anonymous asked:

Greetings from Melbourne! Really enjoying your blog thus far, though I wish you'd post more original content. Quick question, who are some blogs worth following and why? Cheers.

G’day from Queensland, always a pleasure to hear from an Aussie reader, even if he (or she) comes from the superior state! 

In no particular order:

  1. Alex at The Pantalonesas a college kid, mypantalones will teach you literally all the things about how to buy the best quality for the best price. His insights on visual design/architecture and how these fields relate to style are worth considering. He’s also a genuinely top bloke who loves a good brew and excellent food. To call his blog a ‘menswear’ one would be a disservice to the multi-faceted way he approaches this whole clothes malarkey. 
  2. Feni at Sir Fenimore - sirfenimore also has a portfolio he uses for his professional work, but as an internet cool guy and CSC employee I find his personal musings more interesting. Peep a range of well curated and inspirational images over on his side. Also he can rock a mean selection of more directional #menswear garments that I personally don’t even have the confidence to ‘wishlist’.
  3. Jeff at J. Hilla - now part of The Armoury family, jhilla doesn’t post quite as much these days. Still, his personal blog is a great place to glean inspiration for v-zone (tie and shirt) combinations and reflect on the style of influential historical figures. He also writes with the hand of a consummate professional
  4. Porter at The Puerto Rican Social Club - thepuertoricansocialclub is another Australian acquaintance of mine. Porter works for P Johnson (widely accepted to be the best contemporary Australian tailor working) and his love for simple well made things comes through on his Tumblr. Mostly images, mostly inspiring. 

Since I’m incredibly lazy, I’ll also refer you to a big smoochy love letter of a list I wrote a year or so back that addresses this exact question. Though you might want to sub out the now defunct Wax Wane blog with ACL (Jake does some excellent product writing for them on there).