The amazing quotes just kept coming for this one – so we let them take over the cover.

As the novelist Harry Crews noted – Nothing gets you back in touch with yourself like a little of your own blood. J. D. Daniels more than tests this theory in six letters to nobody in particular as he lurches from ju-jitsu punchbag to janitor, adjunct professor to drunk, exterminator to dutiful son. En route he considers how far books, learning and psychoanalysis can get us, and how much we’re stuck in the mud.

The writing is feverish, witty, intimate and addictive. Get stuck in.

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Stand: Osiris


This man is addicted to the thrill of gambling, does not matter the game, he’s fine just as long as he wins. Collector of souls, turns them into poker chips, with a design reminiscent of the persons face. Cheats all the time, doesn't get caught though, very  intelligent and very dangerous, has a strange pattern going down each side of face, skin feels like bread  ,dressed very swav. Don’t let down guard near him. 


Announcing “The Unprofessionals”: our first anthology of new writing in more than fifty years.

The Winners and Losers of Comic Con 2015

Before Comic-Con, it’s safe to say not many people were talking about the umpteenth reimagining of Mary Shelley’s enduring story of a mad scientist’s drive to reanimate the flesh of the dead. But after director Paul McGuigan (Sherlock, Push) said that the movie was really a love story between Dr. Frankenstein (McAvoy) and his assistant Igor (Radcliffe), that was all the actors needed to launch one of the most warmly homoerotic panels in memory, capping off with McAvoy and Radcliffe unforgettably recreating a scene from the movie that, well, just see for yourself… -X 

I recently hit 500+ followers and I feel like I finally need to do one of these.

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Barakathelps: Basically you’re really awesome and probably one of my best friends on here. Also, you’re kind of a cabbage at times. But you’re the punk pop-est cabbage in the cabbage patch and you’re a really awesome writer and friend. 


You have some really awesome music taste and you’re really great yourself and basically you should just rule the world.


You’re really awesome and I love your blog so much?? 


You’re really fabulous and awesome.


You’re really cool and you make awesome stuff for the RPH community.

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❝ so i hit three hundred followers a couple days ago after being gone for a month or so and i thought it’d be cute to post a compilation of blogs that have helped me reach this milestone as a small representation of my thanks! that might’ve been a run-on sentence, but hey, idrc. basically, everyone i follow is on this post, except for the ones who’ve been inactive for a week or more. i know how warm i feel when i’m on someone’s ff, so that’s why i included everyone woo. even those who didn’t include me on their follow forevers — they’re on here, too!! as well as non-rph blogs!! because i’m grateful!! and astonished!! how do people like me!! ok enough talking; i’ve lost enough of sense and sanity within every text post i write so this lacks interest and appeal completely. btw i think this won’t be split into any sections bc i am lazy and the baes already know who they are. IN A NUTSHELL (does anyone who isnt a teacher use that expression), I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. YOU’RE ALL SO SO SO IMPORTANT TO NOT EVEN MY FOLLOWER COUNT BUT TO ME ESPECIALLY. i’d become friends with anyone and everyone on this list, which means talk to me. please. ok luv u ur beautiful or handsome and special and lovely and u make my happy and ur DEFINITELY swaggy xoxoxox ❞

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❝ graphic maker

huge thank you thank you thank you to beccacita my one true love for making the above graphic ur a queen ur a goddess 

❝ 300th follower

shout out 2 calebrior thx man

❝ who i reblog the most according to tumblr aka im ur biggest fan

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❝ ur all so radical and freakin cute and i hope u know that