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I don't know if you've ever seen the movie stardust but if you have then just imagine a j2 stardust au where Jared is Tristan and Jensen is Yvaine bc I just thought about it and I am crying I love it so much

I haven’t seen the movie but Neil Gaiman is my favorite author so I’ve read the book many times. YES. I would love to see an AU of that. Maybe Gen as Victoria? That could work. You know what else could be a good J2 story? Neverwhere. That’s my favorite Gaiman book. You could have Jared as Door and Jensen as Richard. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Gaiman-based fan fics. Someone should probably fix that oversight. :D 


I See it In Your Eyes (You Want the Cup of Life) is a J2 World Cup AU, taking place in Brasil. Jensen is a striker for Chile, while Jared is a defender for the United States. Which team will win?

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Thank you to the wonderful Kamidiox for the art. Please send love her way, as she always does a fantastic job. Support our fandom artists. :D


J2 AU: Jared is a photographer. He is walking the streets during a trip when he sees a beautiful and colorful graffiti on the wall. He positions his camera before the eyes when a boy leaning to the side of the drawing. Still, Jared adjusts the zoom so that he can focus solely on graffiti when his lens captures the boy’s face. The skin, freckles, hair, eyes … His mouth. Jared is breathless. He lowers the camera for a moment thinking it would be right to expect the boy get away and take a picture of his first goal. But as a good photographer Jared wants to capture the beauty of the world, and at that moment, nothing to Jared was more beautiful than that kid against the wall.


HighSchool!J2 fic recs (both are students)

the college Au will be in another post, gimme a few days, please! hope you can find something there, happy Sunday!

My Heart Don’t Beat the Way it Used To Jared and Jensen have been best friends forever, and nothing’s going to ever change that, not even senior slump, or college anxieties, or even Jared getting an annoying cheerleader girlfriend. Or so Jensen thought.

Smells Like Team Spirit  from this prompt: Jensen is a cheerleader and Jared is - well, a jock is the norm, but I really don’t care if he’s just a normal student (might actually prefer it). Jensen for whatever reason wears a skirt (not full on drag, please, panties are very nice though) and Jared can’t stop staring at his thighs. Lots of UST, slight touches that are never enough and Jared ending up fingering Jensen somewhere public (whether people notice them or not)

Show Me How You Do That Trick Written forjuice817 for the Fall Fandom Free-For-All, where she asked for either high school AU, spies AU, or knotting fic. I figured, hey, why not write all three?

A Certain Smile It’s 1958. Jared is the high school superstar: all-round athlete, straight A-student, and one half of the most popular couple in town. Jensen is the teen rebel, all motorcycles, hot rods and rock ‘n’ roll. When Jared’s life veers closer to the edge, he finds Jensen waiting for him there. The collision is inevitable.

Because Happiness Is You When he’s sixteen, Jensen figures out he’s gay. One and a half years later, he figures out he’s in love with his best friend.

Underneath This Texas Sky Based on the movie Can’t Buy Me Love. Money can buy popularity, but… For Jensen, he just wanted to be a part of the cool crowd. When the star quarterback, Jared, needs help, Jensen sees his chance. What he gets is more than he bargained for.

we must reinvent love   With high school graduation less than two weeks away, best friends Jared and Jensen find themselves scrambling to tie up a few loose ends before they’re forced into adulthood. Jared ropes Jensen into helping him get the alcohol for Sandy’s graduation party, and what should be a simple night of partying ends up turning into a series of mishaps and misunderstandings that all come to head when Jensen finally tells Jared the secret he wasn’t ever planning on spilling. If high school has to end, they’re going out with a bang. (A J2 spin on the movie Superbad.)

Crush Jensen’s got a reputation to uphold. When a new guy shows up at school and won’t spare him a second glance, Jensen sees it as a challenge. It gets a little complicated when Jensen finds out he might sort of like the guy.

No Apology Necessary It’s really all Jensen’s fault anyway, because, honestly, how can the guy expect to walk around being all sweet and funny and smart and young and cool and ‘call me Jensen’ in a high school and not have some hormones rage? Especially when he has the nerve to look like that and, on top of it, be the fucking librarian! The hot librarian! It was like porn waiting to happen and Jensen’s totally at fault for not seeing it coming.

