runs away from home to keep his baby.
anna’s notes: This is super hot then kinda heartbreaking then really satisfying and happy.


title: Man In the Water
rating: explicit
word count: 17k
relationship: first time
summary: From the spnkink_meme Prompt: “Jared has taken to waking up really early in the morning so that he can get a prime spot - every morning he spies on Jensen who swims/baths in the lake in forest. Jared thinks that Jensen is beautiful, but he, Jared, is too shy to talk to him. Jared has taken to leaving little tokens for Jensen to find - a carving, flowers, a fluffy towel - anything he can think of to get Jensen to smile.”
anna’s notes: Eeeeeee kill me now. Also, it has four sequels.

best FLUFF

title: Blush and Bashful
rating: explicit
word count: 2900
relationship: first time
summary: Jensen’s new favorite hobby is making the bookstore clerk blush.
anna’s notes: I wanna cry it’s so cute.

title: What You’ve Got is Gold
rating: explicit
word count: 13k
relationship: first time
summary: Working as a lifeguard at the Dallas Aquatic Center, Jared deals with obnoxious kids, tends to scrapes and bruises, gets plenty of exercise hauling equipment in and out every day, and rescues world champion swimmers from drowning. Yeah, not even Jared saw that last one coming.


title: You’re the Dream of a Lifetime
rating: explicit
word count: 24k
relationship: first time
summary: Jared is married to an extremely abusive man. One night, his husband discovers Jared’s intention to leave him – and the unthinkable happens. Jared wakes up in a hospital with no memory of who he is, his past or how his battered and severely abused body got that way. He meets Jensen Ackles – and together they try and rebuild Jared’s life – until…

title: Election Day
rating: teen
word count: 8300
relationship: established
summary: Jensen’s running for President with the deck already stacked against him. He’s come out as gay while serving in Congress, his Vice President is a colorful Misha & his family has disowned him over his choice of partners. But that’s not the worst of it…On Election Day when he should be focused on winning Jared ends up shot after stepping in front of a killer’s gun to save some school children. Election Day is important but to Jensen nothing is more important to him than Jared and he doesn’t care who knows it or if he loses so long as he can be with him. It’s Jensen who winds up surprised in the end.
anna’s notes: Oh my god this is just…this is so so sooo good.

For all my other ultimate fics recs (j2 non-au, j2 au, and wincest), go here.

sammysmom63  asked:

Do you know any J2 ff nonau that has been written recently? Most of what I can find was written early on in Supernatural history.

Hi there, sweetheart!

I know what you mean. Most of the non-au fics I’ve read have a focus on the early years of Supernatural, too. I do have a few good ones to recommend, so hold onto your hat (tee-hee)!

This Cage I Built With Good Intentions by Scriggly

This fic is a marvel and one of my all-time favourites. Scriggly is nothing short of amazing and I recommend checking out their others fics as well. Here’s the summary:

It’s getting harder, not easier. Between your bitter rage at the façade and the constant what-ifs that plague you, half-formed visions of any number of other paths you could have walked where you could reach for him without a second thought, bend him backwards in a sloppy kiss whenever he opened that pretty pink mouth, whenever other people’s lust touched him (always so astounded by his beauty in person, and you want to snarl at them to pick up their jaws off the floor, half-smug and half-seething in jealous protectiveness), it feels like you’re swallowing bile all the time.

Photo Booth by WetSammyWinchester

Short and sweet, this takes place during Mark Sheppard’s wedding. WetSammyWinchester is an amazing writer and I have subscribed to her on AO3 so I won’t miss anything she does. :) Summary:

There is nothing better than drunk Jared in a photo booth. Okay, maybe drunk Jared with Jensen in a photo booth.

It’s Always Just Us. by princesssroyalpinkpanties

This was an amazingly cute fic where Jensen forgot to stick around after they finished filming episode 250. Jared told the story recently and came off a little sour about it, so soon after this fic appeared. :) This writer has written some other non-aus as well, I really recommend you check them out! Summary:

Jared wanted to celebrate the show’s 250th episode, but Jensen forgot. As usual, when you love someone little things can seem much bigger than they really are, but they always find their way back to each other.

