“(…) And he looked at the slain, recalling their names. Then suddenly he beheld his sister Éowyn as she lay, and he knew her. He stood a moment as a man who is pierced in the midst of a cry by an arrow through the heart; and then his face went deathly white, and a cold fury rose in him, so that all speech failed him for a while. A fey mood took him.
«Éowyn, Éowyn!» he cried at last. «Éowyn, how come you here? What madness or devilry is this? Death, death, death! Death take us all!».”

- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings.

So it’s widely known that J.R.R. Tolkien was extremely critical of/dissatisfied with the state of academia in his time, and he also believed that linguistics, history, and literature were three facets of the same discipline that lost important context if considered individually.

Well I finally got around to reading his valedictory address, and oh my god if it isn’t the saltiest thing ever written.

Tolkien on scientific linguistics:
“ … forming what one might call our ‘hydroponic’ department.”

Tolkien on using undergrads as research assistants:
“Whatever may have been found useful in other spheres, there is a distinction between accepting the willing labor of many humble persons in building an English house and the erection of a pyramid with the sweat of degree-slaves.”

Tolkien on the process of getting a degree:
“… a 'planned economy’, under which so much research time is stuffed into more or less standard skins and turned out in sausages of a size and shape approved by our own little printed cookery book… . I should hesitate to accuse anyone of planning it with foresight.”

Tolkien on pop-culture studies:
“We now have on our hands one thousand two hundred years of recorded English letters, a long unbroken line, indivisible, no part of which can without loss be ignored.”

Tolkien on student accommodation:
“Meanwhile many of the better students wish to spend more time in a university; more time in learning things, in a place where that process is (or should be) approved and given facilities… . But alas! those with the more eager minds are not necessarily those who possess more money.”

I Almost Lost You

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Warnings: Mentions of blood and injury. A little bit of fluff

Pairings: Thranduil x fem!reader

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Thranduil’s face was contorted in anger as he sliced through Tauriel’s bow with his sword. The only thing he wanted was to get out of Dale and return to Mirkwood. Enough Elven blood had been spilt and he would not waste any more. When Tauriel and Legolas had turned away, one of Thranduil’s guards came up to him and whispered in his ear. Thranduil’s eyes widened for a moment and he froze on the spot. This couldn’t be happening.

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Here is a picture of J.R.R. Tolkien looking at some flowers in a greenhouse. Apparently, he was the worst person to take walks with because he liked to stop and observe every tree he passed very carefully. We can only assume that he did this because he was waiting for them all to reveal their true Ent nature and speak to him. Ents do speak slowly, after all. They were probably between words while he was watching.