I Sing For You Based on the movie Camp. When Jared finds himself at Camp Ovation for the summer, a musical refuge for talented misfits, he gets a whole lot of drama. But then there’s Jensen, his roommate, who may become something more. PDF only.

With Benefits ‘Verse  Jared’s the only sophomore on the Varsity soccer team, so he think he’s a little better than dirt, but Jensen Ackles might not agree. But that’s okay, because Jensen Ackles is a first-class douchebag.

Be Cool, Be Hard, Be Weird (It’s Just Four Years) Jared’s popular, but not too popular; Jensen’s quiet, but too quiet. When Jared forges on to befriend Jensen, he thinks it’ll just be a fun test of wills, but he gets more than he’d bargained for. They both do.

You’re a Real Fucking Page-Turner Jared’s days pretty much all run together, one big muddy mess of emotional turmoil and confusion and shitty friends and shittier classes. Not to mention that his best friend is equal parts awesome and a complete jerk, his little sister is also kind of a jerk, and he thinks privately that someday his books are going to be the only thing to stand by him in the end. Luckily, life has a way of turning things around on him.

bratty little bastards  Jensen Ackles hates coming in second. Jared Padalecki can’t stand being overlooked. So when the same guy makes them look like chumps by taking over the varsity lacrosse team and ranking first in the junior class at the private, elite Eldridge Academy, overachieving computer genius Jensen and popular athlete Jared decide to put aside their differences. Kind of.

Two Sides to Every Story  Jared and Jensen were high school sweethearts, destined to be together for the rest of the their lives, until one awful day changed everything.  Now it’s three years later, and Jared’s starting UC Berkeley, and he hasn’t spoken to Jensen since that fateful afternoon. But all that’s about to change when he finds out that not only is Jensen also at UC Berkeley, but his new roommate is one of Jensen’s best friends.

The Screw Fell Out Sometimes, detention can be the best time of your life.

Call Your Girlfriend Jared is the clueless frigid star basketball player with the hot cheerleader girlfriend, Jensen is the new guy. He’s all handsome and shy and makes Jared feel all hot under the collar for reasons he can’t quite figure out. PDF only.

My Problem is You Make Me Melt Based loosely on the movie She’s All That. Jensen makes a bet that changed his life forever.

Dirt on Our Uniforms Jared is a student at a snooty New England boarding school. Jensen is his shy new roommate. Jared’s a goof, and Jensen wants to do something different now he’s out from under the watchful eyes of his parents, so they start playing silly pranks around the school. (Don’t mess with Texas, y'all.) After a while, in addition to being roommates and comrades in pranking, they’re spending all their free time together… and maybe sometimes jerking each other off. And okay, maybe they kind of like each other. A lot. Possibly, you might even call it love (but you wouldn’t do it in public). Features Jared’s BFF/ex-girlfriend Sandy, Mr. Rosenbaum the crazy creative writing teacher, and a supporting cast of thousands (or at least dozens). and the sequel We Clean Up and Now It’s Time to Learn

Happy Plastic People In the wake of his family’s hatred, Jared is left to deal with the pieces of himself. Being friends with a perfect Christian boy like Jensen is downright terrifying but Jared can’t seem to stay away.

A Marriage Pact

It had only been a joke.  

They were fourteen years old, hormones revving up underneath pimpling skin, and they were too oblivious to notice any of the girls staring at them and wetting their already-lip-glossed mouths.  It was them against the world - or in this case, them against junior high - but that didn’t stop the worry that they both felt as everyone around them started dating.  

“Hey, Jared?” he remembers Jensen saying, summer-lightened hair flat on his head from the pool water.  He had swam up to where Jared was sitting on the edge, long and gangly legs kicking in the cool water, stone tiles hot and damp against his own floral blue swim trunks.  Freckled forearms had rested on the same edge and Jensen had looked up at Jared with a serious gleam in his eyes.

“Yeah?” he remembers asking.  His own hair had been falling in his face, awkwardly parted in the middle thanks to his mother’s brilliant suggestion to the barber.

“If we’re not married by thirty, I’m marrying you, okay?”  It had been in the form of a question, but there was no question in the tone; Jared knew the voice Jensen used when he had a serious idea.  He had heard it when Jensen suggested they sneak out for the first time or when Jensen thought it’d be a great idea to ride the Top O’ Texas Tower seven times in a row at the state fair.  This had been Jensen’s serious tone and Jared remembers doing the only thing he could deem logical at the time: laughing.  


