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Black People Who Survived A Scary Movie: Winston Zeddemore

(“I have seen shit that will turn you white!”)

Ok so the Ghostbusters wasn’t a scary movie. It’s had ghosts though! Stay Puff the Marshmallow Man tried to end the world right? All the elements of a scary movie so by default Ghostbuster Winston Zeddemore is a black man who survived a scary movie. #BANG

Now the crazy part is according to Wikipedia the original script of the blockbuster movie called for Winston to be the “smartest and most capable of the Ghostbusters.” Thats some messed up shit! They dumbed down the black man in a comedy!? 

The cool thing is Winston survived this…

And This…

So I salute out to Winston Zeddemore… You survived TWO scary movies (even though it was a comedy but the world was threatened twice)

Black People Who Survived A Scary Movie: Roland Kincaid

Til Halloween I’m shouting out black people that survived Horror Movies. Now Believe me this list will be short as hell BUT there have been some black folks who have managed to see the credits of a Horror flick. 

First props go to:

Roland Kincaid

In A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors, Roland Kincaid was portrayed as the angry black child against anything and everyone. Normally he would be the first to go in any scary movie but not in this one! Kincaid was the man who would take no shit from Freddy Kruger. Eventually the Kincaid would help Nancy and the rest of the Elm Street kids defeat Freddy yet again.

Kincaid survived Nightmare 3 but fell to Kruger in the beginning of Nightmare 4. Kincaid was so loved that someone on Youtube created a tribute to him! 

So salute to Roland Kincaid! Brother you made it! 


And here it is! J.R. Bang Goes “Planking!” Shouts to my girl Janelle (@AJ_Nelle) for the Video and pics! Planking can be dangerous so make for you be safe and protect yourself at all times. Don’t be a daredevil! Check it out!