“This song is about growing older, you see your friends and your family and your loved ones in a different light. Sometimes you see them for the better sometimes you see them for the worst but most of all you see them growing away from you. This song is about getting older and losing all of that, you’re born in this world alone and you will die alone remember that. This song is called The Saddest Day.” - J.Bannon


A little preview of what’s in store for those of you who get Converge’s new “All We Love We Leave Behind” book/album pack. 48 pages of goodness, a 9"x14" print, and the album all included. As always, Jacob Bannon is on fucking point with the visuals, and i don’t even need to tell you how great the album is… you already know. If you love these dudes like i do, then this is worth every penny. They’ll be playing The Masquerade here in Atlanta on November 7th, and i can’t wait. I got the chance to meet Bannon last time i saw them a couple of years ago, so i’m hoping i randomly get the same opportunity again this time around. This thing will officially be complete when it has his(or all of their’s) signature in it.

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Rungs in a Ladder: Jacob Bannon of Converge

There aren’t many people willing to work on their own time for long periods of time. They’re not truly inspired. You see that a lot. Blogs three years ago will have 65 posts and slowly it’s less and less. Then, it’s like two posts in a year. Then, no activity. True artists, writers, or creators will stay dedicated to something for longer than a year. But this is just my opinion. I’m completely aware these are subjective opinions that I’m making. For example, I find music that’s offensive to my personal tastes all the time, but I don’t go to message boards and say, ‘God this is the worst thing! These people should have their vans flipped over, they should explore and their family should die.’ That doesn’t appeal to me. I change the record. I don’t like the hyper-critical aspect of specific sub-cultures. I don’t acknowledge it. I think truly creative people don’t have time for it. I have friends on a regular basis that are affected by these things. They say, ‘Have you read this?!’ A lot of times I just don’t care. It’s an opinion of your band or your art, but it doesn’t matter. What does matter if it brought you emotional or creative fulfillment when you created it. That’s it. I mean, once you release a record you lose ownership of it.
—  J.Bannon