The Magician On The Train

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J. Daniel Atlas x Reader

You took the same train every day, at the exact same time you picked up your daughter and headed to your second job, never noticing the world around you.

“Mommy look.” Your daughter whispered, pointing across to a man who was flicking and shuffling cards between his hands.

“Sweetie don’t be rude.” You whispered, glancing at him, sure he’d been smirking at you without looking over as if he knew she’d been watching him.

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Imagine liking Jack Wilder

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Oh, the things Jack Wilder did to you.

You were on a kinda-sorta date with him at a nice restaurant. The ‘date’ had been set up by Merritt as a way for the two of you to keep an eye on Walter.

“No sign of him,” Jack said discreetly into his concealed earpiece. He listened to the response before looking up at you. “Atlas is on the other side of town,” he explained with a grimace. “We’re stuck here until we get eyes on Walter.”

You sigh, twirling the pasta on your plate around a silver fork as you try to keep yourself from staring at Jack’s perfect face. The food on both your plates was uneaten.

“Atlas is tracking him at the moment,” Jack continues. “Dylan thinks that Walter will come to that shop.” Jack pauses and points out the window at the small shop across the street with his clean knife. “We have to see what he comes out with.”

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Come in close… Closer… 

Because the more you think you see… The easier it’ll be to fool you… 

Because, what is seeing?…. You’re looking but what you’re really doing is filtering, interpreting, searching for meaning…

My job?… To take that most precious of gifts you give… Your attention…

And use it against you….


I hummed quietly as I made my way down the street, my combat boots making a satisfying noise against the pavement. A tarot card sat in my back pocket, somehow mocking me with every step I took towards the mysterious address. I was doubting that this was real. My mind was mocking me, telling me it was just a joke, that I wasn’t good enough to be successful as a magician. These are the times when I miss Danny the most. When my insecurities are at the forefront of my mind, when I can’t seem to grip onto reality hard enough. He was always there for me. We’d grown up together, been best friends throughout every up and down our lives had to offer. I remembered that he used to zip up my jacket when I couldn’t, and had walked with me back towards our homes after a day at the fair. We’d always been so close, practically attached at the hip. But when we’d gone to college? Things changed. We grew apart, spent less time together, hardly ever conversed. Then we stopped talking altogether. I haven’t heard from him or seen him since. Honestly I missed having him in my life, especially now when it seemed as though my world was crumbling around me. My parents had died, I’d lost my job, I couldn’t pay the rent, so I had to bunk with an old college buddy I’d kept in touch with. Becoming a street magician had helped me regain my footing, but times were hard, and I wished I had the person that knew me best. I sighed as I looked up at the apartment building, pulling the tarot card from my pocket and rechecking that I was at the right address.
“Excuse me, are you going in?” I looked behind me to see a young man, younger than myself, sorting a leather jacket and a gentlemanly smile.
“Oh, yes, I’m sorry.” I began to move up the stairs, the man soon in step beside me.
“Did you get one of these too?” He asked, holding up his own card. I nodded.
“Jack Wilder.” He stopped, holding out his hand. I took it with a slight smile of my own.
“Y/N Y/L/N” We continued to walk together, but I soon stopped as we heard other voices ahead. Jack however, wasn’t deterred by them and continued on.
“No way. J Daniel Atlas?!” I stopped at Jacks shocked voice, gulping as I stood frozen to my spot. It took me a moment, but I soon found myself stepping into view of four other people.
“Danny?” I breathed, watching as the man in question turned to face me, his eyes blowing wide.
“Y/N” I smiled wide as I walked towards him, throwing my arms around his waist. He didn’t hesitate to hug back, holding my smaller frame close to his as his lips hit my head. I knew then that everything was going to be alright. With him next to me again, nothing bad could happen.


The apartment was cold when I woke up, the warm body next to me doing nothing to help. I pulled myself from bed, leaning over to kiss his forehead before pulling on sweats and his jacket, the cool leather making me shiver for a moment. I stumbled towards the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from my eyes as I went. I could hear the others talking as I made myself coffee, and I felt them staring as I curled into the couch upon reaching the living room.
“Isn’t that Jack’s jacket?” Merritt asked, smirking to himself.
“Did you sleep in his room last night?” It was now Henley’s turn, and I sighed, but internally laughed. I couldn’t believe it had taken them this long to figure out.
“Yep.” Danny’s eyes widened and I laughed out loud at his surprise.
“Are you two together?” He asked, and I saw Jack smiling in the doorway as he made his way over to me, throwing his arm over my shoulders as he sat down beside me.
“Yep” we said in unison, smiling at each other before we kissed softly, a mere peck that made it as if we’d been together for years. The rest of the horsemen gaped and I grinned, shaking my head.
“For three of the most intellectual people on the planet, you sure are clueless.” Jack laughed beside me as I snuggled next to him, closing my eyes as I rested for awhile longer, the rich smell of his cologne and leather surrounding me.

  • J. Daniel Atlas: What is magic? Magic is deception, but deception designed to delight, to entertain, to inspire. It is about belief. Faith.
  • Henley Reeves: Trust.
  • Merritt McKinney: Without those qualities, magic as an art form would no longer exist.
  • Henley Reeves: But what happens if these qualities are not used for their higher purpose? And instead they're used to cheat, lie.
  • J. Daniel Atlas: For personal gain, or for greed? Well then it's no longer magic.
  • Merritt McKinney: It's crime.
  • Henley Reeves: So tonight, for our final act, you're gonna help us set a few things right.