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Title: Hold the Whipped Cream | Soundtrack
Art: soulmatecest (aka samteenchester) | (art master post here)
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: generalized anxiety, non-graphic violence, mentions of past domestic abuse, and excessive schmoopy fluff to the point of overdose (don’t say I didn’t warn you)
Word Count: 38,000
Summary: International Best Selling Author Jensen Ackles is all kinds of specific with the details of his life. He likes privacy, writing, and coffee; black, no sugar, hold the cream. He’s become a fixture at the local coffee shop, writing from his table every day for the past two years. His vices include routine, neatness, and structure. Jensen doesn’t do messes. Then there is Jared, recent post-grad basket case, who’s been coming in every day for caffeine he doesn’t need and bringing the increasing disaster in his life with him. Jared is a mess in all the ways Jensen is not and so Jensen offers to help Jared in the only way he knows how: by buying Jared a cup of coffee.

Henry and Jensen, by quickreaver

.Model of the Solar System, by compo67. 

In a dystopian world, Jared struggles to survive. Bookers and patrol are out to get people like him on the streets. Shelter and food are difficult to come by, especially in his condition. On a rough night, he meets a stranger who gets more involved than he should. Soon after, everything changes. 

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"A Man and His Pig…..ready to take on the world


FanArt by: spockwinchester

Title: Like The Back of My Hand | NEW Chinese Translation |
Art: Kros_21  | (art master post here)
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: mild violence, gore, self harm, suicide (secondary character) & mentions of: child abuse, substance abuse and torture
Word Count: 127,000
Summary: The year is 2107 and all physical human contact has been outlawed. Jared Padalecki was born into this world and he’s never experienced anything like real human touch. But there’s a secret world that exists on the outskirts of this one; rumors of people who deal and touch in back alleys for the right amount of money. Curious despite himself, he tags along with a friend to witness one of these deals. All it takes is one moment, wrong place, wrong time, and Jared finds himself a part of this secret world, led in by Jensen Ackles. Jensen is everything about this world that gets people killed, but Jared’s curiosity gets the better of him, because while Jared has never been touched, Jensen still remembers what it was like to be touched. Curiosity shifts to passion and Jared’s no longer able to deny himself the need to understand physical touch, and to have Jensen be the one to teach him. In a world where people die to hold hands in the shadows, to steal just one kiss, Jared and Jensen embark down a path that begs the most dangerous and difficult questions of Jared’s life; do you choose to follow the law and deny your instincts because it’s safe? Or do you pursue your inner desires at the risk of getting killed?


*This Fic Recs List contains all my favorite j2 fics I have read until this day. All of those fics are AU’s, and all have a happy ending!! Please take a minute and leave a comment for the author if you read any of these fics. 

** These fics have various kinks, and NC-17 rating. Please always read the warnings of the author, before reading.

*** On the Reccer’s Notes, I warn about who tops/bottoms on every fic, so you won’t read something you won’t like!

Have fun!!

■ ■ ■ ■  Like The Back of My Hand ,by dimpled-sammy/dimpleforyourthoughts, 127k 

Warnings: mild violence, gore, self harm, suicide (secondary character) & mentions of: child abuse, substance abuse and torture

Reccer’s Notes: (top!Jensen fic) One of my favorite fics I have ever read! The author does an amazing job on transforming us on a world where every physical human contact is outlawed. Read it, if you haven’t already!!

■ ■ ■ ■ Who Watches Over Me? by nyxocity, 97k

Warnings:None as such, although there will come a point when you’ll have to TRUST ME on this. No, really. TRUST ME

Reccer’s Notes: If there is a J2 that I chose to read more often than others, is this one!Bodyguard Jensen, brat!Jared, hot hate sex, and NYXOCITY! Crystal is my favorite j2 author, and her fics are absolutely awesome!!! (top!Jensen)

■ ■ ■ ■ Breathe Again by fatebegins (AO3), 70+k

Warnings: A/B/O dynamics,violence, arranged marriage,MPREG,Non Graphic Rape/Non Con, Angst

Reccer’s Notes: (top!Jensen)Before I read this fic, I used to hate Mpreg. But after I finished this story, I started reading any other story this author has written-she has a way to melts your soul with her writings!! 

