While I’m happy with the series, I like to imagine what Harry’s life would have been like if Voldermort was destroyed by Dumbledore long before he went after the Potters (yes I know that’s unrealistic and impossible, but I get bored in class and it’s fun to do!) and Rowling revealed that Lily was pregnant with her and James’ second child when she was killed, I imagine the baby was a Girl which they named Ivy, who was a very sweet and shy girl as well as being a Hufflepuff. Harry was always so proud and protective of his little sister and if anyone bullied her, he dealt with them the “Muggle Way” (fighting) and when he got into Trouble, he just grinned and hugged his sister, telling her he didn’t care cause she was alright. I also ponder the idea that she’d have a lovely relationship with Collin Creevey, which Lily and James adored, as well as being good friends with Ginny, and was over the moon when she and Ginny became sisters-in-law.

  • JK Rowling: Suddenly, light started shining through the window!
  • J.R.R. Tolkien: The window, which hanged on the wall, softly letting its curtains dance around the room, suddenly brought a bright light into the house.
  • Douglass Adams: Quite unexpectedly, light shined through the window in the room, which was less surprising when you think about the fact that's what windows are for.
  • Lemony Snicket: Light shined through the window abruptly.
  • abruptly, usually means unexpected, or sudden. For instance, if your mother picked you up from school after telling you twice about doing that, it would not be abruptly. However, if someone were to tell you your house burned down and your parents were dead without telling you to sit down first, it would very much be called, abruptly.

Wizarding law is way different from Muggle law you guys, I just want to clear that up. Because a lot of people in the fandom don’t seem to realize this, you’re judging wizards by Muggle standards and that never works because OF COURSE you’re gonna find problems. Maybe in wizarding law it’s perfectly fine to let kids go school shopping by themselves, or it’s not unprofessional in their world to hold a job interview in a bar. Of course we wouldn’t do any of those things but maybe, just maybe, to them it’s perfectly okay. I’m pretty sure Tom Riddle wasn’t the first kid to go get his school supplies alone, or Trelawney wasn’t the first teacher ever interviewed in a bar. To these people, they’re not bad things. And nobody got hurt. I mean it’s not against their law to make love potions, and what Fred and George sell are perfectly fine and legal. They can sell Acid Pops to children, candies that can turn you into birds/make your nose bleed, and exploding playing cards, I think that should tell you something. Fandom can’t use Muggle law when looking at wizard customs, it’s just not going to work out.


Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.