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Superheroes Suck, or, The Unfortunately Extraordinary Life of Jensen Ackles by cleflink
Jensen hates superheroes. Having grown up with not one, but two, of them in the family, he’s more than aware of just how much having a spandex-clad alter ego can cock up the rest of your life. Luckily, his own powers tend towards the more passive, hippie florist side of things which - while embarrassing - means that all that superhero crap is someone else’s problem.  Or it would, if not for the frequent interference of superhero-obsessed friends, hostage situations, hotshot new superheroes and irritating relatives. Not to mention a boyfriend who has the uncanny ability to go missing whenever bad things are going down somewhere else in the city.
Sometimes, Jensen’s life is kind of bullshit.

Naked under here by fleshflutter
Summary: A superhero AU, written as part of spn_reversebang. You can see the finished, beautiful art prompt that eleke provided in the text and in her masterlist here. Huge thanks to giandujakiss for being the absolutely awesomest beta I have been lucky enough to find, and big love also to calembours for the art-betaing!

Pun, or, the Confession of an Unrealistically Reliable Narrator by necrora
summary: Dating your co-worker is hazardous at best, especially when you both work for the same superhero team. Dealing with an unexpected pregnancy with said co-worker—who’s grumpy and hormonal and knows how to turn into a direwolf at whim—is even riskier business. Finding out that your unborn baby has been prophesized to defeat the world’s greatest evil is just too much. Now evil is out to hunt Jared, and everything he loves and everything he didn’t know he wanted but now can’t imagine life without. And really, he’s all for dying for his true love, his child, and maybe the world, but at least someone could have warned him before fate offered him up to be the modern day James fucking Potter.

Dive Hard…With A Fingeance by brokenhighways
Summary:Jared Padalecki is a shark whisperer. Well, that’s what they call him. Technically, you could say that his ability to communicate with sharks does in fact make him a shark whisperer. To Jared, it’s a part of him, a gift that he was born with. He doesn’t care that he’s mocked in the media for being crazy (and having questionable hair). What he cares about is keeping peace between sharks and human beings. It’s too bad that the sharks have other ideas. Featuring Jensen as a water shifter and Misha as a villainous shark.

The Gifted by morrezela
Summary:Jensen is one of the ‘gifted.’ Most of the world doesn’t know that his kind exists because the government hunts them down and takes them to a training facility. He’s treated well, but even a gilded cage is still a cage. Just ask the feral murderer that lives at the edge of the compound.

Mindgames by ashtraythief
Summary:Jared really can’t help his dirty thoughts, not when the meeting is so boring and Jensen so pretty. And if he has to suffer through this, well he’ll make sure Jensen is right there with him.

Twisted For You by brokenhighways
Summary:Jared could literally spend an entire day telling someone just how much Jensen Ackles (the multi-billionaire head of Ackles Industries, who just happen to be the country’s largest oil manufacturers) sucks, but Jensen’s surrounded by unwavering levels of adoration and nepotism regardless, so it’d be pretty pointless. However, when Jared and Jensen’s lives collide and he’s forced to spend time with the other man, he realizes that maybe he had the wrong idea about Jensen all along. [Based on the first Iron Man movie.]

Superhero ‘Verse by morrezela
Summary: Jared is a superhero who doesn’t have the best grip on his powers or the best handle on dealing with the collateral damage that being a hero causes.Two years ago, Jensen woke up in a hospital with amnesia – collateral damage from a massive fight between the local superhero group and their arch nemesis. He is back on his feet now, working at a local coffee shop and dating one of the very superheroes that helped cause his injuries in the first place. Jared’s team doesn’t approve of the relationship, and neither does Jensen’s boss. Just when Jensen decides to fully commit to and move in with his boyfriend, Jensen’s past comes knocking in the form of being abducted by his supposed former teammates – the very people Jared was fighting the day Jensen lost his memories.

The Extraordinary Experiences of an Unusual Sidekick In the City by truelyesoteric
Summary:Jared Padalecki, Class Two Superhero, has lived his entire life in his small town. Another disappointing Superboyfriend is the kick that he needs to get out. He arrives in the City, expecting to be overwhelmed, instead it seems that he finds everything that he has always been looking for.