■ ■ ■ ■  Black Jared and the Proper Molly by sylsdarkplace 36k

Warnings: Explicit sex and violence, cross dressing

Reccer’s Notes: (top!Jared)Pirate!Au fic, with dark elements! I loved Jensen’s characterisation so much on this fic, and the sex is so damn hot too!! Perfect fic!!!

■ ■ ■ ■ Beautiful Disaster by nyxocity, 97k

Warnings:Jensen and Jared are in a rock band!

Reccer’s Notes: Jensen with a guitar is my ultimate kink. Insert a Jared with an angelic voice, and take the best rockband!au in the j2 au’s history!! Absolutely amazing fic!!!! (top!Jensen)

■ ■ ■ ■ Homework Verse by nyxocity,85k (+sequels)

Warnings:Definite D/s but nothing hardcore. Jared is 18, Jensen is 26, and people can smoke in public in MY San Francisco.

Reccer’s Notes:(top!Jensen) JUST READ THIS!!!! it will give your life another meaning!!!

■ ■ ■ ■  Doors of Time by felisblanco (AO3), 72K


Reccer’s Notes:(top!Jensen) Well for me, if you are part of j2 fandom and you love reading fiction you have to read this fic!!  

■  ■ ■ ■ Gunpoint by felisblanco (AO3), 140K

Warnings:Rape, Non-Con, Underage(all those warnings are not part of j2 relationship, they are part of something that happened on Jensen at the past)

Reccer’s Notes: (top!Jensen)Not your usual coffee shop/university AU, but that’s why it’s special. Gives his own messages, on how love, and faith can save you from the darkness of your past! A must read!!!

 ■ ■ ■ ■ Signs and Limits by pinkisgoth,  65k

Warnings:Graphic racing accidents, implied torture

Reccer’s Notes: (top!Jared) Dangerous Races, Expensive cars and Jensen Ackles! I really needed a fic like that on my life, where Jared is overprotective of Jensen, and so scared about him. Loved it from the first to the last word. 

■ ■ ■ ■ Have You Seen Him Whom My Soul Loves by veronamay (AO3), 42K

Warnings: Religious Imagery and Symbolism, Religious Conflict, Religion Kink, Angst, Suicide Attempt, Repression, Infidelity, Break Up, Happy Ending, Blasphemy, Mental Instability  

Reccer’s Notes: (top!Jensen)Priest!Jensen/Mechanic!Jared AU. One of the very first j2 au’s I have ever read, and one of the best actually. 

■ ■ ■ ■ Time of Your Life by sandymg, 30k

Warnings:underage sex—both boys are 16

Reccer’s Notes: (top!Jensen)From the fics that you understand what romance is. If stories like that were real, I would believe in destiny!! 

■ ■ ■ ■ Beholder by sandymg, 80k

Warnings:NC-17 (in parts). Mild violence. Mention of past abuse. Adult content.

Reccer’s Notes: (top!Jared) I love this story, no matter how many times I have read it, it always melts my heart! 

■ ■ ■ ■ 5000 Miles to Denmark by silveritas, 25k

Warnings:Gratuitous, and I mean super gratuitous, man sexing. Also a fair amount of cheese and boys acting like sillies. And a really toppy Jared. And Danneel.

Summary:Jensen is a socially awkward med student who frequents the local student hotspot coffee shop. He spends more time there than he does his own apartment, but  that’s mostly because of the view. And by view, he means the super tall, super hot guy he shamelessly ogles between pharmacology and physiology homework. To his utter shock, Tall Guy makes his way into Jensen’s life and seems utterly bent on staying there and Jensen’s not about to say no. But Jensen knows that all good things come with a catch. That’s just the way it works. But he never expected one like this.