I Knew From Day One by SupernaturalPrincess9

This story actually starts from the first day when J2 meet each other, so it’s not strictly what you’re requesting, but I must mention it. It’s written from Jensen’s perspective, describing their relationship and how it evolves over time. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m hoping there’ll be an update some day. Even if there won’t be, it’s well worth reading. It incorporates the tinhat lore with frightening accuracy and it’s a fountain of satisfaction for anyone who loves fluff and angst. I’m a bit crazy about this writer’s work, to be honest. Summary:

A memoir of J2 from Jensen’s POV.

Jacket On by winchestersinthedrift

This is a hot, hot, HOT fic inspired by J2′s Facebook live video that they filmed on Jensen’s (and Jared’s) balcony. We’re going to sleep” makes you think of all kinds of things, doesn’t it? Well, this writer didn’t think they went to sleep. She’s the master of ficlets, by the way, and you should take some time to go through her stuff, because she’s amazing. Summary:

Things get a little character bleed-y after Jensen and Jared finish their fb live video for the fans. Jensen likes it more than he’d thought he would.

Vegas Convention by heartheldhostage

A very neat story to go along with last year’s VegasCon slip-up! Complete with a very happy ending most of us are hoping to see one day. ;) Summary:

This is the result of the other hotel story from Vegas 2015.
Please note that this work is not very Misha friendly.

This is all that I can dig up for now! I hope you enjoy the fics. For more, I’d like to recommend checking out my J2 non au -tag (which is still in its youth, I’m afraid) and following @ao3feed-j2 to keep up-to-date with everything that gets uploaded on AO3 with Jared/Jensen pairing. Most of the non-aus that I find are through that blog. It’s a goldmine!

I hope you have a lovely week ahead of you! Thank you for the ask.

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anonymous asked:

What is your all time favorite J2 non au fic? Favorite au fic? Favorite J2 fic in general?

oh goodness 💕

my favorite J2 non-AU fic is @qblackheart ‘s The Courtship of Jensen’s Co-Star ✨ it’s been on my “I need to reread ASAP” list for, what feels like, ever, but I want to dedicate all my time and energy into rereading it, not tired-eyes-at-2-AM. it’s absolutely wonderful and here’s a little bit about it:

The Courtship of Jensen’s Co-Star by @qblackheart

Somewhere in the time between a handshake and a hug, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki went from being reel-life brothers to real-life best friends, and complete strangers to cosmic soul mates, no rhyme or reason to it that either of them could ever see. Jared was everything Jensen was not: friendly, funny, and full of life; one in six-point-whatever billion the Earth’s population currently stood at. Life was awesome. Work was amazing. Everything was fine until Jared kissed Jensen. Everything was peachy until Jensen fell in love. With desperate times unexpectedly calling for desperate measures, Jensen called Chad Michael Murray for relationship advice – because being in love led to temporary insanity obviously – so it really didn’t surprise him that he couldn’t seem to win when it came to wooing Jared. Still, Pisces must’ve been in a really good place in the night sky or something because suddenly, right smack dab in the middle of the miserable courtship of his co-star, Jensen discovered that maybe loving Jared was all he needed to do to win his heart. And luckily for Jensen, loving Jared was also the one thing he did best.

Rating: NC-17; Word Count: 112,000+; Warnings: None

I can’t give enough praise for this story, but I’m probably going to do another long rec when I eventually get around to rereading it 💕💕💕

my favorite J2 AU story is (this is so hard, I have so many and if you want a list of fic recs, just let me know) either Underneath it All or Fucking Kodiak, Alaska

Underneath it All by @ashtray-thief

Jensen Ackles was always good at acting, pretending. So good in fact that he is the FBI’s favorite undercover guy. He has more undercover operations under his belt than he’d like to remember, and after his latest stint with a ring of human traffickers he really thinks he deserves a break. Unfortunately there’s a new criminal organization on the rise, and all attempts to infiltrate and take down the Padalecki family have failed so far. Which is why Jensen finds himself faced with a new assignment, one that no other agent qualifies for and that he really doesn’t want. Because trying to seduce the most powerful man in the Chicago underworld? Not really high up on his list.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 94,427; Warnings: Violence, Morality Issues

