Journalism that changed the world -- what's your favorite story?

This week, in Journalism 1000, I’m slated to give a lecture on journalism that changed the world. 

Fifty minutes to talk about journalism that changed the world is just a starting point. There are so many wonderful tales out there — Woodward and Bernstein, the Pentagon Papers, Murrow vs. McCarthy — and those are just a few of the domestic stories. 

So, I’m asking for help here, journo friends. Hit the comments and tell me which is your favorite journalism story. I’m not looking for anyone to do any research for me or anything — just help me narrow down the millions and millions and millions of examples into a handful. 

Keep this in mind too, when making your recommendations: The students in this class are not journalism majors, so nothing that’s too insider, please. 

Is the Daily Show/Colbert Report News?

That’s the question that Prof. Jen Reeves and I will be discussing with our Journalism 1000 students on Friday. I crowdsourced my journalism friends with the all-important question: Of the thousands of clips we could possibly show, which ones will best fuel the discussion. 

I had this clip from a 2007 Colbert Report in mind because it focuses on Columbia, which should help educate our students on a wacky chapter in the city’s history: 

Jen has suggested this clip, from the time the New York Times made the mistake of actually talking to the Daily Show:

The Daily Show - End Times
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I think this clip shows Jon Stewart at his best — calling someone out on their hypocrisy: 

The Daily Show - Indecision 2004 - Cleveland Steamers
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And, if there is time, I think we’ll go with this commentary on how Fox News is not news: 

Did I miss any good clips that you’d recommend? Hit the comments and let me know.