Reccer’s Notes: (top!Jared)Message me a mail and I am going to send you the pdf since the author’s journal is friend’s only. 

■ ■ ■ ■ California Shallows by toxica939 30k

Warnings:Angst (a scene on Jensen’s past that contains violence)

Reccer’s Notes: (top!Jensen)Jensen, Jared, and their friends live by the sea. Teenage angst and teenage love!!

 ■ ■ ■ ■ Waiting For Sunrise by sausyminx 70k (Waiting!Verse)

Warnings: Were!Au, Explicit Sexual Scenes

Reccer’s Notes: (top!Jensen)I haven’t read it yet, but so many people have told me that it’s wonderful, so I promised myself that whenever I will find some free time I am going to read this fic!! 

■ ■ ■ ■ Sanctuary by house_of_lantis(Vampire!Series) 160k

Warnings:Vampires, Slight Non/Con, Blood,

Reccer’s Notes:For those who love Dark!Jensen(not evil, just dark and dangerous, and powerful) they will love this verse. (Top!Jensen but also top!Jared)

 ■ ■ ■ ■Learning To Fly by slashboyz (25chapters)

Warnings: threesome, violence, angst, rape, non/con, kidnapping, gore, torture,  

Reccer’s Notes: (top!Jensen,top!Jeff,)This one is a Jared/Jensen/Jeff fic. I don’t do threesomes but this one just captured my soul, and I love it. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it!!! Also Sam’s character rocks here!! 

■ ■ ■ ■ Baiatul Pierdut by minchout, 47k

Warnings: non-con, underage (Jared is 16/17; Jensen is 24), institutionalized slavery, mentions of castration of slaves as a cultural ritual, violence, eunuch!OMC, character death(not Jared or Jensen)

Reccer’s Notes: One of the best fic that there is out there with that kind of plot!!!(top!Jensen)

■ ■ ■ ■ Freedom is Just Another Word by arabia764, 32k

Warnings: character death(not the Js), angst, kid fic(not mpreg)

Reccer’s Notes: I just finished it today and I loved it! (top!Jensen)

■ ■ ■ ■ Keep on Yearning by teot (AO3), 64K  

Warnings:Knotting, mentions of past non-con, infidelity (Jared and Jensen cheat on their significant others with each other)

Reccers Notes: One of my favorite were!fics! (top!Jensen)

****Here are the fics that I have saved in order to read on my next break/holidays, whenever that will be. Again, read the warnings before jumping in, just to be safe!!:D

■ ■ ■ ■ A Handful of Rain by riyku, 33k

Warnings:Substance abuse, strong language, and heed the rating  

■ ■ ■ ■ A Spotlight on These Desolate Dreams by mournthewicked, 50k

Warnings: Minor character death (on and off screen), violence, angst. 

■ ■ ■ ■ Adventres In Puppysitting by mournthewicked, 12k

Warnings:Pink satin thongs and puppies, but not together. 

■ ■ ■ ■ As this Sunset Turns to Morning by mournthewicked, 86k

Warnings:Teenage angst of the existential kind, slight religious themes, and a healthy dose of schmoop.

■ ■ ■ ■ Echo by munibunny, 50k

Warnings:Angst, schmoopiness, gratuitous use of Jared’s puppies, and some obvious cliches

■ ■ ■ ■ Close to Home by Smidirini, 48k

Warnings:Death of Minor Characters.

