If Winter gets a epilogue it better be on the lines of Harry Potter’s not Hunger Games.  Meaning that it better be more than one page and at least tell us how everyone is doing.( The main 8)  They don’t have to be married with kids like HP but at least happy and doing things they want to do. Everyone may talk about HP epilogue but at least we know that Harry , Ron, Hermione, Nevile, Ginny and Draco are happy with their lives. I really wish we got a glimpse of Luna but we knew she was ok too.  That doesn’t mean they came out with no mental or emotional wounds which is impossible. That doesn’t mean they didn’t rebulidng the Wizarding World. Like the ending the said all was well with them.With THG epilogue it was like “ Yeah Peeta and Katniss got together, had two unnamed kids,and still have mental wounds from the games” I mean that’s fine but people wanted to know how Panem as whole was doing. How Effie, Gale, her mom,and Haymitch was doing after 20 years.  So Marrisa give us a good epilogue if you do one!