J2Powers!verse by queerly_it_is
Summary:Jared has been a telepath for as long as he remembers. That means that in some ways he has learned to close his mind when things get overwhelming. Meeting Jensen is a test on his patience, however, because he has never met anyone as loud or with as dirty a mind as Jensen.

This Hell We’ve Made by BewareTheIdes15
Summary:Except for the fact that they were both born with remarkable superhuman abilities, and a seething mutual dislike, Jared and Jensen have nothing in common. Turns out, though, that they may also be the only ones who can save each other from themselves.

 Winchester & Colt verse! by raths_kitten
Summary:Jensen Ackles, wealthy head of Ackles, Inc., orphan, raised by his uncle Jeffrey Morgan. What nobody knows is that by night he dresses up in black and keeps the streets safe as the vigilante they call Winchester. Jared is Winchester’s biggest fan and he wants to be a hero just like his idol, so he assumes the personality of Sam Colt, hoping to one day receive training from Winchester himself. But Jared might have put himself into more danger than he bargained for when Jensen’s criminal uncle returns.

Darker Pieces of the Night by zuben_eschamali

Summary: Even in a world where extraordinary mutations are increasingly common, being born with wings makes it difficult to lead anything like an ordinary life. Jared is a solitary semi-superhero who makes a rescue one night that puts him in danger with only the man he rescued to guide him through it. Written for

As a celebrity trainer, Jensen Ackles’ career continued solely on the reputation he built among Hollywood’s elite. When his last trainee spoke out negatively about him for reasons still unknown, he lost everything - his clients, his job, and any chance to make a come back. That was the case until Jared Padalecki, ex-basketball player who was dropped from his team due to a horrid knee injury, approached him, desperate for a trainer. Jared could be his redemption. Now he just has to prove he’s still the same amazing trainer he knows he’s always been. But Jared’s injury and the resulting emotional trauma following it all could prove to be too much, especially when it paired with Jensen’s own reserved personality and rules set for himself as protection more than regulation.

My fic recs: J2 coffeeshop!au (part 2)

For the anon who asked for J2 coffeeshop fics. Also for my coffee enthusiasts wellcometothedarkside, buttheyrebrothers, whoaeasytiger and baronsamediswife. I still have so many coffee fics I didn’t rec here, so I’ll have to do part 3 sometime in the future! The first part of my recs is here >

Coffeeshop fics

Eighty-Percent Coffee Bean by morrezela
Summary: Jared always shared his latte of the month with Jensen first. Words: 1,655.
Tags: jared/jensen, oneshot, barista!jared, customer!jensen, fluff, pre-slash

I Crave The Stain of Almost Too Much Love by whispered_story (akintay)
Summary: Classes he enjoys, a job where he gets free coffee and cookies, and finding friends in Chad and Sophia - college life starts perfectly for Jared. And then there’s Jensen. After seeing him in the hallway on his first day at school, Jared can’t get him out of his mind, and the friendship that forms between them quickly turns into something more. It seems like it’s too good to be true, and maybe it is, because Jared can’t stop wondering exactly how serious Jensen is about their relationship. Words: ~31,000.
Tags: jared/jensen, barista!jared, college!fic, friends-to-lovers, pining!jared, top+bottom!jared, top+bottom!jensen

One Kiss At A Time by sweet_lyri
Warnings: suicidal Jensen
Summary: Jensen, Jared’s newest employee at Jay’s Pad, has had a hard decade. Recently released from a rehab facility, Jensen’s living at a shelter and just needs some help getting his life back on track, and Jared vows to be the one to do just that. But Jensen still has demons he’s fighting and secrets he’s keeping and Jared knows that a relationship is the last thing Jensen needs right now. Words: 70,033.
Tags: jared/jensen, past-abuse, substance abuse, pining!jared, hurt/comfort, shy!jensen, bottom!jared, top!jensen

Life is just one cup of coffee after another by __tiana__
Summary: Jared works at the campus Starbucks, and every day at 4:30, a guy comes in and orders the same drink. Words: 4,900.
Tags: oneshot, jared/jensen, humor, college!fic, pining!jared, barista!jared, customer!jensen, pre-slash

Cinnamon Twist by yohkobennington
Summary: Jensen works at a coffee shop, and has a crush on one of the regular customers. But every time he tries to talk to the guy, the damn cinnamon gets in the way. Words: 3,514.
Tags: oneshot, jared/jensen, coffeeshop, fluff, barista!jensen, customer!jared, pining!jensen, pre-slash

