j.j. gun

So this is J.J. Gun of Vampires Everywhere! Last night, while I was talking to the guys of Glamour of the Kill he was with Kuza and kept eyeing me. After Geordy and I were done talking with the guys we talked to the bassist of Vampires Everywhere! Then, In Fear & Faith came on Geordy started talking to J.J. and he was so happy because he finally got to talk to me, it was really cute. After, I asked for a picture with him, not knowing who the fuck he was or what instrument he played. While taking the picture he said I was really pretty :’] and after we looked at each other and he gave me the look that he was about to kiss me, but these girls asked for his autograph and ruined it. We went to check out In Fear & Faith but after their set they came out, and Geordy wanted to meet them and J.J. came back out. He hugged me from behind, asked for my name and I finally got his lol. He was mad that I had gum because the merch guy for In Fear & Faith, Taylor, gave it to me. He wanted it badly so we made out so he could have my piece of gum ;]. He’s such a great kisser. Plus, he’s only 19! While talking to the guys of In Fear & Faith, J.J. kept coming up behind me and poking me and attempting to tickle me. It was a fail. During that time, he told me that I needed to go because the more I stood there the more he was going to come up and hug me and hold me because I’m so cozy. :’]. Of course I stayed there haha. Then when Alesana came on we went to listen to them. During their performance, J.J. came up to me and held me for like 3 songs and had to go. After, he came back and tried to tickle me again, it was a fail. lol. Then he went back to help Kuza with the merch. During Alesana’s performance Vampires Everywhere! had to head to the next show. So, J.J. came back to say bye to me. We made out again. I got my gum back! haha. And he gave me a hug. He gives one of the best hugs, I swear. He was about to give me his number, but Kuza told him to hurry up. So no number :( So sad. But it was so fucking awesome. He was totally in to me :] Pissed off so many fan girls hahaha. Such a fantastic night. When I came back to my room I looked him up and found out he’s the drummer! FUCK YES<3 Making out with a band member is off my bucket list! :]