Fucking Kodiak, Alaska by Xenodike

After having an emotional and physical breakdown and trying to get away from a dysfunctional relationship, Jensen finds himself staring at a stuffed and mounted bear standing in a tiny airport terminal on the on the other side of the country. Jared, self proclaimed cocky asshole and sporting a fantastic manbun, takes pity on him, expecting a thank you orgasm before they go their separate ways. Turns out, Jensen’s not half as broken as he thinks he is. A large fluffy dog and a little help realizing his prostate is in fact not defective, goes a long way. Jared is a lot more broken than he’ll admit. Jensen takes him on a journey of learning what it means to have someplace to call home. Throw in a lot of plaid, flannel shirts, a tiny log cabin, a horrendously ugly, moldy RV, a weather-beaten bar, fantastic wildlife, spectacular nature and a hillbilly shithole in the middle of nowhere.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 70,016; Warnings: Implied Child Abuse

my favorite J2 fic in general is probably The Courtship tbh, but my current obsession is this:

Not the Desperate Type by @guestwho

Jared’s party-animal reputation gets him accepted into the notorious Alpha Epsilon Pi house (or as they call it, APE) easier than a game of hopscotch - but what he doesn’t expect to find there is someone who totally harshes his vibe: Jensen Ackles; a prude with a stick up his ass the size of Texas.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 16,484; Warnings: Drug Use, Homophobia

I also consistently reread these two stories:

Miles to Go by @dollylux

As Jensen’s assistant, Jared takes care of him at work. As a man in love, he can’t help that he wants to wrap him up in a warm blanket and take care of him in every other aspect of his life, too.

Rating: Explicit; Word Count: 8,176; Warnings: None

And When We Kiss by grace_fully

Jensen is not amused by the the tall football douche who sits in front of him in organic chem. In fact, he prefers to torture him whenever possible. 

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17; Word Count: 14,870; Warnings: None

We are so lucky in the J2 fandom to have so many wonderful writers and stories. I have a lot of lists, a lot of fics, but these are ones I go back to often ❤

teddybluesclues  asked:

oh man can you rec the other disability fics you got? i'm dying for some good shit and you're the best at recs!

awwww thanks for the compliment!!! and omg ofc I can! there are some nice fics out there, ufortunately not as much as I would like, but they exist! let’s get to it:

After Ever Jensen is deaf, and he and Jared meet on line

After the Game Jared is a professional soccer player and suffers a knee injury

If I Wanted Silence Jensen loses his sight and Jared is hired as his assistant 

Let Me Love You non AU where Jared loses both legs in an accident

Out of the Darkness future non AU where Jensen is paralyzed

Remember You Jensen lost his fingers after an accident that killed his boyfriend

Safe Haven Jensen shoots Jared by accident while shooting a scene and leaves him paralyzed

Silk and Steel A/B/O where Jared was injured when he was a kid and he limps

Shadowland after a fight with Jared, Jensen has an accident and ends up paralyzed

Soul Survivors Jensen uses a crutch and a brace on one leg after a bus accident

Still Staring at the Same Old Sky Jensen lost a leg after an accident hunting down a tornado

The Colors of my Life Jensen is a painter and he’s almost completely blind

The Date Verse Jensen is in a wheelchair

The Rise and Fall of Jensen Ackles and the Spiders from Mars dunno if it counts, but Jensen has seizures

There’s Beauty in the Broken Jensen lost a leg in an accident

Twists and Turns Verse Jensen has a problem in his arm

Up Against Your Will Jared is blind and Jensen is a werewolf

Walk Tall Jensen is in a wheelchair and grumpy, and Jared is hired to assist him

Earning a Miracle THIS ONE IS A WIP. Jared is paralyzed and he’s an art teacher, Jensen is a teacher at the same school. It’s not finished, I’ve been reading it for a couple of years now. It’s a great one that’s why I keep going lol

AND OF COURSE, there’s my new big bang coming up called Wake Me Up When September Ends, it’s a September 11th AU and also a disability fic bc I needed to write my own someday! I won’t say which disabilty it is or which boy is disabled bc that’s a surprise. On June 14th it will be posted so keep tuned bc I’ll be posting here a thousand times lol

I guess that is it, the ones I can remember! I hope you enjoy them, they are all great fics!

