*makes undistinguishable noises of satisfaction and J.O.Y*

So…… okay bare with me while I cry tears of joy to myself. 😭
This was commissioned sculpted by none other than the AMAZING JESS!

She did it again guys… this is art.

I asked if she could draw me & James(Michael) and Bish, I’m astonished. Speechless. Shooketh.
She made me look literally like a choice character without me asking. If you need another commissioner, HIT HER LINE.
Worth every penny.

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Jenny Owen Youngs covering “Ring of Fire”

Where's your running JOY?

I’ve been traveling like a madwoman lately. This morning, I felt the pressure as I hit the 5 am snooze button – my body tired from traveling in a car for three hours last night, my brain wanting an excuse. 

Then I went to my bathroom & saw a sign that my aunt recently gave me.  It’s a really bright, Christmassy “JOY” sparkle hanging pendant. I put it by my bathroom mirror because, in 2014, I decided that life needed to be about JOY over happiness. Happiness can come & go. But joy is in everything.

Boy, did I need some J.O.Y. this morning!  Even when I saw it, I felt like the Grinch.

“Who runs 8 miles every morning anyway? You did this to yourself.” Insert woe-is-me statement here. When I saw the little glittery sign, I had to woman up. I mean, seriously Demi. People who HAVE NO LEGS RUN MARATHONS.  People who HAVE LIVED THROUGH LIFE-THREATENING DISEASES RUN MARATHONS. People have overcome insurmountable odds, just for the OPPORTUNITY to run Boston.  How selfish could I be?

Yeah, that was my suck-it-up moment. Find my JOY. I said it over and over again on my runs, for 75 minutes in a row. A negative thought in my head? “You’re not joy. Beat it, dude.” I literally spoke to my own negativity.

Hey, do what works, keep doing. No Excuses Today (NEXT) is what we say in our office. NEXT, NEXT, NEXT!

How do you find your joy in running?  It could be literal, like my reminder … or something symbolic. Regardless, we all need to find it to be long-term runners.  It’s a lifelong passion that needs fuel!