Memories of Our Past

Chapter 10

“What the hell man!” Vince yelled as he saw J.J. hobbling to his room as he was coming down the hall from the casino.

“Fuck man, this hurts!” J.J. said as he leaned on his door trying to open it.

“Dude, you are bleeding! What the hell happened? We need to get you to the hospital.” He said as he dialed up 911 on his phone.

J.J. finally got the door opened and stumbled in, sitting in the nearest chair he could find as he kept pressure on his wound and started to breathe heavily.

Vince had walked in behind him giving the 911 operator the information they needed.

“It was Brian man, he shived my ass. This, all of this was a setup.” J.J tried to get out as the pain increased.

“J.J. you are sounding crazy right now man. What are you talking about?” Vince said rubbing his head as he felt his panic rise.

“ The Boyas.. he has been trying to suck us dry so he can get paid to keep up his habit. I think they threatened his family too if he didn’t do it.” J.J. said with a groan.

Vince couldn’t help but think he was in a bad Godfather movie and wanted to get out of it as soon as possible.

“Man, this is crazy. You just chill and stop talking cause you look like you are about to pass out. Let me call the front to let them know to expect paramedics,” Vince said as he dialed up the front desk on the phone.

“I need you to track Leanne’s location. I think they did something to her man. Something feels off.” J.J. said faintly.

“J.J., hey J.J. man stay with me. J.J. wake up bro, you can’t sleep.” Vince’s voice felt like a distant memory as J.J. felt himself give over to the darkness.


Leanne felt a hand on her face and she jerked at the touch. “Ow there she is, wakey wakey, cutie pie. We have a meeting” the man said. He quickly ripped the tape off of her mouth, but didn’t free her hands.

Leanne felt herself being lifted to her feet as she tried to clear the haze she felt, but then quickly panic hit her again as she thought about Carrie.

“Where is my baby!” she asked the man.

He didn’t reply just kept walking her towards a flight of stairs. They walked up to the top and opened the door to reveal a lavish room, but Leanne didn’t have time to focus on it, because she heard the cooing of a baby as she walked further into the room.

“I’ve always wanted a daughter. No matter how many times I tried, I kept having boys. But to have a daughter would have been amazing, a daughter adores her father. Hello, Ms. Watt,” said a well dressed man sitting in a nice chair in the middle of the room with Carrie on his lap, unharmed and laughing as she played with a toy.

“I’m Antoine, I’m sure you have met my sister. Forgive me for the way you ended up here, but she is quite possessive and brutal.” He gave the man escorting Leanne into the room a look and immediately felt her hands being freed. She stood still in the middle of the floor. She wanted to go get Carrie, but was unsure of what would happen to either of them if she rushed to grab Carrie.

“ I’ve tried to teach her more persuasive and humane methods of getting her way, but she is quite impatient. This obsession with your husband has made her sloppy and wreckless,” he said easily. He looked at Leanne and gave a tilt of his head offering for her to come hold her daughter.

When Leanne held Carrie in her arms, she felt tears roll down her face. She was relieved to have her daughter in her arms, but she had to know why they were here.

“Why am I here? “ she asked lowly while holding Carrie tight to her.

“Well, again my sister’s horrible obsession has kind of caused a mess for us. I did not know of your arrival until I was informed earlier this morning. Again, my sister’s unfortunate obsession with your husband has caused quite a few problems. I would be inclined to send you back home and forget this ever happened while I bring my sister back to reality, but the fact of the matter is you have seen too much of our operation for me to feel comfortable with that.” He said with an unreadable expression.

Leanne swallowed hard because she did not what that meant.

“I can’t let you go, at least not at this instant. Police will ask questions and you will be inclined to answer and our livelihood is at stake. Now, with your husband in the hospital everything can blow up in our faces and we need collateral to get him to keep quiet. Don’t worry though, you will be able to stay with your little one in one of our better accommodations,” he said with a plastered smile.

Leanne focused on his admission that J.J. was in the hospital. Did someone hurt him?

He quickly summoned one of the men in the room and whispered something to him.

“You have a good day Mrs. Watt. I’m sorry for this inconvenience. If you will, one of my men will see you both to your room.” He said leaving no question for protest as one of the men gently guided her away from him.


“What..What is going on?” J.J. asked as he woke up in the hospital bed.

“Oh goodness, hey baby! We have got to stop meeting you here.” His mother said rushing to his side.

“What’s going on? How long have I been here?” he asked again.

“You bled out too much from the stab wound. You’ve been here two days,” his mother explained to him.

“You’re lucky Vince was there to call for you or else..” she trailed off not wanting to think of that possibility.

J.J.’s father cleared his throat and started speaking, “ Brian is now in custody, they are getting information from him. From what we have heard already it doesn’t sound good J.J. It sounds like he was tangled up in some serious stuff. Also, Ms. Davidson called, they traced the last location on Leanne’s phone. The last location is in Los Angeles, CA. Some of the local law enforcement is already trying to get documents together to go check out the place. It’s another one of their casino locations, but it seems like there has been rumors of illegal human trafficking activity there…so.” His father finished there as he let it linger in the air the possibility of what Leanne may be subjected too.

J.J. felt like he was going to be sick. All he wanted was to get up from his bed and fly out to Los Angeles to find his family.

“How long am I going to be here? I need to find them,” he said.

“J.J. calm down, you need to be here until at least 2 more days, plus you have to be questioned now that you are awake. They want to know everything that happened with Brian and what he said,” his mother explained.

J.J. nodded his head although he was feeling numb inside. He wanted this nightmare to finally end.