EDIT: holy jesus I forgot to add my fic The Love That Remains, it’s not the main focus like my new one but one of them ends up with a disability too :)

Fic Rec from the SPN J2 2017 Big Bang

A Song in the Stars by strive2bhappy

Jared Padalecki has dreamed of taking to the skies since he was five-years-old. When he becomes an adult and builds a spaceship of his own, he gets to do just that, looking for adventure – little did he know the adventure waiting for him. Jensen Ackles is born part human, part Terryn and his life as an outcast is difficult – music is his only real escape. When he’s captured by the Dominion, an organization hell-bent on taking over every galaxy in every way they can, he’s used as a lab experiment to see how his special, combined heritage can be advantageous for them. Fleeing Dominion control, he vows to himself, they will never find him again. A chance meeting between Jared and Jensen helps both of them get what they’re looking for – and the way things end up, it may have been more than just chance. From various planets throughout different galaxies, to nights under the stars in space, Jared and Jensen find in each other something worth fighting – and possibly dying – for.

Rating: Explicit; Words: 39808; Warnings: None

Review: When it comes to fic, sci-fi is not usually my genre at all.  Actually, that’s true when it comes to anything written; sci-fi – not really my thing.  It’s usually something that’s much easier seen than read.  But this story managed to be pure sci-fi whilst still being so readable, entertaining, well-written, romantic, mysterious, and full of action all at once.  

A Song in the Stars starts in a dusty eatery in a labor town on Ziettis and ends in the white halls of Hopewell.  Jensen and Jared meet quickly and intensely, in a rush of muscle and fast-beating hearts and their relationship is constant and budding as new things are learned, as they become more than strangers.  They are both taken with each other in different ways, but both ways so strong, and Jensen sleeps peacefully and Jared fumbles over his words.  

The crew is made up of our usual gang (Chris, Chad, Gen, and later appearances by Danneel, Jeff, and Misha) and they’re all amazingly in character and so helpful to push the plot in the direction it’s needed to go.  

Chad’s a little obsessed with Jared’s sex life, Jensen’s got some secrets, Jared’s free-spirited and oh-so-smart, and music streams its way into the story, the more notes played the more Jensen and Jared fall in love.

Please read it, tell the author all about it.  It’s amazing and deserves so much recognition. ❤

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What are your favorite Wincest and J2 fics? I really need some recs.

I’ll give you a quick random list of 20 great fics I remember in this instant because I have TONS of favorite fics, and I’ll never finish a list with all my favorites.

*hover to read the summaries

Here we go!


Alpha pack verse
Get Some [Ink]
One Small Step
This ain’t a Wagering Game
How To Speak Love
Tension knots
Turn my Blue Heart to Red
Hangin’ On The Telephone
Something Borrowed, Something Blue


Baba O’Riley and Eleanor Rigby walk into a bar and the timestamp [Up and At ‘Em, Adam Ant]
Wipe the Clock
Blow Me Verse
The King of Imperfection Takes Back the Prince of Mistakes
About Boys
Like a Fish Out of Water
On the way down
Revisionist History
If I Ever Lose My Faith in You

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OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG IT IS LITERALLY MY FAVE btw got any bottom!jared/sam fic recs? :D You, my friend, are completely awesome


I’m gonna make you a quick list with amazing bottom!Jared fic recs with some favorites since I have been reading J2 a little bit more lately. I owe you the bottom!Sam one ;D

Keep reading

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I read all the fics that you recently recced a few weeks ago, could you rec some more please?

No problem!

J2 Fanfic Rec:

1.) My Heart Don’t Beat the Way it Used To: Jared and Jensen have been best friends forever, and nothing’s going to ever change that, not even senior slump, or college anxieties, or even Jared getting an annoying cheerleader girlfriend. Or so Jensen thought.

2.) The Scandal:  Everything in Jensen’s life comes to an abrupt halt when a mistake he made as a teenager comes back to haunt him. Between being a famous actor, a father to three children, and being in a long term committed relationship with fellow actor Jared Padalecki. Can Jensen and his loved ones handle all the media and tabloid attention that comes with this new found scandal, or will it destroy the very family Jensen’s worked so hard to build and keep?

