September Just One Word Book Photo Challenge Day 26: Children’s

I’m sure this is the obvious choice, but Harry Potter was a fairly big part of my childhood. I can’t remember what came first, me seeing the first movies or reading the books. But without fail, I went to the theatre to see every HP movie with my parents (even as a young adult we kept up this tradition). 

My friend and I read The Order of the Phoenix together one summer while camping. I’ve had HP movie marathons with friends and family countless times. This summer, I actually took a train from Edinburgh Waverly Station on a train called The Flying Scotsman to London King’s Cross Station. It was a wonderful experience (my first time on a train!). I also braved the Harry Potter store twice and both times it was full to the point of the store being uncomfortably hot (which was in part due to England’s heat wave and the complete lack of air conditioning in most London buildings). So now I have two train tickets: one from the train I actually went on from Scotland to England, and another for Hogwarts.

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Sólo para fans de Harry Potter: Haz el test y descubre tu Patronus

Un Patronus es, según Wikipedia, un encantamiento utilizado para repeler a los Dementores en el mundo de Harry Potter. Aparece por primera vez en el libro “Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban” y es uno de los productos más maravillosos de la imaginación de J. K. Rowling.

Según se cuenta en los libros de Harry Potter, la forma del Patronus depende de la persona que lo conjure y de su recuerdo más feliz. La web Pottermore ha creado un sitio dedicado para que puedas descubrir cuál es el tuyo, basándose en una serie de elecciones que harás en un recorrido mágico por el bosque de Hogwards.. Sin duda una web que hará las delicias de los fans más fans de la saga.

Por cierto, ante el éxito de la web, los fans preguntaron a J.K. Rowling cuál era su Patronus… ¡una garza!

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Miniature Memorabilia Inspired by Hogwarts & The World of Harry Potter

Charming UK-based shop Petite Uniques creates exquisite miniature toys, furniture and memorabilia with a Victorian, bibliophile and wizardry inspired sensibility.

The Harry Potter collection includes a set of ingenious and miniature newspapers fit for a dollhouse. Scaled at 1 inch each newspaper contains authentic headlines from the Daily Prophet and Wizardly World News, which read with infamous and prolific titles, including the “Escape from Azkaban” and “The Boy Who Lies.”

Each miniature newspaper is crammed with ample news and tiny details and has been beautifully aged to resemble a vintage aesthetic. 

Along with Harry Potter memorabilia, you will find other miniature book classics and dollhouse furniture. Find her work in her Etsy shop.

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