■ ■ ■ ■ Faint Stars And Bright Satellite Skies by marishna, 62k


■ ■ ■ ■  Hearthstone by mollyamory, 43k

Warnings:Descriptions of past, off-screen, non-sexual assault against a main character (not perpetrated by any CWRPS character). Themes of physical and emotional recovery from same

 ■ ■ ■ ■  Every Old Town’s Just Our Past Burning Down by akintay, 41k

Wanings:  mentions of character deaths (no main character)

■ ■ ■ ■ Yoko Ono’s Got Nothing on Jensen Ackles by 4everkizuna, 40k,

Warnings:Minor descriptions of illness, depiction of alcoholism, lots and lots of swearing, homophobia

My Fave J2 Fics

The Play Nice Proviso  
Word Count: 70,000
"It was unfortunate then that no one had ever told Jensen what happened when an immovable object met an irresistible force; no one had ever thought to mention that there was a thin line between hate and love; and nothing, absolutely nothing, could have possibly prepared him for Playing Nice with Jared Padalecki" - Set at the beginning of SPN. The boys don’t hit it off from the jump and things get pretty tense.

Happy Little Trees -
Word Count: 19,000 
"Jensen is unemployed and spends his days watching tv. He finds a show called Painting with Jared and becomes obsessed." - Hot and Genuinely funny. Smile plastered across my face the entire time I was reading this.

Premium Cable
Word Count: 3,243 
The show is on HBO. Sam and Dean are incestuous. Jared and Jensen film rough sex scenes together, turns out they kind of like it. Hot, boy sex ensues.

Royally Complicated
Word Count: 52.200
”Jensen’s completely sick of his completely dull life; despite a great apartment, a job he loves, and well-intentioned friends who want nothing but the best for him, he’s bored out of his skull. When those well-intentioned friends drunkenly book him a trip to beautiful and exotic Los Roques, Venezuela, Jensen figures he’ll make the best of it, and if that happens to include a fling with a handsome and mysterious stranger he never expects to see again, so much the better.” - Wow. This is one of my favorite fics EVER. So beautiful. And insanely hot.

Who Watches Over Me
Word Count: 96.7k
”Jensen Ackles is an ex-Navy SEAL turned civilian bodyguard with a mysterious past. Jared Padalecki is a flamboyant Hollywood star known for his action movies who’s been receiving death threats. The case sounds like Jensen’s idea of a nightmare, and he takes it on against his better judgment. Jared drags him to clubs and parties and award ceremonies without any care for how difficult he’s making Jensen’s job, and to his complete lack of surprise, they hate each other. But when hate changes into passion, it begins to reveal something deeper between them, and Jensen realizes he’s in over his head. Can he still do his job and keep Jared safe? Or will he fall prey to his greatest fear and fail someone… again?”

The Doors of Time:
Word Count: 186,000
It’s not like he doesn’t try to fit in and make friends, he really does. It just seems like nothing he does is good enough for them. If he smiles they blink. If he speaks they stare. And whenever they see him coming they get this panicked look in their eyes like they want to run away and they don’t even know why.
Jensen knows why. It’s the same thing that makes his dad worry and his mom cry. That makes Nana tell his parents he’s going to Hell, not even caring that he can hear her.
It’s what makes him ‘weird’.

Word Count: 85,984
Jared’s eighteen and in his senior year at a private school in San Francisco. He’s coasting pretty on his parents generous school donations—until his seventh period Physics teacher gets replaced with the maddening, infuriating, gorgeous Mr. Ackles. Jared’s gotten by all his life on his money and his charm, but Mr. Ackles seems to think he needs some… lessons in self-control. The journey their relationship eventually takes them on turns out to be far more than either of them ever bargained for. Toppy!Teacher!Jensen in glasses and Student!Jared in private school uniform included! *The hottest fic EVER

Relax, It’s Just Sex:
Word Count:29,654
JDM.com is an amateur porn website specializing in the “gay education” of straight college guys. Jared’s best friend Chad talks him into doing a couple solo videos to help pay his college tuition. What’s a little gay porn in the grand scheme of things? And then Jared meets Jensen and everything changes.