3.) Off The Script: Jensen Ackles was the porn industry’s leading star for years, until Jared Padalecki came along. Jensen’s world-weary and disillusioned. Jared’s… not.

4.) Light My Fire: In New York, two men meet under unusual circumstances, and find themselves falling for each other. But when Jensen Ackles learns who Jared Padalecki really is, it all comes crashing down. Can Jared convince Jensen to open up his heart and take a chance on love again, despite who Jared is?

(I hope you all enjoy these rec’s!)


- K

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Fic Recommendations?

So here’s the thing:

I literally never read fics. Like… ever. I mostly write them and so I want to challenge myself to read more of them. So if anyone has any fics they love and would like me to read, send me an ask (or even reply to this post or pm me) I will definitely do so!

Must be:

1. Wincest/Weecest/J2/Sweeson.

2. Bottom!Sam/Jared (but I will read bottom!Dean/Jensen fics if they really draw me in).

3. Can be any kink or even AU.

Go ahead and send some my way!

I love big bang time. Literally my favorite part of the whole year. Yeah, I know. My name is Candi and I have a J2 AU problem. I AM AWARE. So this is what I read this week:

Wandering Lost by dugindeep (hot sauce). 36K. Loved it. The story has this otherworldly, almost dream-like feel. Jensen is driving a classic truck across the country for his boss and ends up breaking down beside the road. Will he be rescued by a hot, mysterious tow truck driver? If not, I would have been seriously disappointed because come on. The laws of J2 AU are pretty clear. 

Silly Love Songs by NaughtyPastryChef. 28K. Very floofy and smutty until the end which took a surprising turn into angst. Still good though. I’m not really sure how to describe it. 

The Pie that Binds by HermineKurotowa. 29K. Jared is the leader of his city but he’s not great at it tbh. Jensen and his clan live in the woods outside of Jared’s kingdom. There’s intrigue and sex and vikings and hurt/comfort and all that good stuff.

So right in the middle of reading big bang stories, my brain went “Hey, you know what? Go see if xenodike has written anything lately” and I was like “No, brain. I would have heard about it by now if there was a new story.” And my brain was all “Are you 100% positive, dummy? Because you haven’t checked in months.” and i got huffy but went to check and GUESS WHAT. 

Timestamp for Fucking Kodiak, Alaska. Nothing like a timestamp (albeit a short one) for one of my favorite AUs ever to make my day better. And if you haven’t read Fucking Kodiak, Alaska, please do yourself a favor and read it before the author takes it down in a couple of days. It’s so good. 

AND what I’m reading right this minute…

Phoenix by xenodike. 111K. A book-length AU by one of my favorite authors that I somehow totally missed back in April when it was posted? And they’re cowboys? Yes, please. I’m right in the middle and loving it. 12/10. Heckin’ good story. 

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Hi! I recently got kinda back into J2 as like... a general area of great interest, and I thought I'd go looking for some fanfic, but i truly don't have a lot of time to go browsing extensively, and I'd just like to read one or two really good ones... So I thought I'd ask you: Off the top of your head, what is/are the BEST J2 fics you've ever read? (in your personal opinion of course, but I used to follow you and remember I often liked your opinions.) Thank you very much!

heyyy nonnie, okay first of all, thank you so much for coming to me!! I feel honored! 

I went to my fic masterlist to take a look and god, it’s so hard! there are so many amazing stories, it’s hard to choose just a few! but I collected half a dozen fics (I can’t do less than that lol) that I really love, they are very different from one another, I wanted to give you different options… these fics I really like and I’ve read them more than once.

It Never Gets Easier  (you need a Ao3 account to see it bc it’s locked) it’s an Mpreg fic, but even if youre not into that, god this fic is AMAZING. and when I say amazing, I mean it. It’s a fic I wish I had written, honestly. I took a long time to read it bc I also don’t care much about established relationships, I like to see the boys falling in love with each other, but I decided to give it a try, and it was the best decision of my life. the reasons behind their actions are so amazing and make so much sense. it’s a slow build and god, I love this fic so much I need to read it again.

