Memories of Our Past

*Update-12-19-2016- This is the end people. Thank you again for hanging in there with me. I do plan to take off a few weeks before starting another story, but I hope you enjoyed this one. If you have any story prompts, please feel free to message me some ideas to piggy back off of. * Happy Holidays

Chapter 11

There was constant movement, frantic movement around Leanne and Carrie.  She wasn’t sure what was happening, but she knew that it had to have been something pretty serious, because she was being escorted out along with all the other girls(who had black bags over their head) out of the underground cells onto helicopters. Leanne wasn’t sure where they were going, but she knew she was getting further and further from home as she was pushed further and further down this rabbit hole.


 One week…it had been one week and not a peep.

The authorities had been able to get a warrant for the casino, but even after finding some minor drug stashes, there were no signs of human trafficking and no signs of the Boyas. They had suspected that the Boyas had been long gone before the authorities came through.

This left the question as to where was Leanne now ..

J.J. looked like death warmed over. He had lost at least 6 pounds in the past week, worrying himself about where the Boyas could have possibly gone. He had broken down and made an attempt to call Amber on the number he had for her, but of course it was no longer in service. He had been scrapping his brain for any way to get the Boyas attention so he could make the case to get his family back.

He was currently on his laptop searching every location that of the businesses that the Boyas owned. He knew they owned at least 3 casinos, 4 hotels, and 2 restaurants. However, he had no clue where to start. As he went on his search, a vague memory of him and Amber talking about her favorite place to visit. He remembered he had been there with her only once, but she always called it her cozy get away. It was a few cottages in that location, not like the family’s bigger hotel chains. J.J. didn’ t know if that is where they would be, but he knew Amber always retreated to somewhere quiet and comforting when she was not in her right state of mind.

It wasn’t a sure thing, but nothing would stop him from trying. He took time to talk to the police to see what could be done across country borders, if in fact the Boyas had taken them out of the United States. Of course, he got a “sticky situation” answer, which led him to take matters into his own hands. He called up two people he knew he could trust to formulate his plan.

He let his family in on only a few details of what he wanted to do by going to Nova Scotia, but refrained from giving too much information, as he knew they would try to convince him to abandon all plans. But it was no longer a matter of his safety or reputation, J.J. had brought this upon his family and come hell or hot water, he was going to get them back. J.J. gathered the last of his supplies and finished up making arrangements for his trip.

He made his way to the airport and buckled up for his journey. No matter the circumstance of this situation, J.J. had to admit seeing the ocean always had a calming effect on him.

‘Welcome to Canada’ flashed across the signs as he walked out from the airport to flag down a taxi.

He got a ride out to the nearest boating place that would take him to Nova Scotia. As he was riding out to the cottages, he bundled up and thought about his current plans, hoping that his back up would be on their way in a few hours.

When they finally arrived, he walked up to the nearest inn and got a room. As much as he wanted to just go guns a blazing, he knew he would only cause more trouble. He had to wait…he had to be patient.

It has about 4 hours later when he finally heard a knock on the door. He opened it to reveal his two people that he trusted more than anything, his friend Kevin and his friend Shane.

“Well not gonna say I’m glad to see you under these circumstances, but I am glad to see you brother.” Kevin said as he stepped in and gave J.J. a hug.

“Man, I can’t think you enough for being here. I really appreciate it.” J.J. said.

Next it was Shane. J.J. knew their relationship had been rocky with Shane knowing everything that was going on. He had missed his friend and he hated to call on him at a time like this, but he knew that Shane was good a creating a scheme to get out of hot water.

Shane presented him with their handshake that they had had since they first became friends and all seemed right in the world.

J.J. didn’t waste time when everyone entered the room. He gave them all the information he had about the place he suspected Amber may be holding Leanne and his daughter. He had not remembered the layout as well as he had hoped, but Kevin was good at finding blueprints so he would leave that up to him.

Kevin promised to get as much information as he could the following day since it was already night fall. They all agreed and called it a night. If J.J. didn’t get as much sleep as he wanted, it didn’t matter he was on a mission.

The next day the men woke up and got ready for the day. Kevin focused on learning as much as he could about the site from blueprints to possible cameras to help them get on the inside. Shane on the other had was working on how to get them in.

After much planning, the guys finally felt comfortable with following their plan. J.J. had rented a vehicle to take to the cottages. He had hoped that if Amber was there that she would be willing to at least talk to him. As he got out to go to the cottage that was heavily guarded, he was stopped.

“Excuse me sir, but the people here do not want to be disturbed, so if you will there are other cottages around that may suit you.” He said.

J.J. cleared his throat “Umm, actually, I am here to see Ms. Boyas, umm Amber.”

The bodyguard gave him a thoughtful look and called information over his speaker. “What’s your name again?”

“It’s Justin, but she’ll know me as J.J.” he said.

The man spoke over the speaker again, while watching J.J. carefully.

“Ok, Ms. Boyas is willing to see you, but she wants us to search you for weapons and wires,” he informed J.J.

J.J. nodded his consent and lifted his hands as the man searched him before clearing him and leading him into the cottage.

“Well, well if it isn’t the prodigal sexy Mr. Watt,” said Amber in a smug tone as she dismissed her bodyguard and looked J.J. over like an expensive art piece.

“Let me guess, you are here to beg for your little wife and daughter,” she said whispering in his ear.

