Sending Olive my love to my awesome followers tumblr who like my stuff all year, don’t unwatch me when I get all personal, write replies, reblog and like posts other than the fan-art that shows up here (that means tons, you have no idea). There’s a few names I’m used to seeing and always can count on being one of the notes I see, and some people that I’m shocked follow me at all because their own art is miles better or “holy crap, they’re for real somebody and I'mnobody”…but I won’t name-drop because I don’t want to embarrass and “expose” anyone, look like I’m bragging or otherwise be a weirdo about it a day after Christmas…So I’ll just say that you probably know who you are and THANK YOU! And to all (holy shit) 200 of you (holy…shit).

And because it’s Christmastime, this one’s also dedicated to all the other people who passed around my Olive doodle and somehow made it crazy popular as well! Seriously, I wasn’t expecting any notes for that. I did it at 5am after staying up making gifts because there was nothing queued the next day.


Look, I’m not trying to turn something wholesome into anything but, however…I feel like this short of Black Francis (yes, from The Pixies) reading J. Otto Seibold’s new children’s book, Lost Sloth, is as much for stoned and/or tripping adults as it is for kids.

By the way, I totally bought my little cousin this book for his birthday. I do hope someone reads it to him with as much enthusiasm as Black Francis!