Out of the Darkness even after reading a thousand fics, this remains as my dearest fic. it’s not a secret that I have a thing for disability fics, and this one is just my favorite. it’s non AU and just awesomely written, I love this author (they have some other fics that are amazing too) now I wanna read this one again too lol

One Small Step is a fic I honestly read more than three times, I think. it’s the cutest thing, Jared has asperger syndrome, and god he’s the cutest little snowflake I wanna hug him and never let him go! this one is a verse so there are other pieces to read to, great story from an amazing author! 

Beautiful Disaster is SO SEXY. I was thinking about which Nyx’s fic I wanted to rec bc I couldn’t leave her out. she writes amazing stuff. Homework verse would be the obvious choice, but I reread this one a couple of months ago, and jfc this fic is so hot. it’s literally sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, they are in a rock band JENSEN IS A GUITARIST and I don’t think I need to say anything else. also it features Justin Hartley, whom I love as well and there’s THIS SCENE LEMME TELL YOU it’s the sexiest one I’ve ever read I swear to god I’d like to talk to everyone about it!

The Love That Remains is my fic (I asked about the self rec lol) and lemme tell you how much I love this story. I do, so fucking much. It’s based on my own life, something that happened a long time ago and I wanted to make a story out of it. I took great care of it and I’m fucking proud of this story! the boys start out as kids who meet at a summer camp and are separated until they are adults… and they go through a very hard time. I just love this one so much!

oh and I’m posting a new one next month, Wake Me Up When September Ends, a September 11th AU! 

I hope you like these ones, lemme know what you think! <3

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Could you recommend some fics with Jensen trying to woo Jared (and hopefully succeeding) please? I find that trope so adorable.

Jensen woos Jared fic recs

sorry for the very late reply nonnie!

Honey Flower, Apple, and Lime  The year is 1855. Jensen is the scion of a wealthy Dallas family, heir to a ranching empire that stretches across the American Southwest. Until now, he has led a life of carefree abandon, charming his way into boudoirs and out of entanglements by dint of his silver-tongued wit. After his father’s sudden death, Jensen is sent to London by his stepmother to acquire a wife during the Season. Threatened with disinheritance should he make an unsuitable match, he arrives on the doorstep of his friend Welling’s household prepared—reluctantly—to do his duty.  Everything changes, however, when he lays eyes upon the Wellings’ newest footman. Padalecki is tall, strong, intelligent and beautiful—everything Jensen admires in a man. From the moment they meet, Jensen is willing to risk everything to gain the gorgeous Texan’s love. But Padalecki wants nothing to do with Jensen … or does he?

Silk and Steel  As a child, Jared was gravely injured defending a young member of his pack against a poacher. Now, he walks with a severe limp in human form, and cannot run and hunt with the other wolves in his pack. He long ago accepted that he would never mate or have a family of his own. When the pack’s alpha dies without an heir, distant alpha relatives come in from out of town to compete for the title of pack alpha. One of them is Jensen Ackles. When he sees sweet, dimpled Jared, he falls hard, but Jared knows his place well. He gently brushes off all of Jensen’s attempts to woo him, reminding Jensen that he owes the pack a strong, healthy mate, not a gimpy omega. Jensen makes it his mission to convince Jared that he’s the perfect mate for the pack alpha, and that he’s worthy of everything.

To Kiss the Sweet Rose College AU: Jensen’s been in love with Jared almost as long as they’ve been friends, but he’s given up all hope that Jared will ever feel the same. So when someone Jared could fall in love with approaches him for advice on how to win Jared over, Jensen finds himself in over his head.

The Courtship of One Jared Padalecki or How Jensen Ackles Drives Men to Sexual Deviancy  Jared and Jensen go on their first date. And their second. And their third. Jensen’s a gentleman and Jared wants to change that.

The Courtship of Jensen’s Co-Star Somewhere in the time between a handshake and a hug, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki went from being reel-life brothers to real-life best friends, and complete strangers to cosmic soul mates, no rhyme or reason to it that either of them could ever see. Jared was everything Jensen was not: friendly, funny, and full of life; one in six-point-whatever billion the Earth’s population currently stood at. Life was awesome. Work was amazing. Everything was fine until Jared kissed Jensen. Everything was peachy until Jensen fell in love. With desperate times unexpectedly calling for desperate measures, Jensen called Chad Michael Murray for relationship advice – because being in love led to temporary insanity obviously – so it really didn’t surprise him that he couldn’t seem to win when it came to wooing Jared. Still, Pisces must’ve been in a really good place in the night sky or something because suddenly, right smack dab in the middle of the miserable courtship of his co-star, Jensen discovered that maybe loving Jared was all he needed to do to win his heart. And luckily for Jensen, loving Jared was also the one thing he did best.

