j.r. davidson

If You Never Frown, You Won't Feel Sad

Botox is a popular cosmetic procedure to reduce facial wrinkles.   Botox is injected into various muscles, for instance in the face, and it  paralyzes the muscles thereby causing the wrinkles to “relax”. It’s   been known for a while that one of the side effects of Botox treatments are that people can’t fully express emotions (for example, they can’t   move the muscles that would show they were angry, or even happy). New   research shows another interesting side effect – people who have Botox   injections can’t feel emotions either.

Muscles and feeling are tied together – If you can’t  move your muscles to make a facial expression you can’t feel the   emotion that goes with the expression. So if you have recently received a  Botox injection and you go to a movie that is sad, you will not feel   sad because you won’t be able to move the muscles in your face that go   with feeling sad. Moving muscles and feeling emotions are linked.

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