Maybe Somebody’s Coming and I Don’t Know Who by poor_choices
Summary: Jared’s a workaholic architect looking for his caffeine fix. Instead he finds Jensen. Words: 4,100.
Tags: jared/jensen, oneshot, architect!jared, humor, barista!jensen, meet-as-strangers, pretend!couple

Thirty Steps by karfraegh
Summary: Jensen lost his lover to hate. It made him hide away, protect himself, isolate himself. His only real connection to the outside world is through his computer and a tech support guy called Jared. Words: 6,959.
Tags: jared/jensen, oneshot, homophobia, anxiety, hurt/comfort, loner!jensen, tech!jared, online relationship, meet-as-strangers, pre-slash

Other J2 fics with coffee

All through the town by kazie_oh
Summary: Jared and Jensen ride the same bus every morning. Words: 7,300.
Tags: oneshot, jared/jensen, meet-as-strangers, college!fic, mentioned jared/sandy, pining!jensen, first time, handjob, rps

Additional Charges May Apply by riyku
Summary: Jensen is a phone sex operator, and Jared has a bad habit of dialing wrong numbers. Words: 3,697.
Tags: jared/jensen, oneshot, phone-sex, kink:dirty talk, shy!jared, voice!kink, meet-as-strangers

That’ll Give You Bees by annella
Summary: Jensen is a hot-shot Hollywood actor, and Jared owns a pet shop in San Antonio. What happens when two completely different worlds literally collide? A/N: This is based on the film Notting Hill. Words: 18,515.
Tags: famous-averagejoe, jared/jensen, movie-remake, actor!jensen, petstore, romance, kink:piercings, bottom!jensen, top!jared, rps

Puppies, Coffee and an Office Romance by whispered_story (akintay)
Summary: Jared has a crush on his boss. Words: ~3,300.
Tags: oneshot, office, boss!jensen, assistant!jared, jared/jensen, fluff, pining!jared, pre-slash

Just a Little Office Maintenance by dugindeep
Summary: Jared pines, oh does he pine, for the maintenance guy in his office. Words: 4,200.
Tags: oneshot, jared/jensen, office, pining!jared, shy!jared, pre-slash

Quick J² fic rec

 because we need more love

Sex on the Beach by   buttheyrebrothers     There are places where no sand belongs but the way it got there makes it totally worth. (sweet oneshot placed during J2′s latest holidays in the beach perfect to start the sunday with a smile)

The Last Light I See  by  pennydrdful     When Jensen wakes up in the hospital, he wakes up confused and alone.   There’s no family or friends worrying over his bedside, no cards or flowers.  The doctor quietly informs him of three things: his name, that he was beaten and mugged, and that he’s tested positive for Super.  On the long road of recovery from a brutal attack, Jensen slowly starts to piece together what kind of man he was, the kind he wants to be, and why the tall, ridiculously gorgeous gardener seems to hate his guts. (wonderful fic, if you like hurt!Jensen you NEED to read this, you’re gonna love it)  

Failure to Communicate by  LoveThemWinchesters    They say that communication is the key to a good marriage…Jared is a high-profile attorney—the youngest lawyer employed at the prestigious law firm of Morgan & Sheppard—and he has just made partner after several long and grueling months.Jensen is a famous murder-mystery writer (also a semi-retired actor). He has just weeks to submit the final manuscript in his biggest contract yet.Both men are tired and worn out, their marriage taking a backseat to their careers. Add a spark of jealousy to the mix and, well, it’s a recipe for disaster.    

Of Dogs and Puppy Dog Eyes  by  ha5rika  Author of graphics novels and self proclaimed introvert Jensen Ackles is recently divorced and is not looking for a relationship. All he wants to do is focus on himself and pretend his problems don’t exist. Part of that plan is to get a new home in the suburbs and a dog.Two things happen that completely destroy this plan of Jensen’s: 1. He gets a dog. 2. He gets a Jared.                


Jensen Ackles decides to spend vacation in Rio de Janeiro where he meets the surfer Jared Padalecki. They met each other on the beach. Jared lives in Rio since childhood and promises to take Jensen to all the best places. After a few weeks with Jared, meeting all the beautiful tourist attractions, Jensen wonders if one day he will want to come back to Texas.