“Well no bother, yes they are here, but not with me of course. I mean not that I am worried about U.S. authorities trying to get us, but your stupid friend Brian, really messed this up for all of us.” She said as she walked back to her couch and took a swig of the wine sitting on the coffee table.

“But no worries, we are good at covering our tracks. Now, why don’t you come over here and convince me to speak some more….” She said with wicked smile.

J.J. knew that look all too well and would have probably fallen victim to it before, but he knew to be weary of it now.

“Look Amber, this is between us, not my family, I..”

“No! J.J. this is about you and your precious little family!” she yelled cutting him off.

“If you didn’t have that woman and kid distracting you, you would be mine! I get what I want J.J. and nothing has ever gotten in my way. Now, I advise you to sit your ass down and humor me if you are looking to keep your family alive any longer.” She said with a dangerous low tone.

J.J. sat across from her. He knew she was true to her promise and he didn’t want to push her to do something crazy before he knew his family was safe.

Amber took it upon herself to get up and walk over to him. She straddled his lap and started kissing his face.

“Why do you have to make me so crazy papi? All I want is you. You keep making this so hard?”

She started grabbing for the waist of his pants, but J.J. held her hands and turned his head away from her kisses.

“I told you before, this cannot happen again. You practically almost cause me to get killed! And then you take my family, how can you even fathom, I could keep doing this,” he said incredulously.

“Because I know what desperate men will do to get what they love. I want you and I am willing to take whatever I need to ensure I have you. In fact, I’m tired of this game, so why don’t I just end this now,” she said as she dialed on her cell phone to call someone.

Before her call could go through there were sirens rushing up to the cottage outside.

Amber looked at J.J. and clawed at his face. “You fucking snitch! I knew you would try something like this!” She reached down under the table to grab what J.J. could guess was a gun, but before she could he swung her one straight to face to knock her out cold, then trucked it to the back door of the cottage. He ran through behind the thin layers of wood that separated him from the water. He kept running until he saw Kevin there with a patrol car waiting on him.

“Man, you made it!” Kevin said in triumph.

“They got them J.J.! Leanne and Carrie are safe.” Kevin exclaimed.

“Yeah, and not to mention we found a slew of underage girls that we are interviewing to determine if they were being prostituted. Thank you guys for trusting us to be in on this with y’all. This would have been too much to handle on your own, especially with a family as sneaky as this. We have been trying to find something on them for years, but nothing has ever stuck,” said the officer.

J.J. didn’t realize his tears were falling until he felt wetness on his cheek.

“Where are they?” he asked.

“Well Shane got a bullet to the shoulder on his way out of there, but the other officers on site were able to snipe those fuckers before they could pull the trigger again.” Kevin explained.

“Luckily no one else got hit, so they gathered everyone in the main office that presides over the cottages. Don’t worry we screened it and there was no weird business going on there.” Kevin reassured.

“Well hell, what are we waiting for? Let’s go.” J.J. said.

His adrenaline was still pumping from running and thinking about the fact Amber was ready to kill him and Leanne.

The officer gather Kevin and J.J. in his patrol car and drove them to theholding area where Leanne and the other girls were.

Leanne saw J.J. and immediately ran up to him with Carrie in tow.

“Oh my goodness, I never thought I would see you again.” she said crying as she hugged him.

“I was looking for you baby. I’ll always come for you. I’m so fucking sorry for all of this. “ he said crying as he hugged her and Carrie close.

“Well as much as I am touched by this reunion, we do need to get everyone down to the station so that we can proceed with statements and all the other tidbits.” The officer informed.

Everyone nodded in agreement. It was time to put this to rest.

Epilogue *18 months later*

It had been a whirlwind of a year. The case against the Boyas was finally over, but it had taken forever in Leanne’s mind.

She had to testify, which she was happy to do. This family had taken so much from her already that she was more than happy to see justice served for them.

But crazy enough, during this whole trial she found out just how cruel Amber really was. It was found that 5 bodies of some of the prostitutes had been discovered at another hotel of theirs in Mexico. One girl testified(by cloaked video as she was witness protection) that she had been spared because she had managed to increase her intake of money, but she did share that Amber had threatened to have her low earners shot if they had not made enough money that month. The girl shared how she saw first hand Amber order her bodyguard to take each girl out.

Leanne knew that Amber was crazy, but she did not realize the extent of it. This only made her grateful her and her daughter had made it out safely in this whole fiasco.

Also during this time, Leanne and J.J had been undergoing intensive therapy for their marriage. Yes, she had been thrilled that J.J. had put everything on the line in order to save her and Carrie, but the experience had been so traumatizing it made her question every move and more paranoid than she would admit.

However, Leanne could admit that they had definitely grown from their first month of therapy until now.

She was actually intimate with J.J. now, while she had been cautious, even to the point of staying in Carrie’s room those first couple of months back from the cottages.

J.J. had also made significant changes in order to be closer to his family and to work on making everything work.

He limited his out of state promotions to only 4 times a year and his brocations would be put on hold for a couple of years. After Brian’s betrayal, he really didn’t feel up to going on vacation with the guys.

In all of this , J.J. would have to say that he was happy to get closer to his mother-in-law, Ms. Davidson.  She has been there at every breath and despite all his screw ups she always tells him how much she loves him and is thankful for him.

J.J. never thought his life would make the turn it did, but he would take the highs with the lows. He is grateful that his accident brought back memories of all the good times and love he had with his family and reminded him of what mattered most.