I don’t get it. I really, really don’t. Come on fandom, this is insane. What is with accusing Dumbledore of literally EVERYTHING! Now they say he didn’t fight for Hagrid and “allowing” him to be expelled when the books clearly say he tried to help him. Now they’re accusing him of “half-hearting” Newt’s defense and let him get expelled so he would put Dumbledore on a pedestal. Dumbledore supposedly LET all these things happen to people so they would worship him. Uh, people usually love you if you do GOOD for them. If Dumbledore REALLY wanted all these people to view him as a savior, how about actually SAVING them, for the love of fuck?! Come on, if Albus wanted an in with Newt, how about letting him STAY at school if he could?! Same thing with Hagrid, if Dumbledore wanted their gratitude it would make more sense to not “allow” their expulsions so that they’d be SUPER grateful! Why is this not registering?! Give them something to be grateful for! They’d love you if you DIDN’T supposedly half-ass their defense. Plus it’s the HEADMASTER’S call on who gets expelled. Dumbledore can’t make Dippet change his mind. He can’t make ANY human change their mind, if he could he’d be an actual manipulator. Dumbledore has better shit to do with his time and his life than to ruin lives. Which is the WORST thing to do if you want to make someone grateful to you. It’s not, never has and never fucking WILL be HIS job to fix everyone’s lives people. Deal with it.

  • JK Rowling: Suddenly, light started shining through the window!
  • J.R.R. Tolkien: The window, which hanged on the wall, softly letting its curtains dance around the room, suddenly brought a bright light into the house.
  • Douglass Adams: Quite unexpectedly, light shined through the window in the room, which was less surprising when you think about the fact that's what windows are for.
  • Lemony Snicket: Light shined through the window abruptly.
  • abruptly, usually means unexpected, or sudden. For instance, if your mother picked you up from school after telling you twice about doing that, it would not be abruptly. However, if someone were to tell you your house burned down and your parents were dead without telling you to sit down first, it would very much be called, abruptly.

Be on the lookout, J.K. Rowling is releasing two new Harry Potter related books. The books are Harry Potter, A History of Magic and Harry Potter, A Journey Through the History of Magic. The first detailing about the subjects taught at Hogwarts, while the second book contains “packed with unseen sketches and manuscript pages from J.K. Rowling, magical illustrations from Jim Kay and weird, wonderful and inspiring artifacts that have been magically released from the archives at the British Library.”

The release date is October 20th!


Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.