…the people who mean something to you at 16, 17 are the people who are getting you through stuff. So I absolutely understand why someone who is hanging on to Harry Potter as a safe place at 13 is excited at 21 to talk about what [Hogwarts] house they’d be in. I don’t think it’s infantile.
—  J.K Rowling (full interview)
I can’t believe Jo understands exactly how I feel about Harry Potter. 

Today is the birthday of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter. We had a little fun with the headlines and let our imaginations run free. Here’s what we think some of today’s headlines could have read if we lived in Rowling’s magical world. 

Note: This is purely fan fiction conceived from USA Today’s intern Summer Bedard.

How…how long do you think that Harry Potter will last?

I just

Do you think that it’s going to be something like Disney?

Do you think that 80+ years into the future, we’re still going to be enjoying the stories and the theories and the different adaptations?

Do you think that people will share old photos of J.K. Rowling who has long since gone onto her next adventure?

Do you think that our grandchildren and their grandchildren will know the stories of The Boy Who Lived?

Do you think that it’ll be something like Shakespeare in that sense?

Forever adapted over the centuries?

Four hundred years from now, are kids going to be regarding Harry Potter as an ancient series?

Am I having some sort of weird existential crisis about the length of Harry Potter’s legacy?

I think that the answer to all of these questions is yes.


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