Love Lies Burning:
Word Count: 95,077
Jared Padalecki heads up one of the largest companies in the mix and bake market. He is ruthless, devious and successful. His personal assistant, Alona, will tell you that he’s an asshole. His best friend Misha will agree. When a Padalecki factory burns down, killing the homeless squatters inside, Jared finds out he has a stalker and his life starts to spiral out of control.
Jen knows he’s wrong, he’s never been right. He stays quiet and watches from the shadows, until the night a fire illuminates his presence. He suddenly finds himself having to face a reality he’s been avoiding for years.

Perfect Disasters and Ever Afters:
Word Count: 46,600
Jared doesn’t know it at the time, but breaking up with Sandy changes him and breaking up with Genevieve just makes it worse. It pushes him closer to the best friend he’s had for more than three years but has just never really noticed before. When Jensen rents a cabin in Montana for a week, for just the two of them and the dogs, a night filled with stars and too much whiskey spins Jared’s life completely out of control in a way that neither he or Jensen are prepared to handle.

Rattling Your Locks:
Word Count: 50,240
Born into slavery, Jared has been trained and used as a pleasure slave ever since he was a teenager. Rare and coveted because of his Alpha status, Jared has always sold to the richest and often cruelest of masters.
His new master, the young but ruthless CEO of TradeMark Entertainment, Jensen Ackles, seems no different. At least, not until Jared stops to wonder what a consummate Alpha male like Ackles would want with another Alpha as his pleasure slave.
Things only get more confusing when Jared arrives at his new master’s home and finds that there are no other slaves. He soon learns that Ackles freed all of his father’s slaves when he inherited them and has been a vocal supporter and patron of anti-slavery groups since. Jared doesn’t know how to reconcile this knowledge with his master’s outward coldness, but the more he learns about Ackles, the less he seems to fit into the assumptions that Jared has made about him.

1/1,095 Days:
Word Count: 25,000
Renowned chemist Jensen Ackles used to be a fun guy. He used to be witty, charming, and would love to go to parties.
For the past three years, he’s been different. He can’t sleep without waking up feeling like he’d done something unforgivable. Sometimes he goes nights without sleeping because it’s better than having nightmares he can’t remember. It’s been going on for so long it’s become normal.
It all comes to a head when a semi-blind date goes horribly wrong. Jared, a man he’s never met, hates him down to his core. The problem is, Jensen’s never met Jared in his life.

The Missing Piece:
Word Count: 59.257
Jared’s life is good; his family might call him “loser” but he has everything he dreams of: more money than he can spend, cool friends to hang out with, and chicks to bang whenever he wants to. It could go on like this, but then Jared’s life takes an unexpected turn when his grandma leaves him her old, long abandoned apple farm in Vermont. Because the inheritance is made with the proviso that only Jared can rebuild the farm, he fulfills his grandmother’s wish and moves to the tiny town of River’s End, where everyone but Sam, the owner of the local inn, holds a grudge against Jared’s family. On the night Jared arrives, a homeless man collapses in front of the inn. John, the town vagrant, can’t remember anything of his life prior to when he woke up in a field, only clad with a cloak, and a single, torn and stained page of a mysterious book in its pocket. Even though Jared is repulsed by John’s state and doesn’t want to have anything to do with the tramp, he helps Sam to take care of him. Soon enough, Jared learns that there is a sad, mysterious story and a kind heart beneath all those layers of dirt. Jared and John become friends, and help each other to see the best in themselves. As their friendship strengthens, John begins to fall in love with Jared. Jared also starts to develop confusing feelings for his friend. All he wants to do is protect his John and help him find his true name. Can they make it and find the missing pieces in their lives?

Alpha Falling:
Word Count: 40,000
Alphas Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have fought for control of the construction industry in Dallas with dirty deals and underhanded actions throughout their twenties. Theirs is a world where aggression and dominance are valued above all else, and in fear of losing his position as head of his company, one of them will bring down his foe with a single ruthless act that tears both their lives apart and forever binds them together.

