One day, if you look back and feel bad for being so angry you couldn’t even speak to me, you have to know that that was okay, that I knew. Because I know everything you need to tell me without you having to say it out loud. And if you need to break things, by God, you break them. Break them, good and hard. And I’ll be right there, Con. I wish I had a hundred years. A hundred years I could give to you.

A monster calls (2016), J. A. Bayona

Jurassic World 2 receives official title

It’s safe to say interest in Jurassic World 2 perked up when it was announced Jeff Goldblum was returning to the classic franchise.

That’s alongside the revelation that beloved dinos, the Dilophosaurus (AKA the frilly one) and Rexy the T-Rex (of Spielberg’s original), would also be making appearances in the film.

A Monster Call’s J.A. Bayona is in the director’s chair; Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Jones are down to reprise their roles, while Toby Jones, Rafe Spall, and Justice Smith are set to join the cast.

One thing we do know about the sequel is that it’s set to be “darker” and “scarier” than the previous instalment, as promised by Pratt himself.

A tone seemingly bolstered by the film’s newly announced title: Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. It debuted on a new poster that included the classic line, “Life finds a way”.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will hit cinemas in June 2018.

Were you aware of Maria Belon’s story and her family before you started on the film?
Juan Antonio Bayona: No I mean it was long after the tsunami that they came for the first time to talk about it in the media. They didn’t want to talk about it before, they felt a lot of guilt about the fact that they survived so no one really knew about it in Spain before or after. So Belén Atienza our producer was able to hear of this story and told me it, not thinking about a film – just because she wanted to tell me the story. She was very impressed and I felt exactly the same and I felt that there was definitely something in there that had to be told on screen.

Uncut Interview, Juan Antonio Bayona.

Click Online, Daniel Anderson.