They Met At The Photo-Op Booth, Jared Padalecki is from a small town in Texas, has just graduated high school, and works at the only bookstore in town. He saves up six paychecks to buy a ticket to a convention three hours away, where he’s got a photo-op with actor Jensen Ackles. Jared expects thirty seconds of embarrassment only to find Jensen’s number slipped into his pocket. [Completed, sequel pending.]

Blush And Bashful Jensen’s new favorite hobby is making the bookstore clerk blush.

I’ve Got Your Number Jared is a submissive kind of guy who just can never catch a break because of his size and boisterous personality. Cue Jensen who is more than willing.

Don’t Judge a Book Jensen is a were, Jared is human. They fall in love and not everybody approves.

For the First Time  Jared is insecure about his dragon form because he’s about half the size he should be, while his human form is normal. He joins a dragon/human liaison team and meets Jensen, and that’s when things start to change for him.

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Do you know if there are any fics with very light Dom/sub? As in it's basically not even that, but Jensen lightly tells Jared what to do just a little, if that makes any sense? Thank you and sorry for bothering you. :)

Hiiii! Sorry I’ve had this message sitting in my drafts forever! You are not bothering me :) First thing you should check is all the alpha/beta/omega fics I’ve recced, because those have a lot of this theme. But if that’s not your thing, here’s a little list of all human J2 rps. It’s been a while since I read these fics, so I’m not sure how mild these are, but I had them bookmarked as bossy!jensen and hopefully they are what you’re looking for!

Laundry Day by dragonspell
Warnings: underwear sniffing, whatever the proper term for that is.
Summary: Jensen catches Jared jerking off into his underwear. He decides to do something about it. Words: 2,260
Tags: jared/jensen, rps, oneshot, smell!kink, blowjob, kink:dirty talk, rimming, praise!kink

Off Duty by strangeallure
Summary: Jensen’s with the NYPD, Jared works at this bar that’s popular with police officers. One night, they both get sick of the status quo. Words: ~ 3,700
Tags: jared/jensen, au, cop!jensen, bartender!jared, bottom!jared

A Loft With A View by zubeneschamali
Summary: At first the hot guy in the condo across the street doing pull-ups was just distracting to Jensen. Then he became a turn-on. Jensen just hopes they never meet, because he’ll never be able to look the guy in the eye… Words: 6,138
Tags: jared/jensen, neighbors, kink:voyeurism, au, body worship, first time, bottom!jared, top!jensen, coffeeshop

Fruit Punch Lips by tebtosca
Warnings: Underage (Jared is 17, Jensen is 21)
Summary: Jared thinks he doesn’t want anyone to see him like this. Turns out there is one exception. Words: 2,254
Tags: jared/jensen, au, neighbors, first time, panty!kink, bottom!jared, frottage, praise!kink

I’ve Got Your Number by morrezela
Summary: Jared is a submissive kind of guy who just can never catch a break because of his size and boisterous personality. Cue Jensen who is more than willing to help him out. Words: 2,631
Tags: jared/jensen, au, alphamale!jensen, submissive!jared, oneshot, bottom!jared, ‘verse

Do It My Way by waterofthemoon
Summary: Jensen thinks Jared was a little too interested in filming a certain scene in Heart and stakes his claim on Jared in bed that night. Words: 1,722
Tags: jared/jensen, non-au, pwp, possesive!jensen, bottom!jared, top!jensen, established-relationship

Tension knots by sammehsayum
Summary: In his last year of high school football Jared screws up his back and is recommended to Jensen Ackles: massage therapist. Words: 5,800
Tags: jared/jensen, au, hurt!jared, massage, hurt/comfort, praise!kink

Blush and Bashful by tipsy_kitty
Summary: Jensen’s new favorite hobby is making the bookstore clerk blush. Words: 2,900
Tags: jared/jensen, pwp, shy!jared, confident!jensen, first time, bottom!jared, top!jensen