True Colors:
Word Count: 32,300
Jared is a mentally challenged young man with a very special gift. Jensen is an executive with nothing in his life but work. They meet by accident and discover a connection that defies explanation.

Word Count: 36,414
Jared is a makeup artist and is hired for a new movie based in Vancouver. Jensen plays the part of a hardcore, punk-rock star, but he has a real-life attitude problem. Unfortunately, Jared can’t figure out why and still finds Jensen attractive. They have to work alone together; long hours and long days, in small quarters of the makeup trailer. During that time, Jared discovers the actor’s secret and wants nothing more than to break away the protective mask Jensen hides behind.

The Billionaire’s Reluctant Husband:
Word Count:  101,497 
Billionaire Jensen is a playboy and he needs a husband pronto if he wants to keep his company and his inheritance. After a chance meeting with quiet and hardworking Jared, Jensen decides that he’s found the perfect candidate. The arrogant Jensen thinks he’s got Jared in the bag, but when his new husband refuses to sleep with him and doesn’t really even seem to like him, Jensen convinces himself that he’s happy with his open marriage lifestyle. But Jensen becomes increasingly obsessed with his new husband and discovers the truth behind Jared’s dark past.

Smile For The Camera:
Word Count: 71,286
AU story about Jared and Jensen who are two straight men posing for a gay magazine. Can they stand the heat? Or will things become not so straight anymore…

Man In The Water:
Word Count: 17.5k
"Jared has taken to waking up really early in the morning so that he can get a prime spot - every morning he spies on Jensen who swims/baths in the lake in forest. Jared thinks that Jensen is beautiful, but he, Jared, is too shy to talk to him. Jared has taken to leaving little tokens for Jensen to find - a carving, flowers, a fluffy towel - anything he can think of to get Jensen to smile.”

Word Count: 80k
Jared was passionate about the work he did with the animal shelter. Between that and living with Sandy, life was satisfactory. Until the cold night that the filthy, homeless man hidden in an oversized hoodie was dumped at the shelter and Jared couldn’t just turn him out. Even if the man roared and called himself ‘Beast.’ Because under the hood, Jared was sure he caught a glimpse of a prince in those green eyes.

In From The Cold:
Word Count:  54,414
One thing about working in a free clinic, Jared thinks, is that work is never boring. You never know what’ll come in from the cold on a night like this.  Homeless!Jensen

Grin and Bare It:
Word Count: 32,700
Jensen Ackles is a physical therapist with an attitude problem. Jared Padalecki is the headlining stripper at the notorious club Ziegfeld’s/Secrets, dancing his way through grad school. After a misunderstanding brings them together only to shove them violently apart, the two of them nurse confusing feelings of animosity and lust. Will their differences bring them together, or end up tearing them apart?

Eat You Alive
Word Count: 96,283 
Jensen is a werewolf. Jared is the boy who sits next to him in English class.

more recs here

Fic Recommendations!

This is a list of Fics that I really love and have probably re-read way too many times. This list is pretty much gonna be mostly bottom!Dean and bottom!Jensen so if that’s not your thing this list is probably not for you but if it is your thing hope these work out :D 


