JK Rowling isn’t perfect - she’s human, she does problematic things, she makes mistakes. Maybe certain ideas in her work aren’t original, maybe she borrows themes and ideas.

But I’m still so grateful to her for creating the wizarding world, and I always will be. If it weren’t for “Harry Potter”, I don’t know how I would have gotten through five years at Hinchley Wood (my secondary school) if it weren’t for Potter, and I’m so thankful to Rowling for creating this world and sharing it with us. I’m eternally grateful for “Fantastic Beasts” too, because Beasts has already done so much for me in terms of giving me a coping mechanism/distraction - and I know the others will too. If JKR hadn’t created Beasts, I wouldn’t have ever listened to Alison’s music, or seen Katherine’s other films… I am so thankful to her it’s unreal.

  • JK Rowling: Suddenly, light started shining through the window!
  • J.R.R. Tolkien: The window, which hanged on the wall, softly letting its curtains dance around the room, suddenly brought a bright light into the house.
  • Douglass Adams: Quite unexpectedly, light shined through the window in the room, which was less surprising when you think about the fact that's what windows are for.
  • Lemony Snicket: Light shined through the window abruptly.
  • abruptly, usually means unexpected, or sudden. For instance, if your mother picked you up from school after telling you twice about doing that, it would not be abruptly. However, if someone were to tell you your house burned down and your parents were dead without telling you to sit down first, it would very much be called, abruptly.

When she wrote these words in that little cafe in Edinburgh, JK Rowling could never have known how true they would become.

A list of supernatural beings in the British Isles, from the Denham Tracts, 1892-5 (pictured).
~from The Penguin Book of English Folktales, Neil Philip, 1992

The author notes that this is where Tolkien found the creature name: Hobbits. I also see Fire Drakes. And I’d add that since this was published, there are at least two recognizable creature/character names J.K. Rowling may have gotten from it.