Graduate School Is For Good Decisions by jackles67
Summary: Jared’s never bottomed, but he wants to try it. Who better to do that with than his PhD advisor, aka the one person he’s really, really not supposed to fuck? Words: 2,112
Tags: jared/jensen, au, first time, bottom!jared, top!jensen

Ready for My Close-Up by cherie_morte
Summary: Jensen gets a little bossy when he directs. Jared likes it just fine. Words: 2,353
Tags: jared/jensen, non-au, director!jensen, bottom!jared, top!jensen, established-relationship

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if you have the time could you please give some j2 or wincest fic recs? :) would be greatly appreciated! :)

absolutely, yes. i have another j2 rec list here (heart-favorites and things i’ll never be over) and i still stare at each of those with drippy eyes and a bitten lip. ♥


Carve (3k, NC-17 – it’s labeled as dean smith gen fic, but i’ve always read it as swesson and considered it as such. it’s an american psycho AU – with sam as the chloe sevigny character – and it is so so chillingly adept.)

Gutless (4.7k, NC-17 – young sammy, obsessive love, serial killer perversities. sam + dean + jeffrey dahmer. there’s nothing about this one that doesn’t make me want to scream into my pillow and fuck the mattress.)

Between Darkness and Light (32k, NC-17 – wincest crow AU. two of the most painfully beautiful/beautifully painful things in the world sewn together. very cruel and delicate and 90s-feeling. love story words through a horror film lens.)

fly (5k, no real rating – another one labeled gen, but i also didn’t notice that until i was all the way finished and gaspy. it reads as wincest if you have a wincest heart. gives a delightful sense of dread the whole way through.)

Flowers in the Impala (2.3k, R – scary boys, outsider POV, unstoppable love. this feels real to me. if i let myself forget, i always feel like this happened. or was meant to.)


My Playground Love (1k, R – baby!jensen and mr. padalecki. it’s not so much what happens in this one, but the fact that it happened at all. porn, poems, and pussyboys. my fucking heart in one punch.) 

We Were Born Sick (4k, NC-17 – jared works at the library and something is very wrong with jensen. i could read this one a hundred times over and it’ll always feel as pure to me as it did the first time it touched me.)

Tell-Tale (2.7k, R – perfect perfect perfect serial killer fic. so fun, so horrifying, so shattering. i wanted to predict what would happen but i just couldn’t. and then i fell in love.)

Tangled Web (4.4k, NC-17 – were-spider!jared works at a funeral parlor and quickly becomes taken with a pretty mourner. the beauty here is outrageous. both of them. the words. the story. the lovely fingers that wrote this.)

Old Richmond Ray’s Cornfield (8k, R-ish – prisoner!jensen/runaway!jared. i won’t ever get over this author’s writing style. so special and careful and every moment feels critical. never a wasted word. reads like an old black & white film.)

♥ hope you find something (or all the things) you love! ♥

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Hey Hanna! I was wondering what your favorite J2 AU fics were? :3

Hiiii Tanya darling! Sorry for the late reply, this was buried somewhere in my inbox. I change my mind every week about my favorite fics, but here are my current favorites. Many of these are fandom classics, so you’ve probably already read them. I’ll just list the names or this post would be super long:

As I Wrap my Heart Around Your Soul by stir_of_echoes

Summary: Jensen inherits his aunt’s house, determined to fulfil the conditions of her will, and remain there a year, but the house, and its other occupant have different ideas.

Word Count: 9469; Warnings: None; Rating: Mature

Comment: Okay, this is the fic I was talking about last night that fucked me up.  I don’t know exactly what it was about this story, but it is so wonderfully fantastic I don’t think one specific thing can sum it all up.  To say what I can without spoiling anything important, ghosts are real and, in this story, they take the form of Jared, a ghost who has been waiting for his lover for 150 years.  And he knows Jensen is him.  But just as Jensen accepts that he, too, has somehow fallen for the ghost and the way the ghost loves him most ardently, Jared’s existence begins to fade in and out for reasons neither expected.

It’s so good and I was so sad for them both throughout the entire story; you’ll empathize with Jensen and have such sorrow for Jared.  You’ll also feel immense joy when they’re together and the love is so adamant and tangible between them.