  • One Going on Eternity and Counting - leonidaslion is really well known for her Disturbia verse, but this is my favorite work of hers and not at all like BLOD. First wincest story I ever read and still one of my all time favorites. Sam loves Dean and counts the times Dean says no to him. 
  •  Blue Skies From Rain - Set after What is and What Can Never Be. Amnesia Fic that is really long and really perfect. Set in a mental hospital for most of it which introduced me to a kink I didn’t even know I had. 
  • Flying Weight - Dean is a vampire and Sam comes back with a soul and has to deal with what he did as souless!sam. 
  • A List of Typos Made by God -  The summer before Sam leaves for Stanford, Dean begins to forget his relationship with Sam. Every morning he remembers less, and Sam is just waiting for the day Dean forgets him completely.
  • Last Outpost Of All That Is - The world ends while they’re asleep.
  • Fumbling in the Dark: Love Advice For the Romantically Impaired- This is surprisingly long, about 72k words and has outsider points of view. Pretty much a fluff fic about how oblivious those winchester boys are. 
  • Freak Camp: A Monster By Any Other Name - This will break your heart and leave you in a puddle of the worst kind of winchester tears. It can be devastatingly sad and really pretty beautiful.  Pretty sure the boys aren’t related in this one. Beware though, its a WIP and I’m not sure when it’ll be done but the authors do a lot of timestamps. 
  • The Hunter Games - If you loved the Hunger Games and have an affinity for brother touching you’ll love this. 
  • Dark Side of the Moon - Deaf and Blind Dean. Potentially my favorite wincest story of all time. Just go and read everything Fleshflutter has ever written okay. You’ll thank me forever. 
  • The Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist’s Bride - 48,000 words.  This is the funniest wincest i’ve ever read and if you haven’t you should definitely do so right now. It verges on crack, but I guarantee its all worth it. 
  • The Outlaw Dean Winchester - Zachariah sends Sam and Dean into the past without their memories to prove to each other how fucked up they are. First runedgirl story I read and got me hooked to her and AU’s in general. ‘
  • The Glamorous Life- Dean’s infected by an incubus! I wasn’t sure I loved it until I just kept going back and re-reading it cos I couldn’t get some of its steamier parts out of my head 
  • The Fetters of Fenrir- pretty dark with werewolf!Dean. Wasn’t sure If I liked this one or loved it, but it crossed into love territory with DeanmeMine! Long fic with parts and tons of timestamps. 
  • Moths on the mirror- mental hospital fic. Crazy!Dean. Kind of dark and spooky sometimes but I kind of like that in a fic
  • Finders Keepers (The Sin Crouching at the Door Extended Remix)- hooker!fic. Boys raised apart. 
  • Blood Moonboys raised apart, werewolf!Sam 
  • Captured by the Game - boys raised apart fic where Sam grew up with Azazel as his father and the other kids with powers were his siblings.
  • Dust & Shadow- Modern plague fic with domestic!chesters. I recommend this with a very strong REALLY SAD warning. I loved how the author personified the plague, however I literally cried myself to sleep after reading this. That is not an exaggeration. 
  • Shorter Wincest
  • Do I Seem Bulletproof To You? - Prostitute!Jensen story for all those hooker fic lovers.
  • Someone you might have been- Spy-Verse. All time favorite J2 ever. I went through a plethora of emotions going through this, and it is still my very favorite. 
  • Louder than WordsThis Jensen has a condition where he’s not only deaf but often sick and a Jared that is so funny and in love with Jensen that I just want to hug him all the time. I love the way this deaf!jensen is written like a whole bunch, and both boys are so cute and funny 
  • Naked under here- superhero Jared and Jensen
  • horas non numero - I kind of LOVE bertee’s J2 fics and this is no exception. Also I kind of have a historical kink that is only rivaled by my historical ROMAN kink. Series. 
  • J2 in space- Okay I rec this just because it is so fluffy and funny that I just couldn’t help myself. 
  • Fight the Rising Odds- J2 with Greek mythology!
  • Reanimated- An afterlife fic where Jared sells real estate in heaven and Jensen is an attorney in Hell. Cute and kind of angsty. 80k
  • Stained Glass Masquerade - Dollhouse AU
  • Full Service Firm - mistaken identity/ hookerfic
  • Reinventing Love VerseThis is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. It can be really angsty and really adorable and I just want to hug everyone. The Js grow up together
  • Life is Like a Song - Jensen becomes Jared foster brother after a series of bad foster homes. This is really sweet and spans over a long time.
  • The Doors of Time - Okay so i might have a bit of a sick!Jensen kink. Long fic with shy!weird!Jensen and lots of piano.
  • Hewitched - Jared needs an assistant, and Danneel has a cousin who would be perfect for the job. (Very loosely based on the movie/TV show Bewitched.)
  • VESTI LA GIUBBA - Circus!fic with contortionist!Jensen and ringleader!Jared plus curses and magic? GIMME. Also gave me carivale feels even though its set in modern times. 
  • The Beat of Our Noisy Hearts - In a world where heartbreak is a literal condition, it’s Jared’s job to sew, fill and patch the physical wounds left in people’s hearts by lost loves, misunderstandings and betrayals.
  • Killer Romance - the Complete Series- impressive 44k words for a little adorable verse with BAMF!assassin!Jensen and cuddly!crime-boss!Jared. Basically badass and freaking cute
  • we’re still more in love than you think we are- angst, sexytimes, humor, everything you need for an awesome highschool J2 AU.
  • Yesterday Was the Day That I Was Born- HILARIOUS college AU with hooker!Jensen. This author is fantastic btw go read every J2 by her ever 
  • Tiny Plastic Flowers- Vampire!Jensen, angst, and shmoop aka everything you will ever need
  • Excitable BoyLife in the psychiatric unit is quiet and easy and routine for Jensen until the day a new patient is admitted. I literally cannot count the number of times I’ve read this. MMM.
  • Keep My Fingernails CleanJared’s a teenage mortician secretly running the family’s funeral home business when his ailing father can no longer do so. Jensen’s a beauty pageant contestant who ends up on Jared’s embalming table after he dies on stage.
  • Stars Fall InGrowing up next door to each other in Calvary, Tennessee, Jared has known Jensen practically their entire lives. He knows almost everything there is to know about Jensen, harbors all of Jensen’s secrets. And that’s why Jared is hellbent on getting Jensen out of there, before it’s too late.

