Alvarez Kings - You, Me, Them, Us. - J.Kas Lyrics.

Fractured lies from fractured minds.

Fractured souls, from fractured lives.

Who controls this fractured time?

Does my nine to five go so undefined?

Piece together my fractured rhymes.

From a mind so sick, thoughts so intertwined. 

Yet how could I be so blind?

To read those signs?

And live in silence?

Life of a lamb.

Broke out to be who I am.

You, me them us, as a fam.

As we formulate to form the new clan.

Temptations grip the whole land.

Takes over every new man.

New days and ways to make slaves.

Do we all make way for routes we don’t plan?

Look I can see your pain.

Look I hear your strain.

Look I can see that flame that burn deep inside your heart remains.

Look let’s get together.

Do this better.

My rhymes are endeavors. 

Alvarez sing this forever.

- J.Kas

So yet again J.Kas teams up with 87 BujI.C. & Big Pressure.

“On Fire” really set the bar for that all round Hip-Hop club rocker.

When we performed this for the 2012 Wap Hip-Hop Festival in Belgium, the crowed went Cray’ as well as Gorillas. This is not an understatement. It was mental out there. “Belgium stand Up”.

It’s good to know that in Europe there is so much love for Hip-Hop music. And when you combine French artists with UK artists it makes it that little bit more special for the people.



J.Kas “Bad Boy” video. Filmed by Angus Prospere for LiveWyre Pictures (Orlando Florida).

The video was shot in and around Sheffield city center, and also J.Kas’s local area Firth Park.

Click link for free download: “Bad Boy”.


“PATATE DE GORILLE” (Gorilla Punch)

Belgiums 87Buj featuring UK’s J.Kas.

All they do is let the music do the talking.


A behind the scenes peak at the Timeless Records Celebrity Halloween party in Miami, Fl.

Music from J.Kas & Meek Mills.

  • Podcast
  • MixTape Sheffield Live
  • 18/09/2012

One of the tracks from J.Kas’s forthcoming project “Let’s Take It High” Feat Bee, was aired this week for the first time on MixTape Sheffield Live, which is a radio show hosted by Emily Brinnand and Olivia Taylor on Sheffield Live 93.2fm

An uplifting piece of hip-hop which was highly welcomed by the shows hosts Olivia and Emily, who instantly fell in love with the track and placed it on this weeks top 3 tracks off the week.

Each and every week the girls play an array of local and up and coming artists from the Steel Fields (Sheffield).You can listen to Mixtape Sheffield Live each and every Wednesday on Sheffield Live 93.2fm or online www.sheffieldlive.org from 6pm till 7pm.



J.Kas “Change”

Change can be power, masterful, harsh, hard and can even be the most beautiful thing to ever happen.

Change can derive from so many unforeseen situations, that can occur at any given moment throughout ones life. But all in all Change will inevitably happen.  

Look at how the material life of this world has changed since the turn of the century. So many developments in technology and social economics have changed the shape of society and the way of modern day living. 

So many dreams and aspirations are either achieved or lost depending on what changes we have decided upon, that may be needed within our lives. We can change for the better, or change for the worst.

Here are some influential people who are all about “Change”.

Malcolm X is all about “Change”.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr is all about “Change”.

Robert Nesta Marley is all about “Change”.

Tupac Amaru Shakur is all about “Change”.

Michael Jackson is all about “Change”.

Bruce Lee is all about “Change”.

Barack Obama is all about “Change”.

Haile Selasse is all bout “Change”.

Maulana Sheikh Nazim Adil Al Haqqani is all about “Change”.

Remember everyday presents change, and offers you time to change.

“Don’t be lazy, and do good”


Watch on jkasmusic.tumblr.com

Treat your ears right. Listen to this album.

When people think or imagine Armageddon. Most people would think of a dark black and bloody event/war.
Where the smell of death and suffering is so thick in the air.

However The time where the fate of those that have already decided and have written in holy books will come to an actual event. The time where black and white become so clear for those who have been awaiting the event. 
And this is another point of view that inspire the design. 
The white is the dominant color, it reflects holiness and purity of the promised day. The opening where heavenly order will be established on earth. 

The holy war. The armageddon. 

The light blue represent spirituality and contentment. 

The image of two eyes closed represent deep contemplation and mystery.
Telling us that even though Armageddon is something that is certain,

Artwork By: Ali Seto Ibn Ruslan