“The only one who could ever reach me, was the son of a preacher man
The only boy who could ever teach me, was the son of a preacher man.”

A Walk To Remember!J2 au -  High school student and resident rebel without a clue, Jensen Ackles, faces expulsion for a prank gone wrong. His punishment is eventually lessened to mandatory participation in the drama club’s spring play. Forced to interact with the Pastor’s son (and president of the geek squad) Jared Padalecki, the boys’ relationship blossoms from initial dislike into something much more unexpected. Until something terrible threatens to destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to create. Loosely based on the schmoop-tastic film A Walk to Remember, with a dash of Chad and a healthy serving of other CW regulars. Life Is Fragile, Handle With Care


GIFS BY itsoksammy

porque después de eso, ESTO es totalmente como acabó la noche para Jared y Jensen (◕ฺ‿◕ฺ✿ฺ)

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Saturn Awards J2 version ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 

—Ouch Jen —protestó sin demasiado ímpetu—, ¿Estamos ansiosos hoy o que…?

Apenas se habían cerrado las puertas del ascensor a su espalda y ya le tenía sobre él, buscándole la boca con ansias asesinas. No es que Jared fuese a quejarse ni mucho menos. Suspiró, dándole espacio para que esos labios carnosos le dejasen un surco de diminutos besos que iban desde la base del cuello hasta esa zona tras la oreja que hacía que las rodillas se le convirtiesen en mantequilla.

—Qué bueno estás coño —respondió Jensen, cuyos dedos ya estaban ocupados desabrochando los primeros botones de la camisa que portaba Jared. El delicado frufrú del tejido al ser apartado le erizó un poco más lo pezones que estaban ya más que estimulados por las caricias del actor—. He estado a punto de decirle a Eric que cortase la charla de una vez, que tenía que echarte un polvo o iba a volverme loco. Llevas toda la puta noche provocándome.

A Jared se le escapó una risita ahogada mientras dejaba vagar las manos bajo la tela de la chaqueta de Jensen, luchando contra la ajustada prenda, la tela seguía sintiéndose fresca bajo sus palmas.

—¿Provocándote… y cómo es eso? —gimió al sentir el esbozo de una lengua girando en torno al lóbulo, la presencia fantasmal del aliento de su amante le estremeció de anticipación y placer—. Jen… espera. ¡Espera!

—No puedo, tengo que probarte —fue la sucinta respuesta. Jensen tenía esa expresión decidida que se le ponía a veces, las pupilas dilatadas y enormes, las mejillas rojas, no sólo por el exceso de alcohol sino por el evidente deseo. Jared suspiró, dejando que sus caderas se frotasen en lentos círculos, disfrutando con abandono de la prometedora dureza que latía bajo los ajustados pantalones oscuros.

—Estoy sudado y… —protestó a media voz. Jensen levantó la cabeza un instante y Jared gruñó por lo bajo al notarle más cerca, mucho más cerca. Se mojó los labios al verle pulsar la tecla de parada.

—Como si eso fuese nuevo —se burló Jensen, recorriéndole con mirada incendiaria—. O como si me importase tres cojones.

—¡Jen! —La protesta murió antes de ser pronunciada, no tenía razón de ser, no cuando los dedos de Jensen se habían cerrado en torno a su erección, la gruesa tela de los vaqueros le proporcionaban una muy necesitada fricción. Arqueó la pelvis, luchando por sentirle con más fuerza. Notaba nuevas gotas de sudor bajándole por la nuca y la espalda, perdiéndose justo en el surco entre las nalgas. Jensen le estaba tocando como quien le quita un envoltorio a un caramelo. Y sudor o no, Jared quería ser devorado.

—Así —dijo en voz baja, lamiéndole despacio, hociqueándole. La boca de Jensen ardía contra su piel húmeda, la saliva dejando un nuevo rastro—. Me gusta verte así y olerte y saber que todo esto es mío… porque es mío, ¿verdad J…?

Jared asintió en silencio, mordiéndose con fuerza los labios, intentando mantener el silencio y fracasando con estrépito. La mano de Jensen le acunó unos segundos, robándole la poca resistencia que le quedaba

—Ahora date la vuelta nene que voy a demostrarte cuanto me gustas. —Jensen le giró, acariciándole la nuca mojada con su aliento candente—.Voy a hacerte sudar de verdad y tú vas a disfrutarlo.