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J2, Rock Star/groupie AU :)

"That fucking kid is standing front row again." Chris growls, hooking up his bass to the amplifier amidst the screaming arena. Jensen would probably not have heard him if it weren’t were the perfunctory head-jerk towards the object of his comment, and when Jensen follows his gaze….sure enough…..

The kid started showing up to their tour shows some—two months ago? Not that Jensen minds, he’s used to groupies, he always has been. But this kid, this fucking kid—how did he introduce himself at the last meet and greet? Jerry? Jordan? Something like that. This fucking kid is turning out to be an issue because this fucking kid is so fucking cute. He sings to every single set they play like it’s his Swan Song, is usually the one to start the mosh pits, or at least dive into the crowdsurf when they do their encore. The kid is always first in line at their meet and greets and last to leave when they load in the bus. The kid’s got dimples and smudged eyeliner and skinny hips—Jensen knows this because two shows ago the kid ripped his shirt off and Jensen nearly brained himself on the microphone while headbanging he was so distracted. 

The kid is a fucking distraction. One that all of the other band members are aware that Jensen is absolutely amused by. And Jensen’s amusements always tend to spell trouble.

"Don’t do it." Chris says as Jensen waves to the crowd, smiling cockily. "Whatever you’re thinking, don’t do it." 

But they’re already on the third act of the concert and Jensen is high off the crowd, high off the adoration of a pair of hazel eyes standing some ten feet away from him. 

Jensen isn’t really thinking, in all honesty. He isn’t thinking when he walks forward to the end of the stage, watching as several girls burst into tears. He isn’t thinking when he beelines for the kid. He isn’t thinking when he hauls the kid up by the collar of his homemade band t-shirt and he most definitely isn’t thinking when he smacks a kiss on the kid’s lips. The crowd goes absolutely insane, and Jensen’s mind goes a little bit haywire, but the kid tastes like bad cigarettes and gatorade and Jensen’s gonna write ten songs about that taste alone.

"Fucking amateur night." Chris groans, but Jensen launches into the next set feeling more like a rockstar than he has in his entire life.